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Disturbing the Peace Lawyer in Baton Rouge City Court

Disturbing the Peace Lawyer in Baton Rouge City Court

The listed Disturbing the Peace charge below is an offense prosecuted in Baton Rouge City Court. It is a misdemeanor offense. Felonies are prosecuted in District Court. Mr. Barkemeyer is skilled and experienced at handling misdemeanors is Baton Rouge City Court. Contact him at (225) 964-6720 if you or someone you know has a criminal charge in Baton Rouge City Court.

Disturbing the Peace, also known as Disorderly Conduct in Louisiana, means a lot of things. It means being drunk or noisy in a public event, taking part in a heated protest, fighting, and so on. Disturbing the Peace laws and revise statutes forbids a range of behaviors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, they all revolve around prohibiting behaviors that are likely to instill fear in people, cause distress for others, incite anger, and disturb the peace and serenity of the general public. That’s why disorderly conduct is usually referred to as “disturbance of the peace”.

While the state of Louisiana is renowned for being magnanimous in its rulings, it does not condone Disturbing the Peace offenses and has strict penalties for offenders of the crime. If you are convicted for this crime in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, odds are you’ll suffer serious penalties.

How Baton Rouge defines Disturbing the Peace 

Disturbing the Peace is when an individual disturbs another person or persons’ peace by engaging in physical combat, calling another out loudly, or making detrimental/ annoying utterances to incite contempt and anger in another. It is also the appearing of a person in a public event or place under the influence of alcohol and engaging in disorderly acts or being violent with 3 or more people. You’ll also be charged for this offense if you are found amongst an illegal assembly that aims to disrupt the peace of a legal one.

Disturbing the Peace Defense in Baton Rouge City Court

If you or someone you care about is cited on account of a disturbing the peace arrest, don’t stress, the Barkemeyer Law Firm can help you with your case. Disorderly conduct in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is generally classified as a misdemeanor and punishable by cash penalties of hundred dollars or a prison sentence of 90 days. In some cases, prosecuted accused persons may get both penalties.

Whether you are visiting Baton Rouge or you are a resident here, a disturbing the peace conviction is not something you want on your clean record. It is a stain that you can’t wash away, and it’s going to affect your life in ways you can’t possibly imagine. So, you have to make hay while the sunshine and get a skilled attorney for your case. The first thing you ought to do when cited for disturbing the peace is to call a criminal defense attorney. Because anything you say or do from that point onward will either complicate things for you or give you an edge in your case. All the more reason, why should reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Baton Rouge.

Our criminal defense law firm is committed to helping accused people fight for their rights and freedom, even when the evidence filed against them is overwhelming. We have helped many residents and visitors in Baton Rouge, Louisiana secure favorable outcome at Baton Rouge City Court. As a result, we have developed a wealth of experience in the defense and prosecution of disturbing the peace offenses. We’ve had cases, where our law acumen helped the defendant secure dismissal of all charges. Even in worst-case scenarios, our skilled and experienced attorneys can help you secure the best outcome possible. Though the disorderly conduct crime is regarded as just a misdemeanor, it can come back to haunt you, years to come. So, don’t waste time, in calling Mr. Carl Barkemeyer for legal counsel and assistance.

When you’ll be charged for disturbing the peace in Baton Rouge City Court

Disturbing the peace has many definitions in Baton Rouge, but they all have one thing in common; the accused person is caught creating a scene in the public. Here are some of the common instances of disturbing the peace offenses in Baton Rouge.

  • Participating in physical combat with another
  • Encouraging a riot
  • Participating in any unlawful assembly
  • To disturb the peace of a lawful assembly
  • Making a scene at some’s funeral
  • Participating in violent acts where 3 or more people are involved
  • Showing up in a public event under the influence of alcohol and making a scene
  • Using offensive words on another individual

Disturbing Peace by Excessive Noise – Definition 

Playing music too loud is also a violation of disturbing the peace laws of Louisiana. You’ll be charged for this crime if you were reported to have been playing your music above 85 decibels. This law applies to music played with car radios and car stereos. It also applies to, but not limited to, people who play music loudly in public environments such as parks, sidewalks, and public streets. Also, if you are caught playing music or making excessive noise (over 55 dB) ten feet to a worship center or hospital, you’ll be arrested with a disturbing the peace charge.

Obstructing Public Passage – Definition

Another way you can disturb the peace of another person or persons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is to obstruct public passage. This law applies to alleyways, bridges, streets, sidewalks, entrance to a building, boat, or ferry. It is even considered an offense to pass out on a sidewalk that is used by others to access their destination. If you are caught in the commission of this crime, you’ll be charged for disturbing the peace by obstructing public passage. In Baton Rouge, law enforcement officers are the only persons permitted to barricade public passages to avoid disruption of public events. Thus, obstructing public passage will set you up for serious penalties in Louisiana and its encompassing areas.

Sec. 13:103. Disturbing the Peace

Disturbing the peace is the doing of any of the following in such a manner as would foreseeably disturb or alarm the public:
Engaging in a fistic encounter; or
Addressing any offensive, derisive or annoying words to any other person who is lawfully in any street, or other public place; or call him by any offensive or derisive name, or make any noise or exclamation in his presence and hearing with the intent to deride, offend, or annoy him, or to prevent him from pursuing his lawful business, occupation or duty; or
Appearing in an intoxicated condition; or
Engaging in any act in a violent and tumultuous manner by any three (3) or more persons; or
Holding of an unlawful assembly; or
Interruption of any lawful assembly of people.
Whoever commits the crime of disturbing the peace shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) or imprisoned for not more than ninety (90) days, or both.
(City Code 1951, Title 13, § 50; Ord. No. 10199, § 1, 3-8-95)
State law reference— Similar provisions, R.S. 14:103.

Barkemeyer Law Firm Can Help

Incredible as it seems, disturbing the peace offense is not something you want to take lightly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It takes only one conviction to spoil a good record for eternity. So, don’t waste time deducing your next course of action for your disturbing the peace charge. Instead, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, a skilled and accomplished lawyer with a wealth of experience in defending disturbing the peace charges. We are always ready to help, and we will go extra miles to ensure that you get only the most favorable results in your court case.


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