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There is a difference of a felony offense from a misdemeanor so if you or someone you know gets charged for any legal trouble whatsoever, you would need to know if it is a felony or a misdemeanor. Although they all come with their own penalties such as fines and jail time, felonies have harsher penalties attached to them and they can be harder to defend in the court of law.


You might be wondering, what is the difference between a felony or a misdemeanor and why are they different? Why are the charges different and why are they looked upon differently by society? In the state of Louisiana where law is a hold on tight and prosecutors are always ready to put you behind bars for breaking the law, it is important to tell one from the other the best way possible so next time you are being arrested, you have a slight knowledge of what you would be most likely charged for even if your lawyer is supposed to explain it a lot better to you. Read on to know more about the difference between a misdemeanor or a felony.


What Is the Difference Between a Misdemeanor and a Felony in the State of  Louisiana?


Felonies and misdemeanors are two distinct classifications of crime on some grounds but they are also very much alike in some cases. Misdemeanor charges are usually not punishable by hard labor while felony charges on the other hand are.


What Are Misdemeanors?


In the state of Louisiana, a misdemeanor is lesser on both and some of them include driving under the influence, petty theft, and even some drug-related offense. You might be wondering where drug-related charges are not considered to be felonies but drugs come in different schedules and these schedules are a classification of each illegality and how much of a threat they are to the real world. This is why some of the drug-related charges are thought to be misdemeanor crimes rather than many serious penalties.


Misdemeanor crimes are usually punishable with fines or jail time but in some cases, an offender can be charged with both. The jail sentences usually end up being in a parish jail or even a local jail rather than moving the prisoner to a state prison or a federal prison. In this kind of situation, there is more flexibility presented for prosecutors that make them have a lot to look at when determining the punishment you get. There could even be the plea bargains and all you need is a criminal defense attorney to represent you in the court of law and get your case either dropped entirely or reduced to a significant minimum.


Of course, the case would still be trailed as normal and you are allowed to bring an attorney and if you can’t afford a good one to defend you, the court would most likely provide you with one but it is a lot better to hire one who is willing to go through the details of the case with you prior to the hearing. The defendant is also expected to only be tried by the judge in a misdemeanor case rather than a felony case.


What Are Felonies?


Felonies are a lot more serious crimes than misdemeanors. They are usually Involving the death of a person or even a serious bodily injury which can lead to damage to an organ or even lead to death as well. Some of the crimes that are considered to be felonies include some sex crimes, assault, and battery, aggravated assault or grand theft or even murder, etc.


Felonies are also punished with higher fines and even prison times that can last over a year and they can also result in the death penalty depending on the situation surrounding the case. In these sentences, they are usually carried out in federal or state correctional institutions.



In some states, there would be the need of a prosecutor in order to get an indictment by a grand jury just before a person can be charged with a case of felony. Meanwhile, a lot of felony trails are instead jury trails even though the defendant can have a say if they would prefer a jury present in their case or they would prefer a judge trial.


No matter which the situation is, however, an offender has the right to an attorney and is given one if they can’t afford it. In a case where the crime is very serious and where they could be life in prison or even a death penalty, there is usually the presence of a 6 or 12-person jury and the offender doesn’t have the opportunity to make a choice.


When convicted of a felony, there are other consequences that a person faces even after they have been released from prison. This is because a lot of felons are prevented from voting and cannot carry firearms. They cannot also get jobs in some fields in the state or country and it leaves a negative mark on their criminal record.


Criminal Defense Attorney in Monroe, Louisiana


If you have been charged with any form of crimes, especially when it has to do with a felony, you can’t afford to not get yourself a great criminal to defend you in court as it could lead to worse penalties. You might be wondering what exactly you need a criminal defense lawyer for and you must know that they have had years of experience defending various people with unique cases and probably similar to yours and they know how to handle the situation when the time comes.


Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, offers you the right service and begin working on your case as soon as we are called. We waste no time as we know how crucial and important time can be in a felony related case. We walk you through all that is necessary and are available for any further questions you might have.


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