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Carl Barkemeyer is a Hit and Run defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  He has defended over one thousand clients charged with hit and run, aka fleeing the scene of an accident, and similar charges in Louisiana.  There are many issues to consider in fleeing the scene cases.  Since an accident occurred, there will likely be a civil case involving insurance companies, adjusters, and other lawyers.  Mr. Barkemeyer understands how these other issues overlap and can give assistance accordingly.


What is the criminal charge of hit and run?

Hit and run driving is the intentional failure of the driver of a vehicle involved in or causing any accident, to stop such vehicle at the scene of the accident, to give his identity, and to render reasonable aid.  “To give his identity”, is a part of the statute that can be ambiguous. Essentially, the driver is required, in any accident, to provide his name, address, and the license number of his car, or contact the police to do an accident report.  The driver must either provide the information to the other driver or to the police. “Accident” means an incident or event resulting in damage to property or injury to person.  So, if it is reasonable that the driver should know that there is damage to the other vehicle or a person is hurt, then the driver must stop.


Is hit and run a felony in Louisiana?

Hit and run can either be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case. Regardless, there are many consequences for being convicted of this charge. Felony hit and run includes serious bodily injury or death of the victim. This is a very serious charge that carries prison time.

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Hit-and-Run Lawyer in Baton Rouge

Okay. Let’s imagine this:

You’re driving down the road, nodding your head to the nice music beats of the car or listening to some serious motivational talk. Then, your phone beeps. It’s a message from a friend requesting your presence at a little housewarming party in two weeks. Since you are driving on a crystal-clear road and at a fair speed, you decide to quickly reply the message with your eyes darting back and forth from your phone to the road ahead.

Suddenly, a car dashes out from an unexpected curve at the left lane of the road. You try to hit the brakes, but a deadly collision occurs. You are worried and afraid, beads of sweat building on your forehead. In that moment and amidst confusion, you run away.

This may look very simple, but there is more than meets the eye.  

Normally, when a person hits another car with his/her own car, the first and most vital thing to do is to step out and check the level of damages. Also, if a person is hit by a car, the owner should step out, access the health state of that person, and call 911 if necessary. Anything that involves hitting a car or someone and running away is termed as hit and run and is considered a crime.

Hit and run crimes are serious offenses in East Baton Rouge Parish and can attract legal consequences. The main charge for hit and run cases is the fact that due to the absence of the driver, he/she has refused to give up his identity, which may include his name, contact address and the license number of the car to the police for an actual accident report to be drafted. Depending on the series of events surrounding that situation, hit and run can be considered as either a misdemeanor, a crime that attracts small punishment or a felony, a crime that attracts long hours of prison time, usually resulting from cases that involve severe bodily damages or even death. This applies to all parts of Louisiana, including Metairie and Kenner. Plus, do not think hit and run only occurs on highways and public roads, as most states extend it to even collisions at parking lots!

The hope of the redemption of a person accused of hit and run largely depends on the choice of the Criminal Defense Attorney. This is why Carl Barkemeyer, a Criminal Defense Attorney who has defended over a hundred clients with hit and run cases in court, is the best person to walk with through court proceedings. Nothing beats experience, they say!


What is the Penalty for Hit and Run in Louisiana?

The penalties vary greatly based on the alleged facts of the accident. See Hit and Run Penalties for more information.

This largely depends on the facts pertaining to the crime, and they can be classified under misdemeanor or felony. In any case, just remember that hit and run cases are taken very seriously in Baton Rouge Parish, even in places like Gretna.

  1. Misdemeanor hit and run cases: Punishment of misdemeanor cases in general normally consist of substantial fines or jail time, which do not last more than a year. Misdemeanor hit and run cases usually arise if there is no death or bodily injury. The court fines the defendant $500 or less or gives a jail term of not more than six months (or not less than ten days). In situations where it was proven that the driver took drugs or consumed alcohol which may have played a role in the accident and made the driver speed off for fear of prosecution, the judge can pronounce both on the defendant. For this singular reason, it is highly important that you are represented by a creative and well-informed defense attorney in court, to be able to turn the odds in your favor.

With a wealth of experience in handling hit and run cases of all sorts, Carl Barkemeyer is the best attorney to handle your defense cases.

  1. Felony hit and run cases: Felonies, in general, are extremely serious type of crimes in the United States, so serious that a prosecutor needs to get an indictment from a grand jury before charging felonies. They are classified into degrees, and a first-degree felony is considered the worst. People convicted in felonies are subjected to serving long jail times in federal or state prisons, and in some states, they cannot purchase or be seen in possession of arms, and may not gain employment in certain professions, like teaching or the military.

Felony hit and run cases occur when serious bodily damage or death occurs as a result of the accident, especially when the driver knows that such damage has occurred. The defendant is fined not more than $5000, sentenced to not more than ten years imprisonment with or without hard labor, or even both.

Furthermore, more serious felony hit and run cases occur in some conditions. They include:

  1. Extreme bodily damage as a result of the accident: Such as facial disfigure, spinal malfunction, loss of sense organs, etc.
  2. There has been a previous offense committed by the defendant within ten years, for which they were convicted. They are as follows:
  1. Causing the death of a person due to unlawful or reckless driving. This is otherwise referred to as vehicular homicide
  2. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) from either alcohol or drugs/narcotics, especially if this had occurred on two or more occasions.
  3. The driver is fully aware that the operation of his/her vehicle was the cause of the accident.

In cases like this, the judge usually pronounces imprisonment for not more than twenty years but not less than five years. It is therefore very important that the Criminal Defense Attorney chosen to defend a person in court is one whose creativity, integrity, and wealth of experience have been tried, tested, and trusted.

Look no further, ladies and gentlemen, as Carl Barkemeyer is one whose experience level has expanded over the years. Because he has defended over a hundred people having hit and run cases in court, he understands the cases involving insurance companies and their policies, and other lawyers, thereby enabling you to finish the court proceedings without stress and with a smile on your face.


Contact a Louisiana Hit and Run Defense Attorney

Carl Barkemeyer has protected the rights of many individuals charged with hit and run. He will use experience and skill to assert a get the best result possible in your case. He understands the consequences for a conviction of hit and run and how those consequences affect your life and future.

Contact Louisiana Hit and Run Defense Lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney at (225) 964-6720 to discuss legal representation. 


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