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If you or you know someone that has been charged with a crime related to any type of drugs in Shreveport, make sure you contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm for you or your loved one to be properly legally represented. Barkemeyer Law Firm would guard you aggressively because they have experienced a set of lawyers who helps a lot of people facing crimes related to drugs in Shreveport.

If you or a loved one gets charged with a drug crime, you have your rights, and the criminal defense attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm would help guard these rights of yours both out and in court.

Drug possession defense attorney in Shreveport.

Understanding Possession of Drugs

You wouldn’t be able to talk about it or discuss drug possession without talking about constructive possession. This refers to a state or a situation where the person charged or the defendant has some drugs which are illegal in their possession at the time the charge occurred, although the drugs aren’t on his/her person.

You can’t talk about or discuss drug possession without reference to constructive possession.  It may be that the person has the key to a vehicle or room filled with controlled substances. In this way, you can still be charged for drug possession. Drug possession could also mean you have a device that can be used for the consumption of a substance with controlled ingredients that are illegal. 

Types of Drug Possession

  1. Simple Possession

This entails having drugs for usage personally.

  1. Possession to distribute

For this type of possession of drugs, you’re alleged to possess drugs and having the intention to sell them or give other people. This means you are officially a drug dealer. This aspect has several penalties if, at the end of the day, you could be charged and convicted.

How prosecutors prove you have these drugs in your possession to distribute to others

For you to get convicted of this crime, you need to have a lot of illegal drugs. You need to have measuring scales, the prosecuting team has to have testimonies from witnesses, or they have caught you with the drugs and a large amount of money.

In the end, they need to have a lot of proof on you before you can get charged and convicted of this crime.

What happens if the drug I was caught with was prescribed by the doctor?

There are several different situations where these controlled drug substances, or as they are called publicly, CDS could be prescribed to you straight from the doctor or a medical practitioner. When this happens, you need to have a medical report which is signed and backed up by the testimony of the licensed medical practitioner because the prosecuting team and the judge need to be sure that the details submitted by you had been approved and properly vetted.

Why are these drugs called CDS (Controlled Drug Substances)?

lawyer for drug arrest in shreveport
Arrests for illegal possession of Schedule 2 is a felony in Shreveport, Louisiana.

They are called controlled drug substances because they have very different and specific side effects. They could be used as medicines at several different times. But using these drugs for too long could make you addicted to it. As it is with life, if you use something more than you are supposed to, it is just wrong, like drinking too much water or having more than enough air hitting your face. The same thing goes for these controlled drug substances. They have specific effects that create the need for you to have been told to use this by a licensed medical health care professional.

If you do not have proof that this drug you have is from the doctor, the police will get you, charge you and arrest you.

The Shreveport Laws on Possessing Drugs

Shreveport is a great place to be. But in this part of the country, a lot of different controlled drug substances are illegal to use. Possessing drugs is a very serious offense and there are lots of penalties, which is why it is seen as a felony. Judges and prosecutors are very tough on drug charges in Shreveport, LA.

What does Shreveport consider as Possession of Drugs?

In Shreveport, if you are caught with high quantities of drugs, these drugs would be checked to know if they are controlled drug substances or not.

How many Schedules of Drugs are available

There are different schedules for drugs. There are Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III, and so much more.

In Shreveport, these charges are arranged on the specific type of drug the police catch you with. If you are caught with a Schedule I drug, you would face a tougher penalty than people that are caught with schedule II drugs.

The essence of these schedules is that the more addictive and dangerous a drug is, the more the penalty on being caught with the drug.

Different Alternatives to Jail term and Conviction

In Shreveport, there are several programs one could go with, which can help someone charged with this crime avoid jail or stop conviction. These programs include community service, deferred prosecutions, drug treatment, and so many others. Barkemeyer Law Firm has experienced Shreveport Drug crime attorneys who would help you or your loved one if you are facing these types of challenges. We know how these programs work, and we can properly help you persuade the judges to help you with these different outcomes.

Drug Crimes that are common in Shreveport

DUI for Driving High
We are Shreveport illegal marijuana possession defense attorneys.

Being a firm that has represented several different types of drug charges in Shreveport, these charges include trafficking, manufacturing, possession, distribution in federal and state courts too. Our drug practice is focused on but not limited to the following drug crimes which are common in Shreveport:

Drug Possession

Drug possession to give to other people

Owning drug paraphernalia

Distributing drugs

Manufacturing and cultivating drugs

Trafficking drugs

Prescribing wrong drugs 

Marijuana Cultivation

Gaining CDS using Fraudulent Means

Personally Creating a Meth Lab

Clients are defended by us on the above crimes of it related to the following types of controlled drugged substances;




Ecstasy (MDMA)

Crack cocaine






No matter who you are, if you get convicted of a felony drug crime or a misdemeanor, it would be in your criminal record for a very long time. If you are charged for the first time in a drug offense that there was no violence, you could simply enroll in a drug program that has a focus on helping to rehabilitate you instead of completely punishing you.

There are way more serious charges, which could lead to more penalties like more years in prison, more fines like paying lots of dollars. Being one of those that would suffer the penalties from getting caught in a federal drug crime would have the worst punishment available.

No matter which type of drug crime you’ve been charged with, Barkemeyer Law Firm has handled lots of cases, so your case would not be a surprise to this Law Firm. We have handled and gotten lots of favorable results. For one of the best Caddo drug Defense attorneys around, contact the Barkemeyer Firm.

How can you get your Criminal Record Sealed?

You could make use of an expungement. An Expungement refers to the process with which the record criminally of someone is sealed, destroyed, or erased.

The Barkemeyer firm can help you get expungements, which would help either eliminate or weak the record of different types of arrests and convictions. These can help you put your convictions or past crimes in the last and help aid you to move forward.

Have you or your loved one been charged with Drug Possession?

If you get arrested for the possession of drugs, you need to know that you should, with haste, contact a Shreveport Criminal defense lawyer who would handle all you need related to the possession of drugs. You can converse with investigators only when your Shreveport attorney is available.

What you need to ask when you want to hire an attorney for yourself or a loved one in need

How long have you been an attorney?

How long have you practiced law in Shreveport?

How many similar cases to this have you handled from the past?

What are the possibilities for my case?

In Law and all legal practices, the experience of your attorneys is very important. An attorney that is experienced would have handled very similar cases to yours before. They would be available to listen to all you have to say, and they would have a timeline for how long your case would hand on. They would also have possibilities to tell you how well your case would go, the penalties, and all major defenses you could use to save yourself from the consequences of being caught and convicted of this crime.

How can I prepare myself or my loved one for their or my first Consultation?

You can get yourself ready for your consultation by settling down to write down notes so you would fully understand the charges placed on you. You should also jot down all varieties of questions asked and all the various concerns the attorney has about your case.

The essence of all of this is to know if the attorney has your trust and if they can fully help you with all your legal issues, especially with cases that relate to drug charges in Shreveport.

Questions you should ask your attorney should include how long they have been an attorney, how long they have been a lawyer, how cases like yours or your loved one have been handled before, and related questions like these.

It will also help you if you talk about issues like the number of fees your attorney would like to collect. This would help you understand the structure and cost of your representation before the court vs. the prosecuting team.

Ways you can Hire an Attorney that is great at handling drug possession cases.

A more experienced lawyer would handle drug legal cases way better than a lawyer that doesn’t have a high level of experience. Because experience is very important, lawyers that have a great track record and those that have been practicing for a long time would be in high demand.

You can check out for information about the experience a lawyer has, and then you can ask a lot of questions on their track record for you to have a full grasp on the outcome of your case.

Explanation of some Legal Terms used in Shreveport on Drug Cases


This is someone or a party that charges someone else with a drug charge in a court of law.


This is known as the decision of a court. It is also known as an order or a decree related to an offender. This is what tells an offender that they would serve this or that amount of punishment.

Defenses you should use as the best plan whenever you have a drug charge in Shreveport.

When you get charged with a crime related to the drug, you need to show them that you have defenses against this charge, which would show you did not commit the offense.

You need to fully show in court that your appeal is the favorable kind. This can help with your case. In all cases, you need to have a very strong advisor who would aid in making sure the best results to this drug-related charge would get solved and forgotten.

To help your case and to reduce the outcomes which would come from a drug charge in Louisiana, you need to get a great Shreveport Attorney. You need to keep your eyes on the fact that Shreveport has a lot of consequences and punishments which come from owning drugs.

Laws from Shreveport against Offenses that are Related to Drugs

Like all other parts of the United States, Shreveport has its rules on people that are caught, charged, and convicted of crimes related to drugs. This tells you obviously that several things in Shreveport are not allowed.

Using, dealing, or disseminating drugs is against the law in Shreveport. The laws of Shreveport are against the law. Shreveport is quite strict about using these drugs without proper and necessary prescription. The punishments and consequences are quite diverse.

Some people that are convicted of this crime get charged with a punishment that requires just fines, while some other offenders suffer grave consequences that would cost them more than they can pay for. These costs would include spoiling their criminal record and how people look at them generally in society.

In Caddo Parish, Shreveport, getting convicted because of drugs is one of the highest levels of indiscipline, and you get punished seriously if you get caught and convicted.

But most times, very harsh and serious prosecution is given to people that have horrible crimes. Like those that take fresh drugs into a country without following the normal processes.

For example, if the type of drug that you got arrested with was the same that got found on you from your criminal record, the severity of your punishment would be quite high.

Because you got caught the first time for using a particular type of drug illegally, and they still caught, charged, and convicted you of the same drug the next offense.

How would you feel if you were the judge that caught and convicted you the second time? This is why you need a reasonable attorney for all, and every time you need aid with all cases related to drugs in Shreveport.

Official Penalties of Convicted for Possessing drugs in Shreveport

The penalty for possessing drugs in Shreveport is completely based on some things. This way, we have some special penalties that are quite higher than some of the others.

Generally, the penalty for this type of crime is that you would either pay some fines or spend some time in jail. The penalties you face are also really dependent on the number of drugs you were arrested with.

If you were caught with drugs of about four hundred grams, you would need to pay a fine of at least & $25,000, and you would need to stay in prison for at least fifteen years. In several cases, you might need to stay in jail and pay up some fines.

But if you hire great attorneys like those from the Barkemeyer firm, the chances you would suffer from these extremely harsh penalties are very slim. The Barkemeyer firm would do all it can to help you reduce the strain from the drug charge.

How can I defend myself in the court of law against these drug crime charges on Shreveport?

There are several different alternatives to jail time and being convicted. You could pursue a rehabilitation program or using the Barkemeyer Law Firm to get your case sent to the drug court in Shreveport.

After you complete some of these programs, you could avoid going to jail and stop your criminal record from getting dirty with the stamp of being a convict because of a drug crime. The Barkemeyer Law Firm would help you know which of these programs would be the best for you.

If you have been convicted of this crime before, have no worries, the Barkemeyer Law Firm has just the thing you need. Make sure you give us a call.

How to Defend your Freedom and your Rights from the court of Law in Shreveport?

Using the help of the Barkemeyer Law Firm, you can review all aspects of your specific case carefully. Talk extensively about all the events which have led up to your case, becoming what it is presently.

Using all means to defend your freedom and your rights, we would use private investigators, if necessary, to gather all the evidence we can lay our hands on to help your case as best we can.

Drug Felony charges are usually challenging. They have issues that involve seizure and search illegally. Using wisdom and knowledge, we can use all of that as an advantage when we are defending your case in the Shreveport court of law.

We are highly familiar with all constitutional issues that involve seizure and swatch of drugs. We also know how all of these affect these criminal drug charges. We would make use of all of these to your advantage and help your case end up with positive results.

You could be committing this same offense for the second or third time. Don’t worry; some programs are available for you. These would help reduce the typical sentence you are supposed to have suffered in the absence of the Barkemeyer Law Firm. You will also receive therapy and counseling if the need comes along.

Ways to Reduce Charges that are not Proper

Each drug charge case is extremely different from the next. So it all depends on the specific circumstances of the case of your loved one or you. You need to know this, so you don’t get charged for a crime you did not commit.

One of the common examples of this includes owning a small number of drugs and then you get charged for possession with intentions to distribute, which is a felony.

The officer that arrested you could not be clear on if the drugs were purchased to be used personally or if you had intentions to either sell them or do a lot of other things with them. You understand. You could use this technique and defend yourself.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm knows this too. This is why, if you have any problem, after contacting the Barkemeyer Law Firm, you need to make sure you are honest and truthful. So, we would know how to handle your case fully using wisdom as a tool.

If you are charged for a crime that is not so serious, you could take your case to a court that simply handles drugs specifically. The guidelines that are there for sentencing are not as severe as the other types available in other courts.

These include treatments and probation that are required from other different prisons. Our Shreveport Defence Attorney for crimes related to drug charges, known as the Barkemeyer firm, would help you investigate all the details you need to have.

We would also work very hard to make sure you do not have to get any charge on a crime you did not commit. We would also help you get your charges either dropped or completely reduced. Helping to negotiate ways to divert to a drug court can also be done here in Shreveport. 

Which Shreveport Defense Attorney Should I go to for help if a loved one or I am facing these charges?

Barkemeyer Law Firm is always available. He has been helping and representing several different clients for years on federal and state criminal law issues related to the use of drugs illegally. Whenever you are faced with these types of criminal charges, you should know that you should get represented by a group of lawyers that have been in this business for a very long time.

You simply need to make a phone call to the Barkemeyer Law Firm. All the questions and answers you would like would be available. Call us as soon as anything wants to start-up or begin.

What happens if I do not have proper Legal advice or the right attorneys?

If you do not have the necessary attorneys or the type of attorney that would stand behind you and guard you aggressively, you could suffer very horrible grave penalties. The court could find you very high amounts; you could get put on probation, you could get detained in your own homes. You could be sent to prison and, in the end, have your record spoilt because you would now have grave misconduct put on your criminal record.

The Barkemeyer Firm is here to Serve as a Great Shreveport Attorney on your drug-related cases. 

how to get a theft case dismissed
Our Shreveport drug defense attorneys fight for dismissals in every case.

You might not have a drug charge on your criminal record. It could be your sibling, your friends, a loved one. It would help you all if you could link up and connect with a great attorney that would help you handle all cases related to drugs in Shreveport. These drug convictions would more likely than negative aid your criminal record, connections, and work. You need to try your best to get legal firms like the Barkemeyer Law Firm to stand for you and help you win this case.

How to Contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm

It is not difficult. All you need is a simple phone call. Then you can get the full assistance of a legal advisor that has all the experience you need—the Barkemeyer Law Firm. From the Barkemeyer Law firm, you would enjoy the aid of amazing lawyers, and you know to be is completely and efficiently committed to aiding you as an offender with drug-related cases in court. To tell you the truth, attorneys from the Barkemeyer Law firm feel fulfilled when they help their clients get acquitted from crimes that they got charged for.

You need to contact your Drug Defense Lawyer in Caddo Parish, Shreveport.

The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. If you want the odds of your name to be kept safe and away from having a horrible criminal record, you should get yourself a fierce legal advisor.

No matter how serious the charges that you have or how the officers treated you when you got arrested were, you just need to know that having an attorney that is brilliant and one that would help kick the ass out of the prosecutors using that as a metaphor is very important.

Completely essential all through your entire case. Always have the Barkemeyer Law Firm off the top of your mind. This would help you in more ways than you can imagine. The Barkemeyer Law Firm has all that is needed and all the capacities which would grant you the necessary defense you desire and crave if you are faced with this type of challenge.

Even if you have a previous criminal history that might have been wrecked by a crime or not, the Barkemeyer Law Firm will try its very best to make sure your criminal record doesn’t get worse than it already is.

The greatest advantage awaits you for you that remembers to give the Barkemeyer Law Firm a phone call. The Barkemeyer Law Firm is both skilled and sharp, and they can help you make sure all your cases are attended to with experience, and they would be clever about it using wisdom.

If you have been charged or arrested with a charge related to a drug offense, you should not hesitate, make sure you contact the Barkemeyer Law firm, and they would help you truly understand your entire drug charge case.

Shreveport Drug Crime Attorney

There’s a book available on ways you can defend Drug charges in places like Shreveport. It is from the Barkemeyer Law Firm. You can get your copies and learn more about the different defenses you can use to guard yourself and learn all the processes used on convicts in Shreveport.

Frequently Asked Questions on Drug Charges in Shreveport

Below is a list of some salient questions that other clients have asked that we know will help you better understand what you need to know about drug crime.

What’s Drug Possession all about in Shreveport?

This is a horrible crime. There are state laws and federal laws which fight against this crime seriously. It affects several different drugs like cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine too. In Shreveport, it is a crime you hold these drugs with intent to consume or distribute. Most times, several different people don’t know that they own these drugs. This way, this can serve as a defense to the charge.

What are the things that need to be checked before you get fully convicted of the crime of the possession of drugs?

Before you can be called a convict of the crime of possessing drugs with intent to either consume or distribute, the prosecutors need to fully prove the following:

That you, with your full intentions, possessed these controlled drug substances, the drugs need to be fully understood and identified.

The place or geographical area in which you possessed these drugs.

The amount of these controlled drug substances that you were caught in possession of.

What are the things I need to know about Possessing Drugs?

You need to have full knowledge of the laws about everything related to the illegal usage of drugs in Shreveport. These laws are different between states. Before you get convicted, it needs to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you use full intention and personal knowledge about the drugs you were caught with.

You must know the drugs that are in your possession, especially when you are in a state that you are not familiar with their legal rules. You need to know the rules of each state and each place because there are some parts of a country or a nation that a particular drug controlled substance would be legal, and in the other state, it would not be legal. This is why, before going to a state, you need to have full knowledge of all that is happening.

Different states have made everyone know which drug is which, and they have all learned various ways with which they can keep all of these separate. They have also found ways to legalize marijuana for usage in medicine and recreational purposes. This is not the case everywhere. This is why you need to know which rule to follow and which to abandon.

Is the Caddo Drug Defense Attorney filled with Experience?

The Barkemeyer Law Firm fully understands all criminal matters from every side. We know how prosecutors think and prepare criminal cases, and we would make use of this to know the weak points of the prosecutors. The Barkemeyer firm would help you create a defense that would be personalized to suit your case because all cases are different in their way.

The Barkemeyer Law Firm would always help you with aggressive and knowledgeable defense representation for you to fully get a high range of criminal law issues.

These issues include the following;

Federal and State crimes

Misdemeanors and Felonies


White collar crimes

Offenses related to the theft of drugs

Offenses related to drugs and Sex

Offenses related to drugs and violence

DWI and Drugs

These criminal charges would do nothing but put your future at stake. Make sure you give yourself a fighting chance and try your best to forget about this criminal drug charge in Shreveport by getting the services of attorneys from Barkemeyer Law Firm. State and Federal charges could get defended from the criminal attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm.

When can I Schedule My Consultation with a Shreveport Attorney of Criminal Drug Charge?

Whenever any charge related to Shreveport drug charges comes to your desk, make sure you use all the power you have to protect your rights. Make sure you get your lawyer present before you talk to any law enforcement officer. Contact the Barkemeyer office and organize a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer that has all the experience you need.

Shreveport Drug Crime Attorney

If you get caught in Shreveport with any sort of controlled drug substance without having a properly valid prescription of the drug, you could be looking at the future flashing before your eyes. You would need some serious and strong legal defense. These charges vary in several different ways. They all depend on the type of drug you were caught with. The severity of the alleged offense as if you were using a firearm or you were violent while you were caught all counts. If you did this crime in the presence of young kids or pregnant women, too would increase the rate at which you would be punished. The consequences are dire.

You need the aid of great legal experience. Have you heard of the Barkemeyer Law Firm before? We have years of experience handling several sorts of felony and misdemeanors drug charges here at Shreveport. We can help you handle your case and keep your criminal record as clean as we possibly can. We would help you with great insight into your case. Carefully looking at the charges and all available evidence to either eliminate or motivate the consequences of you being convicted of the criminal drug charge, try your best to contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm.


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