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Guide to Cocaine Charges in New Orleans, Louisiana


These are some basic considerations if you have received a charge for Cocaine in New Orleans. It is recommended you hire the best lawyer for your Cocaine charge as these charges can be more complicated given your specific situation.

1. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer for your Cocaine charge in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Even if you think your charge is minor or you just want to take the charge, you should hire a criminal defense attorney because we know how to get you the best result and we do this for a living. You have to look into the future and imagine that how your Cocaine case is handled today could greatly impact your future although, at this time, you may not know how.

2. Hiring an attorney for your Cocaine charge is easy.

You can avoid the stress and hassle of driving around town all day trying to meet with lawyers to see if one will take your Cocaine case. Just call our criminal lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer, and talk to him directly. He will tell you right away if he will take your case, how much his fee will be, and you can hire him over then phone or come in and visit. His fees are reasonable and he may work with you on a payment plan.

3. Speed is essential.

After you have been arrested for a Cocaine charge in New Orleans, usually the most important thing to you and your family is getting out of jail. However, it is very important that you get us on board sooner than later. If you hire our criminal defense attorneys early for your Cocaine charge, we may be able to get more options for your case. Depending of your case, we may advise you to seek treatment, counseling, or classes. We know which ones will work best for your Cocaine case. So, call early.

4. Your Cocaine case in court begins with arraignment.

The first court date you have is called arraignment. That is just the day the judge informs you of the charges against you. He will ask you how you plead to your Cocaine charge. Usually, we plead not guilty. That gives us the opportunity to obtain all the information on your case and negotiate with the prosecutor. If you need more time to hire your Cocaine lawyer in New Orleans, tell the judge at arraignment that you need more time.

5. You could have a series of court dates in New Orleans.

Criminal cases have a series of court dates that you and your attorney must attend. These are arraignment, motions, pretrial conference, status, trial, reviews, etc. There is a different purpose for each. Mostly, they exist to make sure the defense has all the information that the prosecution intends to use against the defendant as well as information that helps the defendant. Also, the dates allow a chance to work out the case.

6. You might not need to go to court.

Sometimes, our criminal lawyers can go to your court date for you. This benefits our clients when they can’t make it to court because they are out of town, working, or in school. It saves our clients time and money. Every case is different. In the case of felony charges in New Orleans, our clients are often required to be there. But, we can go for them early in the case sometimes.

7. You could be drug-tested at court.

If you were arrested, the judge likely ordered as a condition of your bond to remain drug-free. The judge could always drug-test you. When you come to court, always be prepared to pass a drug test, even if you are there on a misdemeanor summons.

8. Court on a Cocaine charge in New Orleans can last a few months.

At least a couple of months. Some cases could last much longer, depending on the agreement we’ve made with the prosecutor. Typically, criminal cases last six months to a year. Our criminal lawyers know how to speed up the case if that is in your best interest. However, in some cases, that is out of our hands.

9. Cocaine charges in New Orleans is a felony.

Felony charges can carry prison time. They can prevent you from legally possessing a firearm, voting, and make obtaining employment and housing difficult. Every case is different. In some situations, defendants are fortunate to stay out of jail if they have a New Orleans Cocaine charge. Probation is an option for the judge. The defendant’s criminal record, amount of drugs, etc. are determining factors for the judge in ordering a suspended sentence. Your Cocaine lawyer will be able to help you understand your chances of probation.

10. Your criminal record depends on the outcome.

If you have a clean record, you probably want to keep it that way. If you have a Cocaine charge in New Orleans, you have at least an arrest on your record right now. If you receive a summons for a charge, you’ll have the fact of the summons on your record. If you are convicted of a charge, that conviction will then hit your criminal record. The way to remove an arrest, summons, or conviction from a criminal record is to file a Motion for Expungement and it must go through successfully. Not every case is eligible for expungement. It all depends on the outcome of your case. Only knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys understand the impact on your criminal record of the cocaine charge. We know how to try to protect your record early on. That is always an important focus for us.


Cocaine Charges in New Orleans

Drugs are responsible for a whole lot of crimes that we face in the world today. It is only reasonable then that certain actions are taken against these drugs. For this reason, the laws guiding the use of drugs that have been prohibited are very strict in places like Louisiana and in most parts of the US. It is often considered to be a felony and could land you in serious trouble. In the past year, there have been over 1.5 million arrests on alleged possession of these drugs in the US alone.

If you have been arrested for the use of drugs such as cocaine or the possession or sale of such drugs, then it is time to take the needed action. The first thing you would have to do is to get yourself a cocaine lawyer in New Orleans. If you are in search of a lawyer, you would find the services of Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorneys. We are always looking for ways to help our clients to protect their future. With this in mind, we try our best to defend our clients who are facing cocaine charges in the court.

When it comes to cocaine charges, there are many things which you would have to know. Let us see if we can consider some of them;



One of the most popular charges in Louisiana would the possession of cocaine. While this charge might seem straightforward, it is wise to learn about the two types of possession which you might be charged for. Here they are;

•          Actual Possession

Actual possession of cocaine would be when you are seen and caught with cocaine. This is usually done by a police officer. It also means that you are completely aware that you had the substance with you.

Through the principle of constructive possession, you might be convicted if the cocaine was found in your backpack or any bag that belongs to you.

•          Constructive Possession

The constructive possession is actually a lot dicer than the actual possession. This would mean the state would have to prove that you had intent. Constructive possession would apply if the cocaine is found in any place where it is deemed that you had legal control over it.


Drug Defense Attorney

The next thing you should know after this is that you are going to need a lawyer. Getting a cocaine lawyer in New Orleans would be the reasonable thing to do. The truth is that getting the right lawyer can make or break your case. You should also make sure that you get an attorney that you can trust. This would be important as a drug charge can be a long litigation process.

We here at Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorneys are aware of how hard it can be to find a lawyer these days in Louisiana that is experienced. We would be thrilled to help you with your drug charges. We realize that cocaine charges can change your life and put on hold all your dreams. With this in mind, we make sure that we are completely ready to defend our clients despite the challenges that they may face.


The good thing about cocaine charges is that there are a number of defenses which you can adopt when facing cocaine charges. One of them is the defense of not knowing that you were carrying along with you cocaine or that the substance which you were carrying around was indeed cocaine.

Another defense which is available to you would be the defense of absence of power/control. In other words, you can put up the defense that you do not have any intent to control or use the drug. This would come in handy when the substance is found anywhere near you or a property that you own.



It is a terrible thing if you are convicted of the drug-related charge in Louisiana. These consequences that come with the convictions would stay with you long after the litigation process is over. For one thing, you would be unable to get jobs in most places as most people do not actually like having ex-convicts as their employees. It would also bring a lot of shame and embarrassment especially in the community which you live in. here are some of the sentences which you might get;

•          Manufacturing: if you are caught manufacturing cocaine, you could be sentenced to about 99 years in prison. This generally means that you have a life sentence on your hands. If you are known to produce cocaine bases, you would be made to pay a fine of about $500,000

•          Possession: if you are convicted of possessing cocaine, then your sentence would largely vary on the amount of cocaine which you have. For example, if you were caught with cocaine under 28 grams, you would be most likely be sentenced to at least five years in prison and would have to pay a fine of $5000. If it is much more than 28 grams, perhaps even higher than 400 grams, you could be facing up to 60 years in jail and would have to pay a fine of $600,000

This simply shows how serious a conviction could be. If you are facing one of those charges, the best thing you can do is to make sure that you get a cocaine lawyer in New Orleans. Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorneys are a good option when it comes to getting experienced lawyers to handle any case that you are presently facing.

We understand just how serious a drug charge can be and the effects which it can have on your health and your life in general. With this fresh in our minds, we try our possible best to make sure that all our clients have a chance when they go to courts.

Cocaine charges are not to be taken lightly if you are in Louisiana. Take the necessary steps to ensure you secure your future.

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