Online Gambling in Louisiana: Is It Legal?

As many states push toward legalized online gambling for sports, online casino betting followed right behind it. Many states that allow online sports betting also allow players to enjoy online casino games.

While the proliferation of this legal online gambling continues to revolutionize the gaming industry, not all state gambling laws are the same.

If you’re a gambler and enjoy playing online blackjack or handicapping football games, you need to know the state laws on gambling.

Are you new to Louisiana and want to know whether you’re able to enjoy your favorite hobby in a legal way? Read on to find out about Louisiana’s gambling laws.

Louisiana Casinos and Legal Gambling

Louisiana is a casino gambler’s paradise. There are so many wonderful, glitzy casinos to choose from. Riverboats floating down the mighty Mississippi River provide many other great gambling options.

When you move to Louisiana, you’ll notice a plethora of poker machines. That’s because poker machine licensure ties to the state’s liquor license.

If an establishment carries a Louisiana liquor license, that establishment carries a permit for three video poker machines. This means you’ll see these machines in gas stations, restaurants, bars, and truck stops.

When you walk into a truck stop, you may notice more than three poker machines. Truck stops have special dispensation to operate more than three based on the amount of fuel they sell.

Louisiana also has a statewide lottery. This lottery started in 1991 and features number draws, Powerball jackpots, and scratch-off tickets. All the proceeds from the state lottery fund Louisiana’s school system.

As you can see, if you want to wet your gambling beak in Louisiana, there are many places to dip.

Sports Gambling

On November 4, 2020, an overwhelming amount of Louisiana Parishes voted in favor of legalizing sports gambling. That doesn’t mean sports betting is now legal in the state of Louisiana.

What it does mean is that a shift in online gambling games could be on the way. Experts predict the battle over sports gambling to be a brutal legislative battle, but there’s good reason to think it will pass.

52 casinos operate within the state. Five of those casinos operate within the city of New Orleans. Baton Rouge features three riverboats.

There are over 20 gambling venues in Livingston Parish and 10 in Ascension Parish. As other states legalize sports betting, the casinos in the state are sure to push.

So are some politicians. The massive amounts of tax revenue sports gambling bring to other states is hard to ignore.

Online Gambling in Louisiana

Now that you know how many ways there are to gamble in Louisiana, and the many more that are on the horizon, what about online gambling?

Online gambling is a very popular diversion where it’s legal. It appears that popularity will only continue to grow. Americans love to gamble.

You love to gamble! If you’re moving to Louisiana from a state like Pennsylvania where online gambling is fully legal, you want to be sure of the rules concerning your favorite hobby.

The last thing you need is an arrest on your record. Let’s review each type of gambling to see if your favorite game is legal or illegal online.

Daily Fantasy

Are you a big-time sports fan? Fantasy leagues are now so commonplace there are hours-long television shows devoted to them.

Daily fantasy is an offshoot of fantasy sports leagues where participants draft new players every day and win money by accumulating points through a scoring system devoted to individual player achievements.

Not only is daily fantasy illegal in Louisiana, but Louisiana was also one of the first states to ban its play.


Online poker parlors are incredibly popular around the country. Many of these online poker games operate offshore. Though offshore poker remains illegal, that doesn’t mean it isn’t popular.

Unfortunately, Louisiana doesn’t allow online poker in any form.

Other Casino Games

You guessed it. They’re illegal.

Louisiana offers some of the laxest laws concerning in-person casino licenses. Because of this Louisiana boasts one of the most robust gaming industries in America.

As of right now, that robust industry does not extend to any legal online games.

What if I Do It Anyway?

Louisiana gambling laws are some of the most severe in the United States. According to the state laws, anyone caught participating in online gambling within state borders can face up to a $500 fine or six months in jail.

Sounds harsh, right? If you face an illegal online gambling charge, hiring a lawyer is the right move.

The truth is, while the penalties for players participating in online gambling seem severe, there isn’t a single arrest on the books for a person who likes to play an occasional hand of blackjack or poker.

The laws are harsh, however, on owners and operators of online gambling sites. If convicted, owners and operators face a fine of $20,000 and/or five years imprisonment without hard labor.

If you expect to come to Louisiana and make money in the online gambling business, you should reconsider. While the law goes easy on hobby online gamblers, it is not as kind to an owner/operator.

The bottom line is this. Online gambling is illegal in Louisiana and may continue to be illegal for a long time. While the laws are lax on players, talk to your lawyer if you get in any trouble.

Louisiana Online Gambling Laws

If you’re moving to Louisiana and love to gamble, you have plenty of options. The state’s casinos are luxurious and plentiful. Riverboats and video poker machines are easy to find.

There’s also legal horse racing and the state’s lottery. Unfortunately, online gambling remains illegal in all forms.

If you play, you take your fate into your hands. If you run afoul of the law gambling online, you’ll need a good lawyer.

Contact us today. Our team is here to help you.


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