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Soliciting Prostitutes Laws in Louisiana

Soliciting for Prostitutes Laws in Louisiana

Have you recently been charged with Soliciting Prostitutes in New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana? Do you want to know what awaits you in court and just who can get you out of it? Well, this article will clear your doubts and set you up in the right direction.

Criminal offenses, especially ones like Soliciting Prostitutes and Prostitution, can have you in jail for months and even years or pay huge sums that could wreck your finances both momentarily and in the long run. Knowing just what to do and who to run to when you’re faced with these charges would most definitely set you in the right path. Here’s what you need to know about Soliciting Prostitutes in Louisianaand who can get you home free.

What is Soliciting Prostitutes under Louisiana RS 14:83?

This is the charge given to the John for offering money to another person in exchange for sex. This refers to inviting, soliciting, directing, and transporting someone to a place with the intention and knowledge you would be promoting prostitution. If you have been caught, the court could order then all the property used in committing the offense or proceeds both monetary or financial shall be seized and impounded if you get convicted.

What are the Penalties of Soliciting Prostitute

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Penalties for Soliciting for Prostitutes in Louisiana

The penalties for this crime include;

  • Anyone convicted for committing the crime of prostitution shall be fined an amount that wouldn’t be more than five hundred dollars ($500) and you shall be imprisoned for not more than six months. You also could be sentenced to these two penalties.
  • Anyone who commits solicitation for prostitutes when the individual that is solicited is less than 18 years shall be fined more than fifty thousand dollars and imprisoned with hard labor for at least 15 years but it wouldn’t be more than 50 years. You could suffer these penalties separately but that rarely happens.
  • If caught soliciting with an individual below the age of fourteen, you would have to pay a fine of seventy-five thousand dollars and then you would be kept in prison for at least 25 years but not more than 50 years. You most times might suffer both penalties because 14 is such a young age to be involved in prostitution.

You could also lose all your property used in the solicitation of these Prostitutes. These items include computers, computer-related equipment, motor vehicles, moving visual images of the victim, disc, videotape, and all other types of digital recording media, instruments, and currencies.

The Court must Prove the following before conviction

  • That you were using intention while committing the crime of soliciting prostitutes.
  • That you were completely mentally and physically stable to commit such acts.
  • That you had complete full knowledge of the age of the individuals involved.
  • They must prove you were using these individuals to make a financial profit or gain by using them for prostitution.

What are the defenses to Soliciting Prostitutes in Louisiana?

Soliciting Prostitutes crimes can be devastating on the lives of defendants. Even after you serve your sentence, you may find it difficult to get a job, education, or housing due to your crime. Dealing with criminal charges such as Soliciting Prostitutes is a frightening experience.

That’s why the criminal lawyers at the Barkemeyer Law Firm are the right choice to represent you and get you free. We have high experience and necessary resources to defend you against soliciting prostitution charges in Louisiana as long as you have strong reasons why it wasn’t you who committed the crime.

Possibly you might say:

  • The footage on the street cameras was doctored and you were not the one taking the person that charged you with the Soliciting Prostitutes charges.
  • You were simply offering the other person a ride to their destination.
  • You had no idea this was a crime, to begin with.
  • Were mentally ill when the particular crime was committed.

We will work hard to get your charges outrightly dismissed or reduced to a minimum via an agreement. If eventually, your case goes to trial, our criminal attorneys will fight your case and try as much to secure a not guilty verdict. If in any case, a conviction is unavoidable, we will work hand in hand with the court and prosecutors to get you much lower sentence to get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Contact New Orleans Soliciting Prostitutes Defense Lawyers

Have you been accused of a Soliciting Prostitutes crime in New Orleans? If yes then don’t fight the criminal justice system alone. Contact our New Orleans criminal lawyers to work tirelessly to get the best outcome for you.

We well know that no two cases are the same. We will thoroughly review each detail of your case to ensure that you receive the best legal defense and that your rights are kept intact and protected.

It is said that if you’ve been charged for a criminal offense such as Soliciting Prostitutes, speak to a criminal defense attorney. Criminal records can have long-term consequences. A conviction record can lead to a higher and harder sentence for the future crime and it makes it difficult to come out of it.

An experienced lawyer can assist you in navigating the criminal process and help you get out of the problem or reduce your sentence. Well, you’ve got a highly experienced soliciting defense attorney in New Orleans. We can try to get you out of this case or lessen your sentence irrespective of the circumstances. All you have to do is contact us.


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