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At Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, we offer you premiere criminal services in all of Richland parish Louisiana and also Louisiana as a whole. We are a law firm who provide you with defense legal services and also based in Louisiana. Not only are our lawyers professional, they are highly trained criminal lawyers who are known to get the job done just about everywhere they are and that isn't different from Rayville, Louisiana and other environments. We help you with just about any charges you might have from misdemeanor, felony, driving under the influence and other charges of sort including federal charges, fraud charges of any kind, theft and a whole lot more. All we want is to provide your representation or generally get you out of trouble. The reason we are so aggressive in our representation for just any of our clients and we have detailed and effective processes we use on matching any criminal defense you might need in court. We do this regardless of who and what might be involved in the process. Whether it's a trial preparation, an investigation and a pre-indictment investigation or even an actual trial. No matter what it might be, we offer you the best as we put all our efforts into helping you achieve the best result possible.

We know very well how overwhelming and sad it is to be charged or investigated for any criminal reason what so ever. We understand also hoe traumatic being arrested for any criminal offense can be for just anybody in Richland parish. If in any case, you find yourself in any of these situations, what you need to do first is a demand to speak to a lawyer and contact not just any lawyer but a professional who is experienced in criminal law to get the legal backing you would require.  We must also let you know of just how important time factor is in anything you do and this isn't an exception. In a criminal investigation, time shouldn't be taken for granted as a few lousy minutes can jeopardize just about everything so contacting a lawyer early gives you an opportunity to turn things in your favor.

Here are Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney, we help you step into your case and turn it around for just you benefit as we are under your employ after all. We reach out to the district attorney or just any authority in charge of your case in order to either reduce your charges or drop them entirely.

Richland Parish crimes

We offer clients a very effective and comprehensive aggressive defense when charged with any form of violation as well as a misdemeanor in all of Rayville, Louisiana as well as the entire Richland parish. It does matter if you stay in Richland parish or just on a vacation or a little visit, our lawyers help you regardless in fighting different types and all times of allegations that must have been put against you. These could include

  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug possession
  • DWI
  • Battery and many more

Our attorneys are so experienced, they have numerous successful cases of defending clients who have been charged with any of the following such as domestic abuse, property theft, fraud offenses and any form of drug-related issues and fraud.

Our criminal lawyers help you have a good stand so as to make it easier in advocating your best interest. We are well aware and knowledgeable on everything that happens with investigations, charging and prosecution and other types of crimes in Richland Parish Louisiana. We are also very well aware and trained in getting the best options in challenging just about any form of evidence which would be provided to help you gain better grounds during the proceedings.

It doesn't matter the kind of charges, even if it is in the line of a federal level, we know the amount of psychological damage it can cause for just about anybody. So, retaining our services, we help you by taking up your case and beginning our investigation to fight against any allegations which might have been directed against you. We use findings from our own investigation to build a more effective strategy which would help you a great deal in court.

Meet our dedicated criminal lawyers in Rayville, Louisiana

When in need of an attorney, you would need a professional and experienced lawyer to handle your case as well as having your best interest at heart and this is can be really difficult in Rayville, Louisiana. If you need a lawyer who has a clean score in the courtroom with so many victories to their names, then look no further as you have come to the right place. Here at Carl Barkemeyer, we are known for being knowledgeable and nothing but diligent in all of Louisiana.

We keep a very open communication system with our clients to avoid leaving them in the dark. There will be constant consulting as well as communication to inform them about what we are doing and what we plan on doing as well as getting more useful information for them. We also let you know of just any progress of your case and what we can do to improve the case better. We make the case really open so you can see just how much we have your best interest at heart and are working tirelessly to satisfy you. We get resolutions which come a long way in helping you get your charges dismissed, or negotiations on pleasure as well as getting whatever trial results achieved a satisfying one.

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Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is based in Louisiana and are known to be aggressive as well as effective in helping their clients out of trouble with the law. They are known for helping defend clients strategically in whatever they face in all of Rayville, Louisiana and in all over the Richland parish. So, if you're ever in need of professional services, you don't have to look anymore as we are here, so why not contact us today?

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