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Our DWI lawyers in Shreveport can handle your DWI and DUI charges in addition to driver’s license issues, professional license issues, and any other criminal charges. Barkemeyer Law Firm focuses on DWI and DUI cases. We know how to protect our client’s criminal record and driver’s license. We are accustomed to representing clients with much to lose. Our clients have been physicians, nurses, lawyers, accountants, engineers, professors, teachers, plant operators, contractors, offshore operators, businessmen, salespeople, and more.

DWI Law Firm in Shreveport

If you have recently received a DWI or a DUI you don’t want to wait.  If you were recently arrested, you have 30 days from the date of arrest to request an Administrative Hearing to fight the proposed suspension of your driver’s license. We will do that for you and help guide you throughout the entire process. The attorneys at the Barkemeyer Law Firm in Shreveport are here to help you get the best outcome of any charges you may have received.

DWI Has Serious Penalties

You may well be familiar with the repercussions that come with being arrested for DWI. Having to part ways with your driver’s license is one of the most painful things ever. Worse still, you could get imposed with fines which can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. There is, also, the possibility that you will be required to carry out some form of compulsory community service and get strictly monitored at home. The most grievous of them all is the possibility of getting sentenced to jail in Caddo Parish.

All Clients Are Different

DWI cases can get quite complex because of the interplay between the criminal case and the defendant’s driver’s license, professional license, employment, school, insurance, and more. Every DWI case is different because the facts of the stop and arrest vary as well as the defendant’s circumstances.  We tailor our representation to the specific client because the goal is to protect their job and criminal record. Clients have different jobs, licenses, criminal records, and family needs. We understand this. Therefore, we offer the flexibility and empathy to be able to figure out how to serve the particular client in the best way.

DWI Information

Given that every DWI case is different, it is not advisable to give a lot of weight to the information you read online about DWI. Most of what you read about DWI won’t even apply to your case. The information could be outdated, applicable to different state laws, written by bots, or written by an SEO content writer in India. We provide some information just to give you an idea of the issues in a DWI case. We advise you hire a DWI lawyer to give you any valuable advice. We offer paid consultations if you don’t or can’t hire a lawyer at this time but just need a little knowledge and advice for your specific case.

Steps After Arrest:  Learn about the DWI process and the various steps that should be taken.

Before Court:  Depending on your specific case, there may be things we can do now that will help the outcome in your case, such as evaluations and classes. Certainly, we must request the Administrative Hearing.

Hardship License:  You may be eligible to obtain a hardship license to continue driving.

Long Term Consequences:  DWI is not like a traffic ticket that you pay and be done with. It has lasting effects on your driving and criminal record that can affect your future.

Criminal Record:  It is important to protect your criminal record the best way possible.

DWI Expungement:  The expungement process is how we remove an arrest and/or conviction from your criminal record.

Employment Issues:  Some employers will not hire people with DWIs on their record.

DWI v. DUI:  They are essentially the same charge because they fall within the same statute.

Attorney Cost:  Our costs very from case to case.

Felony DWI:  DWI 3rd and 4th offense is a felony in Louisiana.

DWI Reductions/Dismissals:  We try to get the DWI either dismissed or reduced if possible. If we can’t, we try to get it so that an expungement can be filed eventually.

Penalties for DWI:  The penalties can include jail time, probation, community service, classes, treatment, license suspension, and more.

DWI Defense is What We do

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book on DWI: Practical Information for the Accused and Attorneys in Louisiana.
Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book on DWI: Practical Information for the Accused and Attorneys in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for DWI.

If you are facing DWI charges, the bottom line is that you need the best DWI attorney near you in your area.  Without the help of a DWI attorney, you could be facing countless penalties for your DWI charges.

You need the help of a professional Shreveport DWI lawyer especially, to ensure that you avoid a jail sentence by all means. The repercussions that come with getting sentenced to jail in Shreveport, Louisiana will prove to be very bad for your reputation. The hurdle that you must cross with a jail sentence is a giant one. In fact, if you have a job already, there is a likelihood that you will lose it as employers are really conscious about the reputation of their staff. Barkemeyer Law Firm is the DWI law firm that you should contact if you ever get arrested for driving under the influence in Caddo Parish.

Your means of livelihood and your reputation are two important things that should never be taken for granted. Your family, not just yourself, deserve to be protected in Louisiana state and only a very highly rated defense attorney that has gained years of experience standing in for persons who have offended the law with respect to driving under the influence can get you out of the courtroom with a positive result.

Our Shreveport DWI Lawyers Can Help

The prosecutors and judges in all of Louisiana are very strict and aggressive in coming down hard against DWI offenders. However, as a responsible social drinker that you are, getting arrested for driving under the influence does not necessarily mean that you are guilty. In fact, the strict punishments which have been stipulated by law for persons who get charged for driving while intoxicated may not be what you deserve. However, if you fail to get the help of a seasoned professional DWI attorney, then, you stand the risk of going it alone.

Barkemeyer Law Firm has the expertise, passion, and dedication that is needed to handle all DWI defense cases in Shreveport and the entire state of Louisiana. As a DWI lawyer agency based in Louisiana, our Shreveport DWI lawyer is highly renowned and boasts so many years of experience in defending DWI offenders in Louisiana. In fact, for more than 18 years, he has continued to make use of his in-depth legal understanding of DWI proceedings and the scientific knowledge related to DWI tests to present flawless cases for his clients in the court of law. The fusion of science and law as a strategy for winning cases related to DWI arrestees in the court of law is one of the reasons why our Shreveport DWI attorneys are regarded as some of the best in the lawyer industry.

Shreveport City Court – DWI is Prosecuted Here

No two cases in Caddo Parish are the same

At Barkemeyer Law Firm, our experienced attorneys realized over the years that every individual case of driving while intoxicated is different from the other. Facts relating to your case will definitely differ from the facts that emanate from someone else’s case. Yes, from the point where you get stopped to the sobriety tests carried out in the field, as well as, the breathalyzer tests, all the information that will be presented will definitely be different.

Understand that errors occur and if not well handled, it could lead to altering your personal and work life negatively due to a DWI charge. This is the reason that we put every factor into consideration in coming up with the best strategy that will be used to defend you in court. We will engage you deep conversations to really understand your situation and, then, we will inform you about the options that you have. Most DWI offenders are not really aware that there are options which exist and can be used in their favor to get the best favorable outcome.

In courtrooms all over Louisiana, our DWI attorneys are proving their prowess as we have been in and out of a lot of courtrooms defending our clients over a DWI charge and helping them to obtain the most minimal form of punishment or even proving their innocence and helping them to get back their license while having their criminal records expunged.

DWI Lawyers in Caddo Parish

Were you slapped with a charge for driving under the influence in Caddo Parish? Mr. Barkemeyer can do something about your case. Based on the facts or gravity of your case, Mr. Barkemeyer can help to get your case resolved and enlisting his services is easy. All you have to do is contact Barkemeyer Law Firm and we will put our expertise to good use for you.

Now you have the tough Caddo DWI attorneys in all of Louisiana right here in Caddo Parish. You already know how stringent the legal regulations on driving while intoxicated how Louisiana. This means that if you get charged, you need to take your case very seriously as you could be facing even more serious punishments.

Barkemeyer Law Firm is very experienced and has the hard-trained DWI attorneys with a proven record of assisting DWI clients so get back their licenses while protecting their dignity. With our aggressive and powerful Caddo DWI attorneys, your punishment can be significantly reduced and you can even get to avoid community service and prison time altogether. Also, by applying our science-based knowledge to your case, we can be able to detect loopholes and faults in your tests which can help to free of any wrong charges. Contact us today at 318-716-3441 to get a consultation and you have nothing to worry about with regards to our fees as they are highly affordable regardless of where you reside in Louisiana.


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