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Entry on or Remaining After Being Forbidden Attorney in New Orleans

Entry On Or Remaining After Being Forbidden New Orleans

If you have been charged with entry on or remaining after being forbidden in New Orleans, Louisiana you should consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. The Barkemeyer Law Firm has a combined 100 years of experience in dealing with these types of charges.  You can contact us here to learn more about how we can help or read on to learn more about remaining after being forbidden charges in NOLA.

What Are Entry On Or Remaining After Being Forbidden Charges?

The criminal charge of entry on or remaining after being forbidden is a misdemeanor in New Orleans, Louisiana. It carries a sentencing range of 0-6 months in jail and up to a $500 fine. Because it carries possible jail time, this charge should be taken seriously.

Entry on or remaining after being forbidden occurs when there are facts to indicate that the offender entered or remained on someone’s property after he was told that he couldn’t be there or after he was told to leave. Many times, this charge is associated with the defendant being asked to leave a bar or residence. The defendant will then attempt to re-enter or will refuse to leave. 

There are defenses and mitigation strategies to consider in defending these charges. Contact our New Orleans criminal defense attorneys if you have a criminal charge in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Remaining After Being Forbidden Lawyer New Orleans

Remaining after being forbidden is a case of trespass which is punishable under the law governing Orleans Parish and the entire New Orleans. Remaining or straying to a place where you are not permitted to can get you into some trouble and you may get charged and even receive a punishment for it.

Your Record Will Be Negatively Impacted By These Charges

Just like every other criminal offense, remaining after being forbidden can also negatively affect your record, so it is important for you to do what you are expected to do. You are expected to hire a criminal defense attorney near you if you are charged with Remaining after being forbidden in New Orleans.

The state law guiding Orleans and the whole of New Orleans doesn’t permit an individual to walk into another person’s property without permission from the owner of the property. Any person found on someone else’s property can be charged with Remaining after being forbidden or criminal trespass charge. Houses in your neighborhood may have beautiful booming plants or fruits. Do not think that you have the right to go into such property to pick or pluck anything, especially after being warned. This may get you into serious trouble.

La RS 14:63.3 states that no person is permitted to go into any structure or on any property, whether watercraft or movable structure that belongs to another person without legal permission or proper authorization to do so. If the owner of the property catches an insight that you are on their property, you can be charged with Remaining after been forbidden or criminal trespass.

A typical example of a case of Remaining after being forbidden is a defendant who tries to re-enter a bar or resident after being warned to stay off. If the defendant refuses to heed and attempts to be in the property or lurks around, he or she may be charged for Remaining after being forbidden. Also, if a person is warned to stay off a piece of property, it could be a plot of land, but the defendant refuses, he may be arrested and charged to court. The presence of some individuals may be a threat to the owner of the property, so they warn the defendant to stay off. In any way that this may happen, the consequence may turn out to be a serious one, which requires legal assistance.

The Punishment For These Charges In NOLA Can Be Sizable

Loitering in a place where you are not allowed to be and remaining there for an unreasonable long time can earn you a remaining after being forbidden charge with sizable punishment. Once you are warned either by words or by a sign posted in or on the property, it is important that you are civil enough to respect the warning and stay away from such property or structure.

The law guiding Orleans Parish and New Orleans as a whole takes it as an illegal act to remain in a place after being forbidden. Properties with location and time restrictions designated by signs and posts warn that it is illegal for you to remain there after the accepted time. So, getting into private property that you do not have the legal authority to get into or remain in is against the law.

Penalty for Remaining After Being Forbidden In New Orleans

Remaining after being Forbidden is charged as a misdemeanor in Orleans Parish and its environs. Though Remaining after being forbidden is charged as a misdemeanor, it still bears strict penalties that should not be treated lightly. It is important for everyone going through Remaining After Being forbidden crime to take this charge seriously as any form of a criminal record can be detrimental to the social and economic life of an individual.

Whoever goes against the law and is found guilty of remaining after being forbidden shall be charged with a misdemeanor which requires a payable fine of not more than $500 or jail time of not more than 6 months or both.

The penalties of remaining after being forbidden can remain on your criminal record to dent your personality and limit your opportunities to some social benefits like education in your college or university of choice, employment, accommodation, etc.

What to Do If You Get Charged for Remaining After Being Forbidden

Remaining after being forbidden charge may not be as hard as you predicted if you take the necessary and important step. When charged with a criminal offense like this in New Orleans, it is important that you quickly contact a remaining after being forbidden lawyer in New Orleans.  Barkemeyer Law Firm is an excellent firm that deals with many cases such as yours. Legal assistance will cover provisions for your legal needs and assistance for you to get a good defense for your case.

A good Remaining after being forbidden lawyer in New Orleans knows how to defend you and help with proper negotiation to prevent your case from aggravating and getting out of hands. Legal assistance can prevent you from facing up 6 months of jail time or paying a hefty fine that can be on your criminal record.

An experienced defense attorney knows what is best to do to prevent you from falling into the deep consequences and penalty. Sometimes, you may only need to appeal to the property owner to get the case solved. Your Remaining after being forbidden lawyer knows exactly what it takes for you to have a positive outcome from your case.

Contact Barkemeyer Law Firm Today

Barkemeyer Law Firm is a criminal defense attorney in Orleans Parish and New Orleans, Louisiana. He has lengthy experience in cases involving Remaining after being forbidden and criminal trespass. He has given a lot of client’s representation on such cases all around New Orleans and its environs. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a dedicated attorney who fights fiercely to defend his clients. He is all about protecting the right and interests of the residents of New Orleans. Contact him today about any questions you may have regarding these serious charges.

If you have a case of Remaining after being forbidden or you have a consultation to make, you can get through to Barkemeyer Law Firm criminal defense in New Orleans.

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