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Reckless Operation in Louisiana

Reckless Operation in Louisiana

Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle in Louisiana

If you have received a summons for reckless operation, keep in mind it is not a traffic violation like a speeding ticket. It is a criminal misdemeanor offense punishable up to 90 days in jail.  This case will be in the courtroom with a judge that also hears DWI and assault cases. He will look at the facts of your case and decide what he wants to do with you. The prosecutor will not have any sympathy for you because they will think you could’ve killed someone. This is why it important to have legal help. Our criminal defense attorneys are very experienced at working out reckless driving charges to minimize the damage to our clients in court and for their criminal record.

Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Examples of Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Many reckless driving charges occur as a result of the officer saying the defendant was speeding at a very high rate. So, instead of speeding at 45 in a 35, the defendant was going 70 in a 35 or maybe 100 mph on the interstate.

The other most common example of reckless operation is when the driver is also arrested for a DUI. The reason the officer tacks on reckless driving is because if it is alleged that the driver was under the influence, then that act alone is reckless. So, he is also reckless driving. Judges let this stick, unless you try to fight it.

Consequences of a Reckless Operation Conviction

If you decide to go to court without a lawyer because you think it is just a traffic ticket and you don’t want to spend money on legal defense, you are at the mercy of the court system. It would be like if you went into a boxing match against an experienced boxer and you have no experience. Then, when you get into the ring, you stand there with your eyes closed. Your opponent will beat you down. Why go through that?

The consequences of pleading guilty to reckless operation will be a possible jail sentence, a fine of up to $200, community service, rehabilitative classes, letter of apology, license suspension, insurance premiums skyrocket, criminal conviction on your record. You would be considered a convicted criminal since reckless operation falls under the criminal code in title 14 instead of the traffic code.

Second Offense Reckless Operation

If you end up getting another reckless operation, the judge could use the first one to enhance the penalty for the second one. The judge could give you a jail sentence for 10 days to 6 months. It is likely the judge would do this because he would feel like you didn’t learn your lesson. That is why you need a lawyer help you avoid a conviction of the first offense.

Reckless Operation of a Vehicle Lawyers

If you care about your driving record, criminal record, and life in general, visit one of our locations so we can discuss your case and determine if we will take your case.  We have defended hundreds of clients charged with reckless operation of a vehicle in Louisiana for many years.


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