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Assault charges are one of the most common criminal charges in Shreveport city courts, and while the charge is generally looked upon as a trivial offense, it can send you to prison. On the off chance that you are filed for such a case in Shreveport Louisiana, you’ll need an aggressive lawyer to help you with your legal defense in court. Because, while you may not know this, not all actionable cases warrant dire consequences. Hence, the importance of having an experienced lawyer in your corner during your hearing in court. However, if you fail to secure an attorney for your case, you may have to deal with the highest punishment viable under the circumstances.

Despite the potential punishments associated with assault charges, an accused will not be punished, unless based on the incriminating evidence filed against him or her. Thus, how well you explain away the pieces of evidence recorded against you during your arrest will determine the punishments imposed on you. So, if you are filed for an assault crime, whether misdemeanor or aggravated, don’t waste time. Call Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney in Shreveport.  


Understanding an Assault Charge in Shreveport 

When it comes to the potential punishments feasible for an assault case in Louisiana, the reservations are spelled out in the definition of the charge itself. That’s why you need to understand the charge fully before breezing into the courtroom to defend yourself. How does the state of Louisiana define an assault charge and what are the state’s reservations for offenders of the crime?


Definition of an assault charge

An assault crime is an intentional crime committed by an offender on another, to inflict terror on the other or cause the other to experience harm. For the potential punishments associated with this crime to be enacted on an individual, such an individual must have intentionally inflicted terror or harm on another. Thus, you may get what will seem like a pat on the back for this crime if the prosecutor fails to prove that the terror or harm inflicted on the supposed victim was intentional.

Based on this definition of an assault crime, any intentional act that is perceived by the court to be a threat to another individual’s safety, health, and well-being will be recorded as an assault charge and punished accordingly. This is regardless of whether the terror or harm inflicted on the other person resulted in physical harm or not.

Due to the sensitivity of an assault crime, law enforcement officers have been given the go-ahead to arrest offenders even when physical pain has not been inflicted on the other person. Nevertheless, before a verdict will be passed on the accused regarding an assault charge, s/he will be given a fair chance to defended his/her integrity in court. On the off chance that there are witnesses present at the time of the arrest, their testimonies will be taken and scrutinized in court. If the pieces of evidence filed and the testimonies submitted don’t hold, the accused will enjoy the mercy of the court. Mr. Carl Barkemeyer is well skilled and experienced in defending and prosecuting assault charges and as such, has the law acumen to help you alleviate the potential penalties for your court case.


Types of Assault 

Whereas many people make the mistake of believing all assault charges carry the same grievous penalties, that is not the way things work. When it comes to assault charges in Shreveport and Louisiana as a whole, an offender can be filed for two types of assault, namely; simple and aggravated assault. Depending on the category of assault you are charged for at the time of the arrest, and the severity of the evidence filed against you, the potential punishments for a conviction may be mild or grievous. Nevertheless, with the help of an aggressive attorney who has a wealth of knowledge in defending and prosecuting assault charges in Shreveport, you’ll have a fair chance of spinning the odds in your favor during your hearing in court.


Simple Assault

A simple assault charge is generally regarded as a misdemeanor charge in Shreveport. You’ll be liable for the reservations associated with this charge if you are caught threatening to hurt another individual. As a result, making the other individual feel unsafe or insecure. This type of misdemeanor is further divided into two subcategories, namely; first and second-degree misdemeanor. In this way, who you threaten and cause to feel insure will determine the severity of the charge. For a first-degree misdemeanor, the victim must be a school employee, a senior citizen, or a police officer. The second-degree misdemeanor assault, on the other hand, is a simple assault committed against other citizens of the Shreveport.

Depending on the type of misdemeanor you are filed for, you may incur up to 60 days’ prison sentence, probation, and restitution. You may also incur an exorbitant cash fine, totaling up to $500. On the other hand, if you are found guilty for a simple assault under the first-degree misdemeanor category, you may be jailed up to 1 year, probated, or asked to make restitution. The court may also up the cash fine to $1000.


Aggravated assault

When a person threatens another intentionally whilst in possession of a deadly or leather weapon, such assault is generally recorded as an aggravated assault. It is also a third-degree felony, and as such, should not be taken lightly. Besides, committing aggravated assault crimes against a special citizen or an officer of the law will expose you to the punishments purported for a second-degree felony charge in Shreveport. That’s why the potential punishments accompanying an aggravated assault conviction can range from 0 – 5 years’ jail term, probation, or restitution. It may also accompany a cash fine of up to $5000. However, if the subject-matter crime is committed against an officer, the jail term may climb up to 15 years and the cash fine up to $10,000.


Call Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney

Assault charges in Shreveport may accompany other grievous charges. For example, an offender arraigned on account of a simple assault may also be filed for a battery if the other experiences physical harm.  

However, with Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, whispering the words of wisdom into your ears during and before your court appearance, you can secure the optimum result for your case. So, don’t waste time when you have an assault charge threatening your good name and image in Shreveport, contact Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense attorney in Shreveport.


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