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Bank fraud is one of the serious crimes you don’t want to be charged for in Shreveport. Because, unlike the several other criminal offenses discussed in the Caddo District Court, bank fraud charges is also a federal crime. Thus, it should not be taken lightly. Instead, call an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who has acquired a wealth of experience in bank fraud defense to back you in court. Whereas not all Bank Fraud convictions result in a grievous prison sentence, often, offenders who saw it fit to hire a competent attorney for their court case get to enjoy optimum results in court. So, before you say anything that will nail you further to the cross, call Mr. Carl Barkemeyer.

All things considered, Bank Fraud is one of the toughest financial crimes a person can be charged for in Shreveport. But with the help of a well-versed and well-experienced criminal defense attorney, you can secure the most favorable outcome in your case. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is conversant with the defense and prosecution of this particular charge and has developed a law acumen that can help spin the case in a positive direction. Grievous penalties are awaiting convicted offenders of the Bank fraud crime, no doubt. But those penalties won’t hold if the pieces of evidence filed against you don’t hold water. In order words, the prosecutor must prove that the evidence is true and was obtained legally at the point of arrest.


Definition of Bank Fraud 

The laws restricting fraudulent activities in Shreveport forbids you to partake in a scheme that aims to steal another person’s money from a financial institution. Thus, any artifice or scheme purported to exploit a bank or a financial institution in Shreveport will be indictable by the law and the offender will be punished accordingly. According to Louisiana revised statute 14:71.1, anyone who succeeds or even attempts to carry out a scheme to do any of the following will face the consequences of the law.

  • trick a financial institution into giving him/her patron’s money or information
  • Take advantage of a bank to obtain assets, credits, securities, monies, or other important properties managed by the subject matter financial institution.

On the off chance that you are caught and convicted for Bank Fraud in Shreveport, you’ll incur grievous consequences including a jail term and a cash fine. You may also be asked to make full restitution for the monetary loss that you have caused for the victim. Notwithstanding your indigence or inability to make full restitution at the time of conviction, you’ll be forced to make full restitution still. In the end, a convicted offender of the bank fraud crime may spend years suffering for a conviction that could have been easily avoided with the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney.


Understanding the severities of a bank fraud conviction in Caddo Parish 

If there is one thing you should have at the back of your mind as regards bank fraud cases in Caddo Parish, it is that they are not to be taken lightly. Because, unlike other money-related crimes in the state, this crime can expose you to exorbitant fines and restitution. Even if you are unable to pay the money owed in full, the court will put you on a financial plan that will help you restitute the financial loss inflicted on the individual(s) in full. Keep in mind that a convicted felon is not the most probable pick for a reputable company. So what other options do you have?


Penalties for Bank Fraud in Shreveport 

Generally, bank Fraud offenses in Shreveport are categorized in four major ways. But regardless of which category of bank fraud you are being arraigned for, failure to secure an experienced lawyer will expose you to serious consequences. Besides, anything you say to the law enforcement officers from the time of the arrest onwards may be used against you in court. That’s why it is important to have a practical and experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Carl Barkemeyer supporting you.


Credit and debit card fraud

This is a unique type of bank fraud. Here, an offender uses another person's credit card which has been reported stolen for a transaction. You will also be guilty of this crime if you are arrested for stealing another’s credit card information to use it for a transaction without the other’s consent.


Check fraud

Check fraud is another special case of bank fraud. In this case, the pursuant is arraigned for attempting to use another person’s check to obtain monies or assets from a financial institution. You’ll also be arraigned for this crime if you use false checks (signed or unsigned) in an attempt to exploit financial institutions.


Internet Fraud 

Internet fraud can also expose you to the grievous consequences surrounding a bank fraud conviction in Shreveport. Internet fraud implies any scheme or artifice that exploits a financial institution’s internet presence to rob patrons of their funds or asset. If you are caught in the act, you’ll face the consequences of the law.


Identity theft       

This is one of the most grievous bank fraud cases treated in Shreveport city court and a particular area of interest for Mr. Carl Barkemeyer. You’ll be arraigned for this crime if you are caught attempting to feign another’s information to defraud a financial institution.


Penalties for a Bank Fraud

Bank Fraud is a highly sensitive offense, and as such, a conviction will expose you to serious penalties. Besides, you may have to restitute for the financial loss that you have caused for the party or parties involved. Not to mention the detrimental effect that a bank fraud conviction will have on your record. All things considered, the potential jail term for a bank fraud conviction can last up to 30 years.


What to do After Being Arrested for Bank Fraud in Shreveport



There is one thing to do when you are faced with a bank fraud case in Shreveport. That is to call an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney to back you in court. That is where, Mr. Carl Barkemeyer and the team of aggressive criminal defense lawyers at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, come in.

If a fair shake is what you desire for your bank fraud case, contact Mr. Carl Barkemeyer today.


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