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We provide criminal defense of people arrested or who have recieved a summons in St. Tammany Parish. We defend clients for all types of criminal charges, including the following:

The most important thing to know is that if you are in need of a criminal defense attorney to help guard against criminal charges, you are well covered.

I will try to explain some of these crimes, and explain what happens if you or a loved gets charged or caught with these issues. This page includes various penalties and elements for crimes. There are many more within this site. 


DWI in St. Tammany


Beginning with DWI, in a place like St. Tammany Parish, if you are caught driving on the road and have a BAC level of .08% or higher, you will be arrested arnd charged with DWI. You must make sure you stay off the road at all costs. If you are younger than twenty-one years of age, your blood alcohol level needs to be lower than .02%.  Not agreeing to take a BAC test may show the arresting officers that you have indeed taken a high amount of alcohol and don't want to be caught. Nevertheless, it is one fact that they can't use against you in court. If you face these types of criminal charges, our St. Tammany DWI lawyers would help you manage the charge properly.


DWI Penalties in St. Tammany


St. Tammany Parish is known for being extremely rigid and tough on crime. It is a tough place to catch a charge. However, we have practiced there for many years and know how to get the best results for our clients.

If you are given a sentence for first-offense DWI, you could be ordered to pay a hefty fine and court costs, and then your driving license would likely be seized for one year by the DMV. You could be sent to jail for six months.

If you are sentenced for DWI second-offense, you could be told to pay a $1000. Your license could get suspended for much longer. You might be ordered to serve up to six months in jail.

Suppose you are convicted of DWI third-offense. You could pay two thousand dollars at most, and your driving license could be seized for years, and you could be sent to jail for 1-5 years.

If you are charged with this crime in St. Tammany, it would be taken very seriously by the prosecutors and judges. However, there are ways an experienced DWI attorney can help fight the DWI or minimize the damage if you have a poor case. Even if you have a bad case, we can help. Feel free to call us if you have received a DWI arrest in St. Tammany Parish.


Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute in St. Tammany


arrested for drug possession in st. tammany parish


You need to be sure you have contacted your legit St. Tammany lawyer, who can advise you exactly what you need to do. This is quite essential, especially after being arrested with drugs for distribution, selling, or simple possession.  

St. Tammany Parish has earned the nickname "St. Slammany" for a good reason. When it comes to drug charges, the prosecutors and judges come down hard on defendants. We can give you a fighting chance. This is what we do. 


How could they prove that I have these drugs and want to sell them, distribute them, instead of personally possess them?


Getting caught by police officers for possessing drugs with the intention of either selling, distributing, or personally consuming is a serious felony.

For the prosecutors to prove why you had these drugs, they need to prove two elements: possession and intent to distribute. The suspect might have had these illegal controlled drug substances when the suspect was arrested. Holding these illegal drugs is also known as possession physically. If the suspect has these drugs in their apartments, vehicles, or a place they have control over, this would also be physical possession of these controlled drug substances.

The prosecuting team needs to prove to the judge or jury that the suspect had knowledge and control over the whereabouts of these illegal drugs.  This can be proven by all the facts surrounding the arrest. 

The other essential element is that the suspect had all the intentions to distribute, sell or give the drugs to someone. Proving this could be difficult because the prosecuting team needs to have things like the measuring cups or cylinders which the suspect made use of to sell or distribute. The presence of scales may be a fact they try to use against you. The prosecuting team needs to prove that the suspect had bags and other things to share these controlled drug substances with buyers. 

The intent is usually known by showing evidence based on various circumstances. These prosecuting teams could show these forms of intent when selling controlled drug substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, narcotics, and others. The method of packaging too is checked. Looking at the amounts of cash available and how these funds are packaged are ways that a particular person is involved in selling and distributing drugs.


Penalties for Drug Possession in St. Tammany Parish


The penalties for drug possession varies based on the type and amount of drug as well as the defendant's criminal history. Other factors are at play too. You could be left to serve fifty years in prison. You could also be told to pay a hundred and fifty thousand dollars as the fines for your crime.

Suppose your criminal record has been stamped with previous criminal arrests and convictions. In that case, you might be left to face a severe and sad sentence after being convicted of any further criminal crime.

One of the best ways to have a chance at minimizing the penalty you would face in St. Tammany courts is to get yourself the best drug defense attorney.




Theft refers to the process of taking something valuable from someone else without their consent. It is a misdmeanor or felony charge, depending on the amount alleged to have been stolen. There must be an intent to deprive a person of something permanently.


Theft Penalties


theft penalties


If you've been charged with theft of less than $1000, then you are facing a misdemeanor which carries a sentencing range of 0-6 months in jail.

If you end up being convicted of theft or stealing something worth $1000 or more, but less than $5000, you could be sent to jail for up to 5 years.  This is felony theft.  As you can see in the table above, as the alleged stolen value increases, so does the sentencing range. 

If you have been convicted of stealing two or more times before, you could be charged with felony theft.


Defense to Theft in St. Tammany Parish


Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney has been fighting felony theft and misdemeanor theft charges in St. Tammany Parish for many years. He knows how to find good defenses to theft that work. If you have a poor case, he can still find ways to negotiate deals to try to keep you out of jail.  Whether you have been charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars or simply been accused of theft at Walmart in Covington, he can help.


Top-Rated St. Tammany Criminal Defense Attorney


Regardless of the type of criminal charge, Carl Barkemeyer can help. You can reach out to him by calling or scheduling a consultation. He knows how to protect your criminal record from convictions. You might have been convicted for a criminal case before, and you don't want your criminal record to have more red stamps on it. The best thing you should do is to get yourself the best St. Tammany criminal defense attorney for your case. Carl Barkemeyer would settle you down and help you in your criminal case. Carl Barkemeyer would show you a variety of ways that you can use to defend yourself against prosecutors.  Feel free to contact him if you need to hire a lawyer.


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