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In the city of Monroe in Ouachita Parish, getting arrested or facing an investigation that is aimed to link you to criminal activity is a very depressing and disorienting ordeal for just about anybody. These sort of legal situations could prove to be draining both mentally and physically to an individual. But this is not the time to sink into despair, instead, it calls for rapid action. If you have not retained a law firm to represent you on occasions like these, then what are you still waiting for? Beware that the more the time you take wallowing in despair or thinking of which law firm to use as a result of an arrest or criminal investigation, the worse the overall situation could possibly get. On that note, endeavor to take action immediately these legal situations arise. As soon as possible, contact your legal representative or if you do not have one, find the most experienced law firm you can find.

Our Monroe Criminal Defense practice categories

We are a top-rated Monroe criminal defense law firm and coming to the legal aid of individuals involved in a criminal charge is one of our practice areas. As a criminal law firm based in Louisiana, our criminal defense lawyers have handled a lot of cases all through the years and we have helped clients who have been caught up in situations such as:


Bank Fraud


Contractor Fraud

Criminal damage to property


Drug Distribution

Drug Possession


Flight from an Officer


Gun Charge

Hit and Run

Illegal Carrying of Weapons

Illegal Use of Weapons

Malfeasance in Office




Possession of Firearm by Convicted Felon

Possession of Firearm with drugs

Possession with Intent to Distribute


Resisting an Officer


Our lawyers would be proud to deliver our services as your legal representatives. We would be able to successfully get you the best possible outcome if you contact us as soon as possible instead of as a last resort. In as much as we would still be able to achieve somewhat acceptable results if contacted in the last minute, we would be much more productive if you contact us and request our services as soon as the problem arises. This is because of the fact that when given sufficient time, we would be able to make adequate preparations. If sufficient time is given, cases that seem entirely against you could be reversed. This could be achieved as we would be able to negotiate with the district attorney or other authorities in charge of the case. This negotiation would be best handled correctly and with sufficient time on our side in order to get the best possible outcome. The outcomes referred to here include a client’s total legal acquittance or release with regard to any criminal charges and in severe cases the reduction of the proposed charges. At times the charges could be dropped and the client walks a free man and is able to return to his or her normal life.

Besides, the above outcomes can only be achieved if you have a very good criminal attorney and we have an entire team of reliable and experienced criminal attorneys. We provide criminal defense services that are popular in Ouachita Parish and the city of Monroe as a result of the aggressive nature of our criminal defense presentations during trials. We have more than a few professional criminal attorneys who excel at their jobs and always deliver the very best of their capabilities in an effort to ensure that your case is concluded with the best possible outcome. Thankfully, our attorneys have an edge over other certified but ordinary attorneys.  

There is no type of criminal case that we have not successfully handled at one point or the other. We can handle all criminal cases but listing them out would take up quite a bit of time so we would just briefly outline some criminal cases that we have attained a measure of success in handling in the past. These crimes include:

  • Burglary
  • Obscenity
  • Misdemeanors
  • Illegal use of firearms
  • Various gun charges
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • Voyeurism
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Drug charges including possession, possession with intent and even distribution
  • Battery and so many more. 

Crimes in Ouachita Parish

Do you stay in the city of Monroe? Or are you just visiting the area? Well, it does not really matter much to us. Our criminal attorneys would be able to step up to help you at any point in time. Our attorneys are well experienced with how legal proceedings play out in the region due to the rich cache of experience we have accumulated. So, whatever twists or complications arise, the odds are that we would be able to successfully tackle it (as the possibility is much that we have encountered it in the past). This includes the use of any form of evidence by the opposition, we would most likely be able to counter whatever evidence they have prepared.

Our clients are also satisfied with our work because of the fact that during the entire legal process, we maintain an open channel that is capable of ensuring that we always keep the clients within the loop during the process of making any major decision. This will be useful in continually communicating with our clients with regard to what exactly they prefer among the options available to them at any point in time with respect to how the case develops. This will ensure that they are not totally ignorant of the process in determining their future, this is vital because being left in a blind spot would only serve to increase the anxiety of the clients. So as our clients or prospective clients, you can be assured of having us put in our very best as long as you have chosen us to represent you and we have given our consent to do so. This is also important so that the client is always aware of the options available to them. Due to our knowledge of the legal system in Ouachita Parish, we could also use this avenue to prepare the client for any prospective twist along the line.

We also work in collaboration with other experts to ensure that we cover all our bases. An example of said experts is the lead investigator on the case. This way we can successfully prepare our well known aggressive defense, knowing that we have left no stone unturned.

Monroe Criminal Lawyer

Our criminal attorneys have an unbeaten record of success rates. As you can see by now, this is not due to luck or by coincidence but as a result of our goal or result-driven criminal attorneys.

Contact us at 318-716-3441 if you need a lawyer in Ouachita Parish and the city of Monroe.


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