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DWI Lawyer in the Westminster Area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A DWI attorney in Westminster and all of Louisiana, Carl Barkemeyer represents clients charged with misdemeanor and felony DUI and DWI, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, driver’s licenses, and hardship licenses.

For assistance on a DUI or DWI charge, you have 30 days to request an administrative hearing for your driver’s license. Carl will be able to walk you through pertinent details for your situation. A DWI conviction can negatively impact your life, so it’s imperative you have proper representation. The timeliness of your actions is important. Hiring someone not as versed in DUI and DWI charges in Louisiana is a common error that can be detrimental to your case, so it will be to your benefit to hire an experienced DWI attorney who is specially trained to properly assist you with DMV hearings and court appearances.

Westminster Louisiana Location Information

Westminster, Louisiana is located in East Baton Rouge Parish. It is an area that Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney handles regularly with regards to DWI cases. It is a location that is bordered by Baton Rouge (on the north, south & west) and is roughly 1.1 square miles.

Associated Costs For Hiring A DWI/DUI Lawyer In Westminster

The costs associated with Mr. Barkemeyer range between $3,500 and $10,000 and vary with the complexity of the case, how much work will be necessary, and what type of expertise is required. With over seventeen years of experience successfully defending clients for DWI charges throughout Louisiana, Mr. Barkemeyer has honed his knowledge of the best methods to represent clients to make important decisions in a timely manner, ultimately saving you time, headaches, and money. 

You may call us at (225) 964-6720 to discuss fees over the phone. 

DWI Attorney: Flat Fees

We charge one fee for an entire case so you will be aware and not surprised by any charges you didn’t anticipate. We are able to offer this because our experience with thousands of similar cases allows us to know exactly what will be required for each. One example could be a DWI case for $4,000 that required criminal court presence and an Administrative Hearing for your driver’s license. You will not be left hanging; you will be defended until your case is completely resolved as a dismissal, diversion program, 894 plea, or other possibilities. If you request a trial, we charge an additional disclosed fee and you will be able to know in advance to understand your options. We aim to be transparent in all we do, and our clients like the flat fee so they can budget for it and trust our lawyers to know they’re doing what they say, and you know what to always expect.

Expert Witnesses and Investigation

In addition to paying for your attorney, you may also incur fees to conduct an investigation for a DWI trial and to hire expert witnesses. A witness could cost thousands of dollars and would be a separate charge from the attorney’s fee.

Payment Forms for DWI Attorney Fees

Sometimes, we can allow payment plans that require 50% of the fee up front and then you can pay monthly for the rest. We accept almost every time of payment, from cash, debit card, credit card, PayPal, various apps, etc. Your physical presence is not necessary to hire one of our attorneys as we can email you a fee agreement and how to pay electronically. 

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Examples of When You Would Require a DWI Lawyer in Westminster

The scenarios below are hypothetical situations of DWI and DUI cases in Westminster similar to what we’ve experienced. We assist with many other scenarios than these, so call us to inquire.

Leaving Ivar’s

Many people have gone to Duvic’s or Ivar’s bars for drinks and then tried to drive home and were arrested for a DUI or DWI. You may have been pulled over for crossing the center line and then the officer may have inquired where you were. He conducts field sobriety tests with you and tells you that you passed, but he’s bringing you to the station to do a breathalyzer. Police officers often tell suspected drivers they’ve passed to keep them cooperative, but he would not request you to do a breathalyzer if he thought you did pass.

Your breathalyzer results are .159 BAC which results in the officer giving you a DWI summons to appear in court. Since COVID, you are released instead of arrested, which has been common practice in Westminster. Although the officer may try to downplay it by saying you may just have to take a class, that is not true, and he shouldn’t be trusted after arresting you.

Through your internet research, you find out that you’ll have an administrative hearing and 15 or 30 days to request it, but you may ask yourself which time frame is correct and why? This is why it’s so important to get an experienced DWI attorney on your side now to help you with your unique situation. We will help alleviate the stress you may experience not knowing and answer your questions so you proceed in a way that will return your license and quality of life.

You also have a criminal case to manage, not just the drivers license one, and we will handle both for you, obtaining all the reports, communicating with the prosecutor’s office, and helping you to decide the best ways to protect yourself. Be sure to hire us within thirty days of your arrest to request your Administrative Hearing.

Tough Night after Texas Club

On the way back from a Texas club, your truck broke down and stranded you. A Sheriff deputy comes by and sees your damaged vehicle. He questions you about how much you drank and you said a “couple beers.” He officer requests sobriety tests, which you decline. You’re arrested for suspicion of intoxicated driving and you refuse a breathalyzer. You’re given paperwork and released, and there is no court date mentioned. This is your second DWI, and in Louisiana, that requires jail time, 240 hours of community service, and license suspension. We are experienced with multi-offense DWI cases and can assist you for the best result.

Hire Our Westminster Louisiana DWI Attorneys

Hire Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney today and put any DWI charges you may be facing in the past. Our Baton Rouge DWI law firm servicing Westminster and our  tough DWI attorneys are here for you.  We are ready to provide you with a strong defense so you can get on with your life.

A DUI or DWI is a serious situation that requires immediate attention of a Baton Rouge DUI lawyer. Contact Westminster DWI lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer at (225) 964-6720.


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