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Downtown Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer

If you or a loved one are facing a DWI or DUI charge acquired in Downtown Baton Rouge, you likely understand the gravity of the situation. The consequences of these charges can be far-reaching, potentially affecting your personal life, career prospects, and even future opportunities. In such critical times, you need a trusted legal ally. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is dedicated to providing robust legal services to individuals accused of DWI and DUI in downtown Baton Rouge and throughout Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the legal system, our team stands ready to defend your rights and fight for your best interests.

downtown baton rouge dwi lawyer

Elements of DWI

In Louisiana, DWI/DUI is prosecuted with exceptional rigor. To secure a conviction, the prosecution must convincingly establish several elements. Firstly, they must prove that the defendant was operating a vehicle. The term “operating” is expansive in this context, and can include having physical control of the vehicle, even if it’s not in motion.

The prosecution must also show that the operation occurred on a public highway or public right of way. While the majority of DWI/DUI offenses happen on public roads, Louisiana’s law extends to areas accessible to the public, such as parking lots.

Finally, the prosecution must demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This typically involves presenting evidence of the defendant’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC), which must be 0.08% or higher for drivers aged 21 and over.

Penalties for DWI and DUI

The penalties for a DWI and DUI in Baton Rouge, Louisiana can be severe, with a range of consequences determined by factors such as the defendant’s prior offenses and the specific circumstances surrounding the case. A first-time offender might face fines, imprisonment, probation, community service, and mandatory participation in a substance abuse program. There could also be repercussions on driving privileges, including a driver’s license suspension. For repeat offenders, the penalties escalate, with higher fines, longer imprisonment terms, mandatory installation of ignition interlock devices, and in some cases, permanent license revocation.

Defenses to DWI and DUI Charges

Despite the serious nature of DWI and DUI charges, there are several defenses that may potentially mitigate the charges or even lead to their dismissal. These include challenging the accuracy of breathalyzer or other chemical tests, contesting the legality of the initial traffic stop, or disputing the prosecution’s interpretation of “operation”. However, the effectiveness of these defenses hinges largely on the specifics of the case and the expertise of the defense attorney.

Carl Barkemeyer: Downtown Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer

When it comes to DWI charges in downtown Baton Rouge, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, has a strong track record in defending clients. He has defended hundreds of clients in both Baton Rouge City Court and East Baton Rouge District Court, which are both located in downtown. His deep understanding of Louisiana’s DWI laws, coupled with his familiarity with the procedures and tactics employed by local law enforcement and prosecutors, enables him to develop comprehensive defense strategies tailored to each client’s unique situation.

Whether you’re a Louisiana resident or an out-of-state driver facing charges in Baton Rouge, Carl Barkemeyer is prepared to handle your case. His expertise extends beyond DWI/DUI to cover related charges, including drug possession and trafficking. His approach to every case is characterized by dedication, thoroughness, and a relentless pursuit of the most favorable outcome for his clients.

With significant experience across numerous parishes in Louisiana, Carl Barkemeyer has a firm grasp of the local legal landscape and knows howIntroduction of Carl Barkemeyer as the Attorney to Contact to adeptly navigate the intricacies of the state’s judicial system. He has successfully represented clients in a plethora of challenging cases, earning him a well-deserved reputation as a formidable advocate for those accused of DWI/DUI.


Being charged with a DWI/DUI can be a daunting experience. The legal complexities, potential penalties, and the impact on your life can be overwhelming. But it’s important to remember that a charge is not a conviction. With the right legal representation, it’s possible to navigate these challenges and work towards the best possible outcome.

Carl Barkemeyer’s commitment to his clients is unwavering. He understands that each case is unique, and he’s dedicated to providing personalized, strategic counsel aimed at securing the most favorable result. His focus is always on protecting your rights and advocating for your interests.

In the face of DWI/DUI charges, time is of the essence. The sooner you engage legal representation, the better your chances of effectively countering the charges. Carl Barkemeyer’s extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in handling DWI/DUI cases in Downtown Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana make him an excellent choice for anyone facing these charges.

Reach out to Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, and take the first step in defending your rights and your future. Remember, the right legal representation can make all the difference.

A DUI or DWI is a serious situation that requires immediate attention of a Baton Rouge DUI lawyer. Contact downtown Baton Rouge DWI lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720.


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