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There is a great chance that you must have heard of a misdemeanor, whether you have committed it or not.

When people hear misdemeanor, they feel that it is a minor crime that they can talk their way out of without a misdemeanor lawyer in Shreveport present with them. Do you know that a misdemeanor could be upgraded to a felony if you go ahead to speak to the officers without a misdemeanor lawyer in Shreveport like Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense attorney present?

If a small amount of drugs is found with you, it is your first time and there is no proof to show that you intend to sell it, there is a great chance that it will be classified as a misdemeanor. If handled well, your misdemeanor lawyer in Shreveport can get you off the hook.

If you go to represent yourself, you may end up giving the officers evidence unknowingly to upgrade it from that to a felony. We have seen cases like that.


What is a misdemeanor?

This is a crime that is ranked as more severe than a citation but is not as severe as felony charges. They can be seen as moderate offenses, which come less severe penalties. The penalty is usually one year maximum in a county jail facility. For a misdemeanor, you won't have to go to a state prison facility, unlike those found guilty of felony charges.

Property crimes to assault and battery are normally ranked as misdemeanor crimes in Shreveport, though it may vary.

There are some crimes that are ranked as “wobblers”. One time, they can be called misdemeanors, and the next time, they can be called felonies. What they are classified as depends on some circumstances. It could depend on how much property was damaged or pilfered. It could depend on how serious the injury was.


Common Examples of Misdemeanors

To allow you know when you need a misdemeanor lawyer in Shreveport, we have put together a list of violations and offenses that fall under misdemeanor.

Traffic crimes

If you were caught driving under the influence, there is a great chance that it will be seen as misdemeanor, as long as you have not done it in the past. If it is a repeat offense, it could be upgraded to felony.


Assault and battery

If you are arrested for assault and battery, there is a great chance that it will be ranked as misdemeanor, though it is dependent on some factors.


Theft, larceny

If you are arrested for theft or similar crimes, there is a great chance that it will be misdemeanor depending on if it is a first-time crime if weapons were used, injuries occurred and so on.


Possession of a controlled substance

Like earlier mentioned, if you are caught with prohibited substances, and it has been shown that there was no intention to sell, there is a chance that it may be treated as misdemeanor if it is a marijuana first or second offense in a small amount.


When You Are Facing A Misdemeanor in Shreveport, There Are Things You Should Consider Doing

Have you been arrested for misdemeanor? Below are some tips you should follow.  

When you have been arrested, you should not answer any questions that you may be asked by the Police officer. The Miranda rights allow you to keep mute and ignore whatever the officer says. It is important to note that whatever you utter can be used against you when the case gets into court. They will try different means to get you talking and spilling the beans on yourself, ignore those attempts. They may say how they are interested in getting you off the hook. This should be taken with a pinch of salt. Many officers are interested in advancing their careers, and not getting you off the hook. They are more interested in climbing up the ladder by sealing more cases than helping prove your innocence. Ignore their words and ask to see your attorney. 

Do not behave in a bad manner to the officers. Do not yell at them. Do not threaten them. Do not say anything that will come off as disrespectful. Keep quiet and remain calm.  Immediately you are arrested, you have the right to have an attorney present during interrogation. Under no condition should you interact or say anything to the officers when your attorney isn't present. It may end in tears. Officers are trained in the art of manipulation. When you mention anything, they twist your words and use them against you.

Ensure that your attorney is always there when any discussion is made. Under no condition should you agree to talk to officers without your lawyer being present. It is paramount that your attorney is around when any lineup or testing procedure is being done. If they want to take your blood, ask that your attorney be present.

Ask that your lawyer handle the prosecutors and police. If they want to give you a type of deal, let your lawyer negotiate the terms. Do not do that yourself.

If you know any witness that can corroborate your story, tell your lawyer immediately. Do not hide material facts of the case from him or her, no matter how gory it is. It saves you from getting a deep pile of mess. Remember that there are lawyer and client privacy laws that prevent the former from testifying against the latter, even when there is a falling out. Whatever you tell your attorney stays between both of you.  


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