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The Barkemeyer Law Firm are criminal defense attorneys in Baton Rouge. We have defended hundreds of clients in criminal court. Mr. Barkemeyer wrote the books on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana and DWI: Practical Information for the Accused and Attorneys in Louisiana. He gives lectures to other lawyers regarding Louisiana criminal laws. Our goal is always to get the best deal for our clients, no matter what.

We provide legal representation to those who have received criminal misdemeanor charges and felony charges. We provide assistance with recalling bench warrants and handling arrest warrants. Our legal representation includes helping clients who received a charge from a summons or arrest. We can help from the earliest stages of a criminal case to the end.

Our Baton Rouge office differs from our other office locations in that the cases we provide representation for can be different than other cities in Louisiana. Baton Rouge is the capital city of Louisiana. Therefore, it lends itself to criminal cases that wouldn’t be in other cities of the state.

For example, the Attorney General’s Office prosecutes many crimes in which the State of Louisiana is the alleged victim in Baton Rouge only.  These are usually fraud cases such as Medicaid Fraud and Insurance Fraud. Also, the Louisiana DMV headquarters and Louisiana State Police headquarters are located in Baton Rouge only one block from our office. It is very helpful to our practice to be so close to the entities since we represent many clients for DWI and DUI. Additionally, because LSU is located in Baton Rouge, our defense attorneys represent many clients who are students at LSU. We also represent students, professors, and staff at LSU, Southern University, and Baton Rouge Community College.

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Top-Trusted Baton Rouge Criminal Defense Attorneys & DWI Lawyers

Barkemeyer Law Firm is a trusted criminal and DWI defense law firm with a new location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Take a look at our location on this page here and view our other locations here.

We have successfully helped clients facing a number of charges. You can look at some of our practice areas here and schedule your consultation today.

Carl Barkemeyer is an AV-rated lawyer which is the highest possible rating for a lawyer.
Carl Barkemeyer is an AV-rated lawyer which is the highest possible rating for a lawyer.

Baton Rouge Criminal Court FAQs

Where do I go for court in Baton Rouge?

If you were arrested or received a summons in East Baton Rouge Parish, then you could have court in one of four different courthouses which are as follows: East Baton Rouge District Court Baton Rouge City Court Baker City Court Zachary City Court Middle District of Louisiana - Federal Court.

Where is the East Baton Rouge Parish District Court located?

The East Baton Rouge District Court located at 300 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA. We recommend parking in the parking garages at the corner of Government Street and St. Louis Street.

What types of cases are in the East Baton Rouge Parish District Court?

This court hears cases for all the felony charges in the parish as well as misdemeanors issued by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff and Louisiana State Police. Court here starts at 8:30 a.m. for some judges but 9:00 a.m. for most judges. There are ten criminal judges in this court house that each have a specific section number which should be on your subpoena. Be sure to check your subpoena for the correct time.

Where is Baton Rouge City Court located?

Baton Rouge City Court is located at 233 St. Louis Street, Baton Rouge, LA. It is the four-story building with steps in front, located across the street from the Governmental Complex building.

What types of cases are in Baton Rouge City Court?

The Baton Rouge City Court only hears misdemeanor cases from the Baton Rouge Police Department such as DWI, simple battery, criminal damage to property, assault, unlawful communications, and traffic violations. Court here starts at 8:30 am.

Where is the Baker City Court located?

Baker City Court is located at 1320 Alabama St, Baker, LA 70714.

What types of cases are in Baker City Court?

Although this court is not in the city of Baton Rouge, it is in East Baton Rouge Parish. If you were arrested or received a summons for a misdemeanor in the city limits of Baker, then you would have court here regardless of the arresting agency. If you were arrested for a felony in Baker, then your case will go to the East Baton Rouge District Court. Court here starts at 8:30 am.

Where is the Zachary City Court located?

Zachary City Court is located at 4510 Main St, Zachary, LA 70791. Although this court is not in the city of Baton Rouge, it is in East Baton Rouge Parish.

What types of cases are in Zachary City Court?

If you were arrested or received a summons for a misdemeanor in the city limits of Zachary, then you would have court here regardless of the arresting agency. If you were arrested for a felony in Zachary, then your case will go to the East Baton Rouge District Court. Court here starts at 8:30 am. Zachary City Court has one judge, Judge Conachen.

What type of cases do you handle in Baton Rouge?

Our lawyers at the Baton Rouge office defend clients for all types of felony and misdemeanor charges in Baton Rouge. Whether the charge is a DWI, DUI, theft, drug possession, resisting an officer, criminal damage to property, and more, then we can help.

Why is there no court date on my ticket?

Every court is different when it comes to notifying defendants of their court date. If you have court in Baton Rouge City Court, then your court date will be at the bottom of your summons or on your arrest bond sheet. If you have court in East Baton Rouge Parish District Court, the sheriff or State trooper will not have provided a court date because the court date will be served on you at the address on your license at a later date. It will likely be several weeks before the court date is sent to you. Do not bother calling the court soon after your arrest/summons to try to get your court date because they won’t have it that soon. It takes weeks before your information is in the system.

Baton Rouge Criminal Law Firm Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

  • False Personation
  • Felony
  • Felony Drug Charges
  • Fentanyl
  • Filing False Public Records
  • Flight From an Officer
  • Forgery
  • Gun Charges
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Heroin
  • Hit and Run
  • Identity Theft
  • Illegal Carrying Weapons

Aggressive & Skilled Criminal Justice Attorneys Serving Baton Rouge & Surrounding Areas

Barkemeyer Law Firm has been offering legal services to clients located in East Baton Rouge Parish and many of the surrounding areas for over 100 combined years. When it comes to defending your rights, our team offers legal defense for many different criminal offenses. Choose our firm for help with DWI, DUI, theft, violent crimes, hit and run and more.

Choosing a Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney is a task that should not be taken lightly. The team at Barkemeyer Law Firm knows the severity of criminal charges and how to defend our clients’s freedom. Begin by filling out the form below to request information if you are under investigation.  Your information is completely secure and confidential and one of our Baton Rouge criminal attorneys will be in touch to offer resolution to your detrimental problem with the law.

Our Criminal Defense Representation Includes:

Superior Experience

Exceptional Results

-Defended hundreds of clients in Baton Rouge on criminal charges.
-Frequent speaker to other attorneys regarding criminal law issues.
-Provided many local news interviews on criminal issues.

-We get excellent results for our clients.
-High-level knowledge of current Louisiana laws.
-Savvy negotiation and trial skills developed from handling hundreds of cases.

Criminal Lawyer for Summons in Baton Rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a lawyer for any type of criminal misdemeanor summons or ticket in Baton Rouge. He defends clients charged or received a summons in Baton Rouge City Court, East Baton Rouge District Court, Zachary City Court, Baker City Court, and everywhere else around the area. He has learned all the ins and outs in the last 18 years since he has been a lawyer for summons in Baton Rouge. Give him a call at (225) 964-6720 to see if he is the best lawyer in Baton Rouge for your summons in Baton Rouge. We defend clients on all types of misdemeanor charges resulting from a misdemeanor summons.

Lawyer for Summons in Baton Rouge
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Criminal Defense for Felony Arrest in Baton Rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer is a Baton Rouge criminal attorney that defends clients with felony criminal charges. A crime is a felony in Louisiana when it provides for a potential sentence of hard labor. Examples of felony charges that Mr. Barkemeyer has successfully handled include felony drug charges, DWI third and fourth offense, battery and assault, theft, aggravated flight from an officer, felony hit and run and many others. Some felonies in Louisiana carry mandatory prison time. It is important that felony charges are handled effectively. Mr. Barkemeyer has handled all types of felony cases his entire legal career. He uses his trial experience and negotiation knowledge to get the best results he can for his clients. It is important to have experienced Baton Rouge criminal lawyers to protect your rights when facing felony charges in Louisiana.

How to Know If You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

Being arrested or receiving a misdemeanor summons is the beginning of a very difficult journey for the accused. The charge can be burdensome and embarrassing. In the worst case, the accused will have to go to prison. Louisiana criminal lawyers may help if there is a warrant for their arrest, if they are under investigation by law enforcement, if they have received a summons or been arrested, among others. Mr. Barkemeyer understands how a criminal issue can affect his client's life on many levels.  Many times, his client's families suffer as well. Mr. Barkemeyer teaches his clients about the criminal justice system and keeping his clients informed of all the circumstances concerning his/her case. Simply understanding the process is a great benefit to the client. We believe that informing the clients of the criminal law process goes a long way to helping them in their case. We are not the type of criminal attorney that just gets paid then tells the client to plead guilty in court. Our Louisiana attorneys make sure the client understands everything he/she is doing and why. Mr. Barkemeyer believes that after he done with the case, the client should be able to go home and explain exactly what happened with his/her case and why. That understanding gives the client reassurance and confidence. After all, the client is paying a Louisiana attorney for that service. There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer in Baton Rouge if you have a case that will be in court in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas.  However, you must hire an attorney that you feel comfortable with and that you communicate well with.  Hiring who you’ve heard is the best lawyer in Baton Rouge or the lawyer your friend used doesn’t mean that is the correct lawyer for you. Lawyers are people too. Not all people get along with each other.  Often times you’ll hear someone say that they were unhappy with their lawyer but used him because the attorney did a good job for his friend or relative.  That’s because everybody communicates differently and every case is just different.  So, when you need a lawyer in Baton Rouge, talk to him/her about your case to see if you and the lawyer are a good fit.  Contact us at 225-964-6720 to see if our Baton Rouge lawyer is the right fit for you.

How Much Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Cost?

The fees for a criminal defense attorney in the Baton Rouge area may vary based on the type of case. Every case requires a certain level of skill and knowledge to provide effective representation. Hiring a lawyer that practices criminal defense 100% of the time like the Barkemeyer, Law Firm, may keep costs down because he doesn’t have to put down the personal injury case to figure out how to defend your drug charge. He doesn’t have to get familiar with the criminal laws and criminal courts to handle your case. He already knows the Louisiana drug laws, DWI laws, and criminal laws like the back of his hand. He has been in the criminal courts all throughout Louisiana over and over.  The criminal defense attorney’s experience and knowledge is the value you get when you hire a lawyer. You get what you pay for. Depending on the facts, type of charge, and circumstances surrounding the client and their case, the attorney’s fee can be larger or smaller. The seriousness and complexity of the charge are factors involved in the fee. Our Baton Rouge attorney fees can usually be determined by one phone call directly to Mr. Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720 or email him.

How Can a Baton Rouge Criminal Lawyer help?

Every area of the world with people has rules and regulations guiding them. Every state has laws that the citizens need to live and abide by. Louisiana is known for having a tough criminal justice system due to its conservative values. Although many of its criminal laws are outdated and pointless, those charged with crimes must deal with them. Carl Barkemeyer has made a career of helping those charged with crimes in Baton Rouge and Louisiana. He is a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer dedicated to ensuring the State and prosecutors don’t run over his clients. Many prosecutors don’t understand that defendants are people too. They don’t understand that defendants may have others who care for them and need them in their lives. Mistakes happen. As a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer, Mr. Barkemeyer helps his clients get past this and helps prosecutors get past their short-sided way of thinking. If you are faced with a criminal charge, a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer can help in many ways. First, your Baton Rouge criminal attorneys should explain to you the elements of the charge and the sentencing range. Then, the attorney may inform you of the criminal justice process and what to expect. Experienced criminal lawyers will be able to tell you possible outcomes for your case if you are convicted. Your lawyer will then discuss the facts of your case with you. All possible defenses should be explored. In the event you have a poor case, an aggressive criminal attorney will work with you to develop a plan for treatment and/or other mitigation to provide to the prosecutor and/or court in hopes of reducing the impact of the prosecution. Baton Rouge criminal lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, believes it is highly important to always keep the client informed of their case. Communication is paramount to a successful attorney/client relationship. The best attorney in Baton Rouge for your case can't help his client if he doesn't have good communication with the client.
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College Students with Criminal Charges

We represent many clients with criminal charges who are students at LSU, Southern University, Baton Rouge Community College, and other colleges in the area. Representing a client who is a student is unlike most other criminal defense cases. It requires special attention and understanding to protect our client’s criminal record and help him/her complete school. Alleviating the stress on the parents and developing a focused strategy for our student-client is our goal. Our client’s parents are very appreciative of our help. We provide many important legal services for our college clients.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm defends student-clients with all types of criminal arrests and summons in Baton Rouge including: DWI, DUI, drug possession, drug distribution, assault, battery, disturbing the peace, public intoxication, theft, fraud, criminal damage to property, entry or remaining after being forbidden, trespass, hit and run, and many other criminal charges. Student-clients benefit from Mr. Barkemeyer’s advice because he has been a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer defending these types of clients on these types of charges for over 18 years. Keeping our client’s criminal record clean to protect their future is our main concern. Our criminal lawyers are usually successful at accomplishing this task. If you are serious about hiring a Baton Rouge criminal lawyer for your son or daughter, call (225) 964-6720 to speak to Mr. Barkemeyer directly.

Serving Clients That Live Outside Baton Rouge

Mr. Barkemeyer also represents criminal and DWI clients that aren’t from Baton Rouge, but have criminal charges in Baton Rouge. If you live outside of Louisiana, it may be a scary and daunting task to have to hire a criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge. You may have apprehension and wonder if the lawyer you hire really is the best criminal defense attorney in Louisiana for your case.

We have successfully defended hundreds of clients that live outside of Louisiana. When you call, you will speak directly to Mr. Barkemeyer. You will always be able to keep up great communication with him through phone and email. You do not even have to come to Baton Rouge to hire him. His criminal defense firm is set up to take you on as a client without you having to drive all the way here just to talk. This is usually a huge relief to our clients.

Depending on the type of case, he may be able to handle the case so that the client never even has to come to court. Obtaining his legal services does not require that you travel to Baton Rouge. He remains just as accessible to his out-of-state clients as his local clients. Communication is the most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship. The Barkemeyer Law Firm maintains full communication with his out-of-state clients and/or their families. Our Baton Rouge criminal defense lawyers have handled your type of case before. We will protect you regardless of where you live. See our reviews online from many clients that lived out of state and were extremely happy they hired our Baton Rouge lawyers.

Q&A About Our Services

Where are you located?

Our office is located at 7732 Goodwood Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, directly across the street from the Goodwood Library, in the heart of Baton Rouge. We have convenient parking to the right of the building. When you walk in, our office is to the left and down the hall. 

How do I schedule a consultation?

Feel free to call us at 225-964-6720 to briefly discuss your case or fill out the contact form. We will obtain enough facts from you or your loved one to determine our fee for representation. If you aren’t interested in hiring a lawyer at this time because you just want to discuss an issue, you can schedule a paid consultation. During the paid consultation, we will delve deep into your issues to help answer your questions. Many people find the paid consultation beneficial. However, if you have a new criminal or DWI case, we recommend hiring us for representation.

Should I wait until I get my court date?

No, that will not help you.  Let your criminal lawyer start helping now.  That’s what we do.

What happens at the first court date?

The first court date is the Arraignment. You will just be notified of the charge and likely be advised by your attorney to enter a not guilty plea.

What are your fees?

Every case is different and therefore, requires a different fee. When you call our Baton Rouge office, we will give you a clear price for our services and explain exactly what the service will include. The fee will be a fee for the service as a whole. Depending on the case, we allow clients to break up the fee in payments if they need to. Typically, our fees for cases in Baton Rouge City Court, and other city courts range from $2500-4500. There are exceptions for some cases as we may require a smaller or larger fee. Our fees in the 19th Judicial District Court can be similar or higher if they are felony charges.

What types of cases do you provide representation?

Our Baton Rouge defense attorneys provide representation for all types of felony and misdemeanor charges. For example, we are in court in Baton Rouge every week for DWI, DUI, drug possession, theft, disturbing the peace, minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), hit and run, battery, assault, criminal damage to property, and more.

Do I have to visit Baton Rouge to hire you?

No. We have streamlined the process to hiring our firm since we operate a modern-functioning law practice. Our clients no longer have to come to our office to obtain our services as all paperwork can be done fast and easy through email. We offer phone and zoom conferences at any time to those interested in hiring us. In-person office meetings are available to our clients.

Can you attend court for me?

Yes. We regularly attend court for our clients in Baton Rouge court. This is a big benefit to our clients because they can go to work or school and let us handle court. If you live outside of Baton Rouge, this can be a big help. We can only go to court for you if your charge is a misdemeanor and the specific appearance doesn’t require your attendance.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Baton Rouge Office

Our Baton Rouge office is where Barkemeyer Law Firm initially opened in 2010. We have convenient parking and staff that is available to help. Currently, we have three defense attorneys that service this office. Our lawyers defend clients in East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Pointe Coupee, Iberville, East and West Feliciana, Ascension, Assumption, Lafourche, Livingston, and Tangipahoa. We also frequently represent clients in Baton Rouge City Court and Denham Springs City Court.

Our Baton Rouge criminal defense attorneys provide representation for DWI, DUI, drug charges including possession, possession with intent, distribution, theft, forgery, bank fraud, assault, battery, domestic abuse battery, battery of a dating partner, gun charges, prostitution, soliciting, reckless driving, resisting an officer, voyeurism, obscenity, flight from an officer, trespass, hit and run, trespass, criminal damage to property, disturbing the peace, shoplifting, malfeasance in office, minor in possession of alcohol, filing false public records, illegal use of firearms, firearms charges, contractor fraud, negligent injuring, bail reductions, bench warrants, arrest warrant, warrant recall, public intoxication, probation revocations, expungements, felony charges, and misdemeanors.

Feel free to call us at 225-964-6720 to discuss your case or click here for more information.

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