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Aggravated Assault Lawyer in Lafayette, Louisiana

Assault Defined

Assault is an attempt to commit a battery, or the intentional placing of another in reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery.

Aggravated Assault Defined

Aggravated assault is an assault committed with a dangerous weapon.

Is Aggravated Assault in Louisiana a Felony or Misdemeanor?

Aggravated assault in Louisiana is classified as a misdemeanor offense. However, it’s worth noting that there are felony grades of aggravated assault, which are determined based on the specific alleged facts of the case.

Penalties for Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

Those found guilty of committing aggravated assault may face penalties that include a fine of up to one thousand dollars, imprisonment for a maximum of six months, or a combination of both. In cases where the offense occurs against an employee of a store or merchant during the commission or attempted commission of theft of goods, the offender can face imprisonment ranging from a minimum of one hundred twenty days to a maximum of six months. Additionally, a fine of up to one thousand dollars may apply.

Possibility of Probation for Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

Yes, it is possible to receive probation if convicted of aggravated assault in Louisiana. As part of the probation terms, the judge may require payment of fines and court costs, along with the completion of community service. In some cases, the judge may order anger management classes as a condition of probation.

Definition of Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

Aggravated assault in Louisiana refers to an assault committed using a dangerous weapon.

Aggravated Assault as a Crime of Violence in Louisiana

Aggravated assault is considered a crime of violence in Louisiana.

Aggravated Assault in Louisiana as a Sex Offense or Requiring Sex Offender Registration

Aggravated assault in Louisiana is NOT classified as a sex offense, and it does not require registration as a sex offender.

Defenses to Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

Common defenses against aggravated assault charges include disputing that the assault took place. Many assault cases hinge on conflicting accounts, making witness credibility crucial. The judge assesses witness credibility and decides whom to believe. If witnesses are present, they may testify, providing additional perspectives. Another defense could involve arguing that the defendant did not use a dangerous weapon during the assault, potentially reducing the charge to simple assault.

Can You Get Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Louisiana?

Yes, aggravated assault is a criminal charge in Louisiana that may result in an arrest. However, law enforcement officers may also issue a misdemeanor summons instead of making an arrest. It’s important to note that the seriousness of the charge remains the same whether you receive a summons or an arrest.

Civil Lawsuit for Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

Yes, there is a civil claim for assault. If you are served with a petition for damages related to an assault case, it is essential to contact an attorney promptly to file an appropriate response.

Expungement of Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

No, an aggravated assault conviction in Louisiana cannot be expunged. However, if the arrest leads to dismissal or a reduced charge, it may be possible to expunge the arrest and associated records, depending on the specific circumstances. Expungement eligibility varies based on individual cases.

Hiring a Lawyer for Aggravated Assault in Louisiana

If you require legal representation for an aggravated assault case in Lafayette, Louisiana, consider reaching out to Barkemeyer Law Firm. With many years of experience defending clients facing aggravated assault charges across Louisiana, our criminal defense attorneys for aggravated assault can help. It’s advisable to secure the services of a skilled attorney immediately after an arrest or summons to work towards achieving the best possible resolution for your case. Don’t delay. Contact our Lafayette aggravated assault lawyer.


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