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Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney provides you with lots of criminal defense services in Orleans parish and the entire New Orleans area in general. Based in Louisiana and with highly trained criminal lawyers who are good at standing as representatives for clients in New Orleans.  We have so far provided great representation for persons that have been charged with different crimes such as:


New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney


If you have been arrested or received a summons to appear in court, then we may be able to help you. Mr. Barkemeyer is a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans. His practice is devoted to criminal defense. We are not immigration or divorce lawyers doing a little criminal defense on the side. Our criminal defense firm is dedicated to defending the rights of the accused in Louisiana.


We Make it Easy


Hiring a criminal lawyer is not an easy task.  Typically, you would have to spend a day driving to different lawyer offices, sit in the waiting room, then talk with a lawyer that you may not hire.  We make it easy by modernizing the process.  Hiring a criminal attorney for your case can be done in these simple steps:


  •     We can do the consultation over the phone or on Skype if you prefer a face-to-face.
  •     We will send you the fee agreement through email for you to sign.
  •     Make the payment for the attorney’s fee over the phone with us.


That’s it! We can then start going to court for you if the case is such that your appearance is not necessary. If you are located out of the area, this is a huge benefit to you.


Out-of-State Defense


If you live out-of-state or even outside of the New Orleans area but in Louisiana, we may be able to help you.  Mr. Barkemeyer defends many clients who get into trouble in New Orleans but don’t live there. It is common for someone to pick up a criminal charge, then have to go back home for work and/or family.  We may be able to go to court for you so you do not need to appear.


Hiring us is an easy process that can be done over the phone.  We have found that this is particularly beneficial to our client’s parents that have a child in college in New Orleans, however, the parents live outside of Louisiana. The parents are able to call us and hire us to defend their child without having to come to New Orleans.  You do not need to stick around to try to hunt down a criminal defense attorney in New Orleans. Just give us a call to get us on board.


Our Guarantee


  •     Communication – Our criminal law firm is based on excellent communication with the client. You will always understand what is going on with your case.  You will understand every aspect of your case so you can make the best decision on your case.
  •     Experienced Criminal Defense – Mr. Barkemeyer has represented thousands of clients with criminal charges ranging from DWI to Murder. He knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system and how to get the best deal available for his clients.
  •     An Attorney Who Cares About Your Case – We will not take your case if we cannot care about you and your case. Therefore, you will know that you have a defense attorney in your corner who will bust through the ropes in your defense.


Drug Charge Defense


Our primary client is one with a drug charge. Mr. Barkemeyer has focused his criminal practice on defending clients with drug offenses not just in New Orleans, but throughout Louisiana. He wrote the book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He gives speeches to other lawyers on how to defend drug charges.  He knows drug offenses inside and out. He understands that every drug case is different. Your drug case is not like every one else’s.  He examines all the legality of the officer’s actions to determine if any constitutional rights were violated.  He has successfully beat drug cases this way. In the event you have a tough case, he knows other ways to help your case with drug treatment and rehabilitation.  Whether you are charged with drug possession or drug distribution, we can help.


DWI Defense


Since DWI cases have a lot of the same issues as drug cases, Mr. Barkemeyer has successfully defended hundreds of clients with DWI charges in Louisiana.  DWI and drug arrests usually happen the same way. They involve a traffic stop, questioning of the driver and occupants, investigation, leading to an arrest. Finding weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case is key to representation. Mr. Barkemeyer has been able to get many DWI charges reduced or dismissed.  He defends clients with misdemeanor DWI, which is DWI first offense and DWI second offense. He also defends clients with felony DWI arrests which is DWI third offense, DWI fourth offense, and more.  Call us if you need a New Orleans DWI attorney.


Gun Charges


Many times, drug charges and DWI can involve gun charges as well. Mr. Barkemeyer defends clients with gun charges in New Orleans.  Louisiana gun charges can be misdemeanors or felonies depending on the charge.  Gun charges are taken very seriously by prosecutors. In fact, many times, the gun charge is more serious than the drug charge. Gun charges can include sentences that do not even allow for probation. Here are some of the Louisiana gun charges we defend clients for:


    Illegal Use of Weapons

    Illegal Carrying of Weapons

    Illegal Carrying of Weapons with CDS

    Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

    Possession of Firearm by Person Convicted of Domestic Abuse

    Illegal Possession of Stolen Firearms

    Federal firearms charges


Defense Attorney in Louisiana


Mr. Barkemeyer defends clients not only in New Orleans, but all throughout Louisiana.  He has defended clients with criminal charges in many courthouses from Terrebonne Parish to Shreveport, Louisiana. If you have a criminal charge, he has probably been in that courtroom. If you have a drug charge, DWI, or any other criminal charge in New Orleans or anywhere in Louisiana, give us a call to see if we can help.


We are committed to providing aggressive representation for every one of our clients, and we tailor all processes to match the criminal defense needs of our clients. Regardless of what is involved in the process, whether it is a pre-indictment investigation, a trial preparation, or an actual trial, we put in our best efforts to achieve the best possible results.


We know just how sad and overwhelming it can be to find out criminal charges are being pressed against you and thus you are being investigated for criminal reasons. Being placed under arrest too for a criminal offense can be psychologically bad for a lot of people in Orleans parish, therefore causing trauma. So, if you find yourself in any of these situations, the very first thing you should do is to immediately contact a well experienced criminal lawyer to speak with in order get all the legal backing that you need. You require the services of an Orleans Parish criminal defense attorney such as Carl Barkemeyer. Time is a very important factor when it comes to criminal investigation and reaching out to us early enough may prove to be the catalyst in helping to overturn the situation in your favor. At Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney we can actually go into your case and make it turn around for better in your favor by reaching out to the district attorney or the authority in charge of your case to be able to get your charges dismissed or reduced significantly.


Criminal Charges in New Orleans


We represent clients with all types of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges in the New Orleans area. Mr. Barkemeyer provides professional and experienced representation. His superior criminal defense skills have been developed from representing over a thousand clients. Regardless of the type of criminal charge you’ve received, we may be able to help. If you need to hire a criminal attorney, contact us. If you need information on the jail in New Orleans, click here.


    Alcohol-Related Crimes

        Disturbing the peace

        Fighting in Public

        Minor in Possession of Alcohol – MIP

        Open Container

        Purchase and public possession of alcoholic beverage

        Public Intoxication

        Public Drunk

        Unlawful sales to persons under twenty-one



        Simple Assault

        Aggravated assault

        Assault by drive-by shooting

        Aggravated assault police officer

        Aggravated assault with firearm

        Domestic abuse aggravated assault



        Aggravated arson

        Simple arson

        Negligent arson

        Arson with intent to defraud



        Simple Battery

        Aggravated battery

        Second degree battery

        Battery of a police officer

        Battery of a correctional officer

        Disarming of a peace officer

        Aggravated second degree battery

        Battery of a dating partner

        Aggravated assault upon a dating partner

        Simple battery of infirmed

        Domestic abuse battery

        Felony Battery

        Misdemeanor battery



        Aggravated burglary

        Unauthorized entry

        Simple burglary

        Simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling


        Home Invasion


    Contractor Crimes

        Engaging in the Business of Contracting Without Authority

        Filing or Maintaining False Public Records

        Misapplication of Payment

        Residential Contractor Fraud



    Criminal Damage to Property

        Aggravated criminal damage to property

        Simple criminal damage to property

        Criminal damage to property with graffiti

        Criminal damage to historic buildings or landmarks with graffiti

        Damage to property with intent to defraud


    Criminal Mischief


    Criminal Trespass


    Domestic Violence

        Domestic Abuse Battery

        Domestic Abuse felony

        Domestic abuse aggravated assault


    Driving Offenses

        Hit and Run

        Reckless Driving

        Careless Operation

        Obstructing public passages

        Driving under suspension


    DWI and Drunk Driving

        DUI of drugs


        Felony DWI

        DWI first offense

        DWI second offense

        DWI third offense

        DWI fourth offense


    Drug Charges

        Cocaine Possession

        Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs

        Drug Distribution

        Drug Manufacturing

        Felony Possession of Drugs

        Fentanyl Possession

        Drug Trafficking

        Drug Transportation

        Heroin Possession

        Heroin Distribution

        Marijuana Possession

        Marijuana Possession with Intent to Distribute

        Methamphetamine Possession

        Meth Possession with Intent to Distribution

        Misdemeanor Drug Possession

        Opioid Possession

        Possession of Drugs with Intent to Sell

        Prescription Pills Possession or Sale

        Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

        Simple Possession of Marijuana

        Schedule 1 possession

        Schedule 2 possession

        Schedule 3 possession

        Schedule 4 possession

        Schedule 5 possession


    Gun Charges

        Illegal possession of stolen firearms

        Illegal Carrying of Weapons

        Illegal Use of Weapons

        Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

        Possession of firearm by persons convicted of domestic abuse




        Attempted murder


        Negligent Homicide

        Vehicular Homicide


    Illegal possession of stolen things


    Malfeasance in Office

        Malfeasance in Office; sexual conduct prohibited


    Negligent Injuring

        Negligent inuring

        Vehicular negligent injuring

        First degree vehicular negligent injuring




    Obstructing Highway

        Aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce

        Simple obstruction of a highway of commerce


    Offenses Affecting Government

        Obstruction of justice

        Compounding a felony

        Failure to report the commission of a crime

        Injuring public records

        Filing or maintaining false public records

        Misrepresentation during booking

        Falsification of drug tests

        Misrepresentation during issuance of a misdemeanor summons

        Filing a false report against a police officer


        Public Bribery

        Public Corruption


    Offenses Against Police

        Resisting an Officer

        Flight from an officer

        Aggravated flight from an officer

        Simple escape

        False personation

        False personation of a peace officer



        Inciting Prostitution

        Letting premises for prostitution

        Massage; sexual conduct prohibited

        Soliciting for Prostitutes



        Promoting Prostitution

        Prostitution by Massage



        Armed robbery

        First degree robbery


        Armed robbery; attempted armed robbery; use of firearm; additional penalty

        Second degree robbery

        Simple robbery

        Purse snatching


    Theft Crimes

        Bank Fraud

        Contractor Fraud 

        Credit Card Fraud



        Felony Theft


        Insurance Fraud

        Misdemeanor Theft

        Misapplication of Payments

        Money Laundering



        Theft of Motor Vehicle


    Unauthorized Entry

        Unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling

        Unauthorized entry of a place of business

        Unauthorized entry of a dwelling during an emergency or disaster

        Criminal trespass

        Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden

        Aiding and abetting others to enter or remain on premises where forbidden


    Unauthorized Us

        Unauthorized Use of Movable

        Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle


    Violation of Protective Orders



        Arrest Warrant

        Bench Warrant

        Probation Warrant

        Warrant Recall


Orleans Parish crimes

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, help you with the best form of aggressive defense when you are charged with any form of law misdemeanor or even state violations in New Orleans and all of Orleans parish. You don't have to possess a property here are a resident owner or even a visitor, we have lawyers who are professional in criminal cases who would help you in fighting all allegations including different charges of fraud, DWI, trespassing, peace disturbance and many more.

No matter what the case may be, we have experienced criminal attorneys who have many victories in the courtroom and have successfully defended lots of clients accused of different law-breaking activities. These crimes could be property crimes, drug-related crimes, fraud, sex offenses and so many more crimes you can think of. No matter what the case might be, we will stand for you and advocate solely in your favor. We also have great knowledge on every investigation, charging and prosecution of criminal cases in Orleans parish and just the best techniques needed to challenge just any evidence which would be brought against you in the courtroom during the proceedings.

It doesn't matter whatever your plans are as even if it is a federal level related crime, we know just how badly it can affect an individual, this is why we give our best in bringing out the best result possible. So, if you hire us, we will not just take up your case but begin our own personal investigation to rival the claims being held against you. We will then use our findings in creating an effective strategy which is guaranteed to give you a positive edge in court. In the past years, we have been known for being not just victorious in court but also being completely successful in all the cases we have handled. Just know that with our services, you are very assured that you would be provided with the best defense strategy which is not just effectively but also comprehensive. We work with top investigators and experts that way leaving absolutely no stone unturned and getting every opportunity to get you free of these charges.


Meet our dedicated criminal lawyers in New Orleans, Louisiana

Finding a professional who is also committed as well as experienced in New Orleans who have your best interest in mind and has the best service to suit your case in New Orleans can be pretty difficult and quite challenging. You need to ensure you get the best and experienced lawyers to stand on your behalf with lots of victories accredited to their names. If you're in a state where you're looking for all these attributes, then you've come to the absolute right place, and you have nothing to worry about. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, our criminal defense has a working technique and ethic second to none in the whole of Louisiana. Our attorneys are result driven and also have a very comprehensive as well as effective skill which helps them stand ever so successfully for our clients and help them win even in narrow situations.

 We maintain a very open communication system with our clients, letting them aware of every development in the case and our constant consultation as well as communication keep them updated. This makes our clients fully understand what's going on and just steps we intend taking to make case more in their favor. At Carl Barkemeyer, our criminal defense attorneys are certain in giving you the very best and would come up with great resolutions which would help in getting your case dismissed, getting a plea negotiation or at least making any outcome of the trial a satisfying one.


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