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Looking for a battery lawyer in Shreveport Louisiana? Well say no more, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal defense Attorney is here to help. Battery charges are one of the most rampant court cases in Louisiana and its encompassing parishes. The battery just like its precursor, assaults, is a special type of assault committed against another individual causing the victim to experience physical harm. whereas many people think little of the severity of a battery case, it is a very serious crime. And as such, it shouldn’t be treated with levity or lightheartedness. if you are caught and convicted for battery in Shreveport, dire consequences will be imposed on you. Without guidance and support from a well-versed and well-experienced attorney, you may incur heavy cash fines and possibly a jail term with the battery conviction.

Nevertheless, Louisiana in its magnanimity gives offenders arraigned on account of a battery charge a fair chance to prove their innocence and possibly reduce the sentence of the battery conviction. In this way, people who are accused of a battery crime in Shreveport can work on their case and present a factual defense in court. Hence, the importance of having Mr. Carl Barkemeyer backing you in court. With Mr. Carl Barkemeyer’s law acumen and the wealth of experience acquired both as a prosecutor and defender of the battery charge, he can help you alleviate the potential consequences of the subject matter crime.


The Fundamentals of a Battery Charge

The state of Louisiana has specific reservations for people who are arraigned because of a battery crime within its constituency. The potential punishments purported for the battery crime is clearly defined under the state of Louisiana’s revised statute 14:33.

This law defines a battery crime as an offense committed by exerting force on another individual and hurting the other in the process. It is also the use of toxic/poisonous substances on another individual with the intent of inflicting pain or injury on the victim. Regardless of the type of toxic substances used, so long as it is intentional, you will be arraigned for committing a Battery crime.

Whereas it’s common amongst offenders to think that there is no way out when arraigned for committing a battery crime in Shreveport, that is not the case. Of a truth, a Battery crime is not an automatic ticket to prison. With the help of an aggressive attorney, you may stumble on a piece of evidence that will get you free and acquitted of the said crime. That’s why it is important to have Mr. Carl Barkemeyer working on your case. His extensive law acumen allows him to identify the nuances in a case. In this way, helping clients secure the most favorable outcome against the odds.

When it comes to Battery Charges in Shreveport and Louisiana as a whole, you must have these things at the back of your mind.

1. A battery crime is an intentional act

Violence is one of the major factors considered when judging a battery case in Shreveport city courts. For a battery case to hold water, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant exerted force on the victim and that the force was exerted intentionally. In order words, there must be evidence suggesting you inflicted harm or used a poisonous substance on another purposefully. On top of that, the prosecutor must ascertain that the pieces of evidence tying you to a said crime were obtained justly during the time of the arrest. If not, the case will be judged without considering the evidence obtained during the time of the arrest.

2. Aggravated Battery will expose you to direr consequences 

Aggravated battery is the more severe sort of simple battery, and as such, warrant direr consequences compared to the simple battery conviction. This type of battery is committed when you use a lethal weapon to commit a simple battery offense. While you may get off with a warning for committing a simple battery offense, an aggravated battery offense will almost likely send you to prison. However, with the help of a well versed and well experienced criminal defense attorney like Mr. Carl Barkemeyer, you can secure optimum results and possibly alleviate your sentence. This type of battery may also expose you to heavy cash fines if you fail to hire a lawyer for your defense.

3. A battery crime can become a felony crime

Many people have been convicted in the past because they don’t know the right way to approach their defense. That’s why you need the experienced hands of Mr. Carl Barkemeyer stirring your case in the right direction. He understands the law, and as such, he can provide optimum guidance during a court trial. While you may be tempted to speak for yourself when arraigned for a crime in Shreveport, you shouldn’t let your emotions drive the results of your case.

Battery crimes in Shreveport are generally regarded as misdemeanors. However, it can be treated as a felony charge when the defendant discharges or uses a weapon during the commission of the battery. It can also be looked upon as a felony charge when the victim of the battery crime is a special citizen of Louisiana or an officer of the United States.

4. A battery can expose you to a jail sentence

Battery, simple or aggravated, can send you to the four walls of prison if you treat your case with levity. But then again, some battery offenses are more severe than others. Thus, the punishment incurred by a convicted offender for committing a battery will vary based on the severity of the evidence filed against such an individual.


What to do?

The ideal thing to do when you or anyone you love in Shreveport is arraigned on account of a battery crime is to invite an aggressive attorney to prepare a factual defense for your court hearing. If a fair trial and a practical defense are what you desire, you’ll get the most favorable outcome at Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney. Call us today, for insightful guidance on your battery court case. 


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