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St. Bernard Parish Jail: Information for Family and Friends of an Inmate

St. Bernard Parish Prison

This St. Bernard Parish Jail is located in Chalmette, Louisiana. Specifically, at 1900 Parish RD, Chalmette 70043 LA. It has a medium to the maximum facility to a secure facility. Annually, this facility has its bookings and the amount on an average is a lot. The inmates in this facility include people like those with a level misdemeanor, offenders and these that were held would be waiting for trial for crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. So, the level of security is very high. The jail officers in this St. Bernard Parish Jail are armed and trained to use serious force to save themselves, inmates, and visitors from horrible violence. All the women and men that are held in this Parish Jail are awaiting trial or they have been sentenced in this parish. You can contact this Parish Jail at 504-278-7647.

For this article, St. Bernard Parish Jail would be abbreviated as SBPJ.

These questions which are usually asked by different people with loved ones in this Parish Jail would be answered by our Criminal Defense Lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer:

1. How do I locate an SBPJ inmate?

2. Can I contact an inmate?

3. What are the visiting hours?

4. How can I send mail?

5. How can I put funds in the books of an inmate?

6. Does SBPJ have commissaries?

7. How can I place bail on an inmate from SBPJ?

8. Are there doctors in SBPJ?

St. Bernard Parish Jail
St. Bernard Parish Jail

1. How do I locate an inmate?

You have a family or a friend who has been imprisoned in the St. Bernard Parish Jail.

What you need to do is check the locator that the St. Bernard Parish Jail had. This is necessary so you’ll be able to check if the names of your inmates that have been imprisoned in this correctional facility are there. After you check the locator box, look at the next box too. This is created for accessing and knowing if your inmate is there. If they are not there, then you can help to create a slot for them. This doesn’t take so much time. You could also keep in touch with your inmates using the Sheriff’s contract. From the Sheriff, you can have complete and utter details of how your loved one inmate is doing. Trust me. If you handle all of these and you can’t get to the inmate, you want to contact then you might need to pay some funds to get what you want. The amount of money you need to pay is quite cheap.

But your best bet is to contact the Sheriff of this jail. At the end of the day, you would get a response.

2. Can I contact an inmate?

This St. Bernard Parish Jail doesn’t have an arrest report on the internet which is supposed to be updated weekly. If you want to talk to someone or an inmate in this Parish jail, you can do so simply by contacting the office of the Sheriff at 504-278-7647. In fact, for all information concerning every person that would in one way or the other be in St. Bernard Parish Jail, just contact the Sheriff of the jail.

When you are talking to your loved ones on the phone through the Sheriff’s office, you should be conscious that all you say and all you talk about is seriously being recorded. You need to be careful and cautious when you talk. Make sure nothing incriminating can be gotten from your voice calls and conversation as you converse with your loved one from St. Bernard Parish Jail.

3. What are the Visiting Hours?

You can visit your loved ones that are inmates in St. Bernard Parish Jail. But before you do this you need to create your account using the Technologies website available. Without this, you won’t be able to visit them. And these visits usually occur either remotely, on-site, or through video. After you register your account, these visitors can visit you a day before the date agreed. You could select the dates you’ll like to visit from the dates below. If the visit is an online visit, the guests need to sign in to the account and provide your valid Identity Card. You need to wear proper clothes. You shouldn’t take your personal belongings because you won’t be allowed to go inside the jail with them.

You need to make sure the instructions on following the regulations and rules of the St. Bernard Parish Jail. These would increase your chances of visiting inmates.

Before you go and visit an inmate, you need to call the jail and the Sheriff to know that your visit has not been canceled. By calling this number. (504-278-7647)

Times for visiting depends on a lot of factors like the day of the week, which house the inmate is in, and then the sex of the inmate. Also, you need to know if it is a holiday or not.

All inmates have just a visit or two. These could range from fifteen minutes to an hour in the length of the week. These inmates need to check for special privileges that are allowed for visits additionally. If you want to visit from another distance which is far or a long journey, the Parish Coupee Parish Jail would let you visit the inmate for a longer time. You can contact 504-278-7647 so you can request consideration for a longer stay.  

Before visiting make sure you have a clean criminal record. Your ID card and everything related to your identity need to be up to date. You need to be older than sixteen years old and if you’re not up to sixteen then you need to visit with a guardian assigned to you by the law. Without all of this, you wouldn’t be let inside this St. Bernard Parish Jail.

You also need to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do if you want to visit this St. Bernard Parish Jail. This jail has its own rules and regulations which you need to follow especially if you don’t want to be stopped from ever visiting your inmate in St. Bernard Parish Jail. You need to check with the person you want to visit so you’ll organize the visit times and everything important. You can’t just barge into the St. Bernard Parish Jail stating you want to see someone. The Sheriff needs to be called and everything needs to be organized accordingly. For your security and the security of the inmates and the security guards, inmates are searched before and after they get visitors. Your loved ones too are searched. You need to dress orderly and, in a way, your private parts are all covered. If you don’t dress well. You wouldn’t be let into the Parish Jail for any sort of visit.

You can’t perform illegal activities. You can’t visit using knives, or using objects that can cause harm or violence. Nothing like lighters or tobacco products too. You can’t take electronic devices into visiting places. You can’t even take things like handsets or tablets. Nothing like gum, drinks, or food too. Visitors must make sure they don’t come in barefooted. No gang clothes, wares, or shoes. You should just dress-be wearing simple clothes. You’re going to see someone that is an inmate. You don’t need to impress anyone, please. You shouldn’t leave kids on their own. They need to be with someone that is either seventeen years or 18 and older. This person needs to have their government-issued ID card or a driving license which is up to date. If you don’t follow these simple rules, you’ll not be let into this Parish Jail. It is that simple. Banning isn’t a problem from Parish jails. It is great you know that.

4. How can I send mail?

These would show you ways in which you’ll be able to send nice peaceful mails to inmates in this Parish Jail. These mails could be greeting cards, pictures, postcards, magazines, and letters showing how you care and love for this inmate.

If you want to send mail, you can do this by sending it to the first name of the inmate and their last name, St, Chalmette, LA 70043, 1900 Paris Rd

You need to know that all emails and letters which enter and leave this Parish Jail have to be secure and safe. This is necessary for the security of the people and everyone in this jail. The inmates can only get jails that are plain, not stamped, and postcards that have been small sizes. As you write, it has to be either blue ink or black ink. You can write using pencils too. If you don’t follow these rules, your email wouldn’t get to your inmate. It’ll be sent back to you. If you don’t leave your address. The mail would be with the Parish Jail till your inmate is free or their sentence is over. Then the Parish Jail would pack all these emails and mails sent to them and give them all at once. We’re sure you’re not going to like that to happen to your mail.

5. How can I put funds in the books of an inmate?

If you want to send money to the commissary account of an inmate, the friends, family, and loved ones can log on to their account from the website, and then you can deposit some funds to your inmate from there. All questions about the procedures and the policies of the jail and everything other things you’ll like to ask, simply do so from the office of the Sheriff through 504-278-7647.

Money has a lot of uses. It helps inmates manage life till their sentence ends. So, you must send them funds. It’ll help them feel supported. All around the world, different people have loved ones trapped in jail. These funds go into these facilities to help that inside. Let the feeling of restriction not become too much.

Not everything that’s needed by these inmates is provided to them by the jails. Things like toothbrushes, blankets, razors, and other things they need have to be purchased from commissaries available in the jail. Things like food and drinks have to be bought from the commissary. For inmates that would stay in jail for a long period, they have to get things like small TVs, radios, and music players. There are different ways you can send funds to loved ones in this Parish Jail.

These are related to the type of Parish Jail your inmate or loved one is kept in. In some states, you could transfer about a hundred dollars while that would cost you about a hundred and twenty dollars. At times, vulnerable loved ones get exploited while they try to send money. You need to know which services to trust when handling things like these. Inmates could use these funds to make calls to the people they love outside this prison. You could also send your loved ones’ money for them to make phone calls. You need to give out the complete information on your inmate. This information includes their legal name completely, the full name of the facility they are in, for this Parish Jail we’ve got “St. Bernard Parish Jail”, then their ID number too.

You need to send funds to your inmates in this Parish Jail. It’ll help them get along. You could contact them, ask them how they are faring and send some funds if you can. That would go a long way, more than you can imagine because you don’t know how it feels to be an inmate in a Parish Jail.

6. Does SBPJ have a commissary?

This is what inmates call their shops or canteens where they get to purchase items and household materials which they want but the prison doesn’t provide. These commissaries have things like magazines, hygiene products for sisters, writing utensils, and a lot of others that these inmates need.

Parish Jails like this have their commissary. Inmates know that any type of fund that is sent to them by their loved ones would reach them safely and securely. These funds could be gotten through MoneyGram or Western Union. These funds would be deposited using the commissary accounts of inmates from their loved ones or friends and families. You need to have contacted St. Bernard Parish Jail Sheriff before you send any funds to an inmate to make sure if your inmate has arrived and has been detained in St. Bernard Parish Jail.

The accounts of inmates in Parish Jails are usually funded by their loved ones. But it could get funded using products that these inmates have gotten through wages or from other forms. These monies are used in the commissaries. They could be sent from the internet or through the mail. Things sold in the commissaries include soap, shampoo, shavers, nice snacks, and other things inmates would want but the prisons don’t provide. Other ways you can send inmates money using trusted services that have inmates getting their funds without any issues or stress would be making use of services like CareACell, Supply Direct, iCareGifts, Walkenhorst’s, Access Securpak and so many others.

7. How can I place bail on an inmate from SBPJ?

Defendants that are waiting for the trial have to post some money for bail. This bail could either be property or money. This is not necessary; it is only for people that desire temporary release before trial. This bail is needed by the court to serve as collateral which would make the court know that the defendant would return for their trial. If these defendants want to get their funds back, they would have to comply with the orders of the court. If they violate the conditions after they get released by this St. Bernard Parish Jail, they would completely lose their bail.

If defendants don’t have enough funds for bail, they could get help from a bondsman. These bondsmen charge about ten percent of bails as their fees which are nonrefundable and they use this to exchange for paying bails for defendants that don’t have enough funds.

You should contact Carl Barkemeyer. With him you would get legal research, opening statements, suppression of evidence motions, conduct discoveries, arrange bails, help to talk to witnesses, counsel on arrest, and everything you would need in these situations.

For bail requests, it is best to call either the court or St. Bernard Parish Jail directly after a defendant has been booked in.

Here you should contact the Sheriff. Then ask the following questions:

  1. Can the defendant be free after paying bail?
  2. How much does bail cost?
  3. Where is the place to pay for bails?
  4. Is it possible a time would come when I can’t pay bail?
  5. Which types of payments are allowed? 

After asking your questions and the amount of bail to be paid is more than you expected, you need a lawyer like Carl Barkemeyer to help you with little legal issues like these. He’ll help do justice to the problems at hand. Have trust in him.

Different ways your bail could get posted include these ways

Using Cash to Pay Bail

Using cash, you can pay all amounts of the bail. Using cashier’s check or money order. Don’t make use of personal check because they aren’t allowed. The bail amount is from a hundred dollars to seventy-five thousand dollars or more. These all depend on the offense type.

Using Money Orders

In this case, you could use the Post Office, Money Gram, or Western Union.

In any case, you need to be over eighteen before you can post a defender’s bail. Using an issued ID card from the government or other valid ID cards like your driver’s license or motor vehicle ID card. If the defendant has all the resources at their disposal, then they could paste this bail in the form of cash.

8. Are there doctors in SBPJ?

There are security officers that make sure they provide steady important supervision for all inmates to behave like people with common sense. They try very well to prevent and stop riots in the prisons. They also have several ways to prevent inmates from needing a doctor. They don’t move around with weapons but don’t test the power of pepper sprays. Pepper sprays are used because it doesn’t cause so much harm but it’ll hurt anyone who crosses the path of someone with a pepper spray. And that’s the point of the security guards always moving around with this.

There are surveillance cameras everywhere. These are in all parts of the Parish Jail, apart from places where the inmate’s bath and for cells which has specific single inmates.

If the safety of one of the inmates gets threatened, then the Parish Jail would keep these inmates in a safe place so they would be safe.

These Parish Jails can handle the medical needs of the inmates along with giving them prescribed drugs.

St. Bernard Criminal Defense Attorneys

Chalmette Criminal Lawyer
Chalmette Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve got a loved one or someone you know that has been detained in this jail, you need to contact our St. Bernard Criminal Defense Attorney for a meeting. You would get all the necessary advice you and your loved one would need to either reduce the charge or get rid of it altogether. These things could be a charge, an arrest warrant, stress probably at your place of work, or something you are not comfortable with. And whatever you are struggling with legally. 

The process which would either help litigate and negotiate ways for you to get a more positive outcome to your case should be possible. No matter what happens, you need to know that after conversing with our criminal defense attorney, you are going to make headways.


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