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One of the offenses which are not taken likely in New Orleans is a flight from an officer. It is often recommended that once you are charged with this offense, you should try to get yourself a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. However, when can it be said that a flight from an officer has occurred?


Understanding flight from an officer

The word flight means to run and this is highly used in the definition. This offense is deemed to have taken place when the life of a human or several humans are put in grave danger due to the refusal of a driver to stop his vehicle after being instructed by the police to do so. Most notification would normally take place when the lights on the police car are on and the sirens are blowing out loud. Most requests to stop is when the police officer has cause to believe that the driver in question has violated some of the traffic rules which are applicable in the state.


When can it be said that human life is in grave danger?

The rules governing the state provides that a human can be said to be in danger when a vehicle leaves the road or through its action forces other vehicles on the road of it. It can also be said to have occurred when a vehicle hits another or hits a watercraft. Vehicles who have also exceeded speed limits which have placed on the roadway by a gap exceeding 25 miles can be said to have violated this rule too. If your vehicle or a water vessel is also moving in the opposite direction of the traffic on the road, likely, this offense would also apply to them. Other situations would include any violation of the traffic sign.


Punishments for the offense

Flight for an offense would usually be considered to be a felony when it is aggravated in nature. When this happens, it becomes a very serious issue and is considered very seriously by the state who are the prosecutors. Most times, the prosecution would use the police officer who did the chase as their primary witness and would hope to convict the offender because of the nature of the offense. Most times, the police officer would say quite a lot and that would add to the case of the prosecution.

Because of the issues which would most likely arise if you are ever charged with this offense, it is always advisable that the accused should take steps to ensure that he has a good defense to his name. One of the main ways in which this can be done is to make sure that a good defense criminal lawyer by your side. If you stay in Louisiana or particularly at Orleans, then you would find that Barkemeyer Law Firm, criminal defense attorneys is one firm which offers a lot when it comes to these sort of cases and criminal cases in general. You would be able to count on seasoned lawyers which would provide you with all that you would need ahead of the trial.

Most punishments which can be gotten from this offense would see the offender spends not more than 5 years in jail. You may also be fined $2000. Sometimes, the judge may see the need to both fine and jail the offender. However, it gets worse if the driver injures another person.

If the offense comes with seriously injured persons, then the offender could get up to ten years of jail time for the offense and his actions. He could also be charged for restitution for damages for the harm which he caused while he was fleeing from the police officer.


What to do when facing the offense

The truth is that prevention is often better than the actual cure. Therefore, if you are on a road and you are asked to stop by a police officer, the best option you have to pull off the road and make a stop. The truth is that it is far better than been charged with this offense. However, if by one reason or another, you find yourself charged and about to be taken to court, then, it would be time to get your lawyer on the line. Barkemeyer Law Firm is one law firm that would always be ready to come to the help of their clients if they are in any form of trouble.


Getting a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans

If you have been charged with this offense, a lot of things are at stake. You could end up losing your reputation, your job, and even your freedom if you are convicted for this crime. It is important then that you give yourself the best opportunity to make it out.

Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys are interested in making sure that our clients get a good representation in court. We are passionate about the happiness and future of our clients and we strive to protect in any way that we can. We firmly understand that it is never easy to be in this situation and that it can be scary even sickening to be facing that amount of jail time or a hefty fine to pay.

Therefore, if you have such issues or you have been accused by the police, make sure that you get your criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. Here at Barkemeyer Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys would always be ready to help you fight any issues you may have right to the death of the matter.

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