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In the region of Madison Parish and Tallulah generally, we at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney have a very outstanding team of criminal attorneys who would be delighted to serve as your legal representatives or defense (as the case may be). Based in and operating all over Louisiana, we have an impressive record when it comes to successfully representing our clients. Our firm is made up of legally certified lawyers. But what truly makes us uniquely qualified to attend to your legal needs is our ability to combine our rich cache of field experience with this legal certification. Over the years we have learnt the best way of defending our clients with the charge and other factors in mind. We have developed a fierce and aggressive method of defense that is we are now well known for in the legal circle.

The crimes that we have experienced over the years and have successfully dealt with include gun charges, trespass, misdemeanour, soliciting, forgery, driving while intoxicated (or driving under intoxication), disturbing the peace, minor in possession of alcohol, robbery, reckless driving, flight from an officer, resisting an officer, prostitution, drug charges which include possession, distribution and possession with intent, federal charges, among many others.

The experience of facing a legal action such as arrest, court summons or even an investigation into a part of your life, is not a pleasant one for anybody. These situations could throw a person off their game. Immediately consulting legal counsel is the wisest course of action expected of anyone in such a situation. Hence, it is not surprising when one delays a bit in contacting any random firm because he or she would be worried about leaving their fate in the hands of lawyers that are somewhat inexperienced and who would not be able to make any major impact on the case. But if that is your worry, then you should simply go ahead and contact us at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney if you have not already done so. Our firm is composed of attorneys who as mentioned earlier are certified to serve as defense attorneys. They also have practical field experience and are extremely result driven. Which is to say that, among all the options available to you with regard to an alleged crime, we would put in every ounce of our strength to achieve the most satisfactory result for you. When representing our clients we pull out all the stops and exploit all the avenues allowed by the law. In some situations, we could even arrange a professional meeting with the party or authority presiding over your case. In a lot of cases, the district attorney presides over the case. When everything falls in line and adequate preparations are made, we could negotiate the immediate release of our clients with the dismissal of the alleged charges. But in most other cases, the worst case scenario would be a massive reduction in the charges. We usually put in our very best effort in doing everything associated with the case starting from the trial preparations to the trials themselves.


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney in Madison Parish

As a resident or visitor in Madison parish or the region of Tallulah, there are times when legal representatives are needed. We at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney would be more than happy to serve as your legal representatives. Crimes that occur in this region include federal crimes, trespass, reckless driving, battery, murder, fraud and many more. Our attorneys have a standing tradition to put their very best into ensuring that you are able to get the very best out of any troublesome situation as a result of an alleged crime.

Moreover, our firm (Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney) has decided to adopt an above-board method of communication with our clients. This is intended to make sure that our clients are aware of what is going on at every point in time and also that the clients would take part in the making of major decisions by the defense attorneys. This way our clients are not left in a blind spot but are made aware of every option available to them.

The attorneys under our firm at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, in Madison Parish have over the years blended in and gotten used to the legal and judicial system in the region. So, whether it is an alleged violation of state regulations or breaking of the law in this region, we would most likely be able to get a somewhat reasonable result. Over the years we have taken part in many trials and other court proceedings and we have now gotten used to the system and would be able to make educated guesses as to how a trial would eventually play out. Even though they are just guessing, our record of successful cases is evidence that we are right on track. Starting from the investigation to the actual proceedings we have a good understanding of the process. We also have also established professional relationships with other experts whose inputs could be vital to the case. Such experts include the lead investigators in the region and many more, this is because their inputs could also help us make other key discoveries and prepare a proper defense.


Louisiana Criminal Defense Law Firm

If at any point in time you are facing a criminal charge, do not simply give up. In the Tallulah region and Madison Parish, with all the arrangements we have put in place, there is a very large probability that the case would end in our favour. This means that you would either be dismissed or we would have negotiated a very satisfying plea in your behalf. Besides at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney you can be certain that we would always deliver an effective method of defense for you whenever you retain or employ our services.

Additionally, our firm is well grounded in Madison Parish and the Tallulah region.

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