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We help in criminal defense of people arrested in St. Tammany Parish. You might have been arrested or charged with any of the following crimes, including the following:

The most important thing for you to know is that if you are ever in need of a criminal defense attorney to help guard you against charges related to these crimes, you are well covered.

I will try to explain some of these criminal crimes, and I will tell you what happens if you or a loved one of yours gets charged or caught with these issues. Some penalties here some explaining there, and then you would know about these charges and how our St. Tammany criminal defense attorneys can help you fight them off. Are you ready? Let's ride.


DUI in St. Tammany

Beginning with DWI, in a place like St. Tammany, if you are driving on the road and have a BAC level higher than .08%, you need to patiently wait till it reduces or get someone to drive you home. You must make sure you stay off the road at all costs. If you are younger than twenty-one years of age, your blood alcohol level needs to be lower than .02. It would help if you always had thoughts on the level of alcohol to have taken. Not agreeing to take a BAC test proves to the arresting officers that you have indeed taken a high amount of alcohol and don't want to be caught. If you face these types of criminal charges, our St. Tammany DWI lawyers would help you manage the charge properly.


DWI Penalties in St. Tammany

St. Tammany Parish is known for being extremely rigid and tough on crime. It is a horrible place to catch a charge. However, we have practiced there for many years and know how to get the best results for our clients.

If you are given a sentence for the first time, you would be told to pay a thousand dollars at most, and then your driving license would be seized for one year. You could be sent to jail for three months.

If you are sentenced for the same crime the second time, you would be told to pay a $1000. Your license could get suspended for either two days to six months. You might be told to stay in jail for about a year.

Suppose you are sentenced for the 3rd time. You could pay two thousand dollars at most, and your driving license could be seized for either a year to about five years, and you could be sent to jail for about two years.

If you are charged with this crime in St. Tammany, it would be seen as something serious or a misdemeanor. It might have your driving license taken away, though. You could go and serve the community, go to jail and even pay fines. If you commit this offense about three times, it becomes a felony because the law would notice that you like committing this crime repeatedly. With Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, you can call us if you have been charged for this crime multiple times.


Drug Possession with Intent to Use, Distribute or Sell in St. Tammany

You need to be sure you have contacted your legit St. Tammany lawyer, advising you exactly what you need to do. This is quite essential, especially after being arrested with drugs for distribution, selling, or personal consumption.


How could they prove that I have these drugs and want to sell them, distribute them, or personally consume them?

Getting caught by police officers for possessing drugs with the intention of either selling, distributing, or personally consuming is a felony.

For the prosecutors to prove why I had these drugs, they need to prove about two elements officially. The suspect might have had these illegal controlled drug substances when the suspect was arrested. Holding these illegal drugs is also known as possession physically. If the suspect has these drugs in their apartments, vehicles, or a place they have control over, this would also be physical possession of these controlled drug substances.

The prosecuting team needs to prove to the entire court that the suspect had complete control over the whereabouts of these illegal drug substances. It is essential that the defense attorney knew all about these illegal drugs in place and that they know how the suspect got physical possession of these controlled drug substances. This is important if the defending team is going to have any hope of winning the case.

The other essential element is for the prosecuting team to prove that the suspect had all the intentions to distribute, sell or consume personally. Proving this could be difficult because the prosecuting team needs to have things like the measuring cups or cylinders which the suspect made use of to sell or distribute. The prosecuting team needs to prove that the suspect had bags and other things to share these controlled drug substances with other community members. This showing intent is usually shown as points directly where the suspect wants to sell drugs used in offices.

The intent is usually known by showing evidence based on various circumstances. Prosecuting teams show intent through circumstances. These prosecuting teams could show these forms of intent when selling controlled drug substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, narcotics, and others. The method of packaging too is checked. Looking at the amounts of cash available and how these funds are packaged are ways that a particular person is involved in selling and distributing drugs.


What are the Penalties for drug possession in St. Tammany Parish?

You could be left to serve fifty years in prison. You could also be told to pay a hundred and fifty thousand dollars as the fines for your crime.

Suppose your criminal record has been stamped with previous criminal behaviors. In that case, you might be left to face a severe and sad sentence after being convicted of any further criminal crime.

One of the best ways to reduce the penalty you would face in St. Tammany courts is to get yourself a the best drug defense attorney.



Theft refers to the process of taking something valuable from someone else without their consent. It is a fraudulent act. You do this when you want to deprive a person of something that is theirs permanently.


Theft Penalties

If you end up being convicted of this crime and steal something worth $1500 or more, you would be sent to jail for about ten years or less.

Suppose you are convicted of theft after stealing something higher than five hundred dollars but less than a thousand five hundred dollars. You would be sent to prison, and you would be left to suffer hard labor or not for about five years. You would then be fined two thousand dollars or less. Both punishments could be assigned to you by the St. Tammany Parish.

If you are caught for taking something that is not up to five hundred dollars, you could get fined for a thousand dollars or less.

If you have been sent to jail or convicted because of stealing two or more times before, you would be sent to jail, and trust me when I say you would suffer without suitable representation.



It is highly illegal to defraud someone. To forge the signature of someone. To write someone as if you are another person. You were possessing information, transferring, issuing, or having intentions to defraud it to create written things that are not legal are all known to be a forgery.

These are also known as executing, authenticating, altering, making, or completing writings. These all purport that you authorize an act when you are not the one that did. To create a fake copy of something and say it is original when you don't have anything original close by.

Writing here means that you have created or printed something for another person using different methods of copying and recording their personal information. Faking things include money, coins, credit cards, badges, trademarks, seals, and tokens. Faking other people's identities, identity thefts, creating fake symbols of the essential value of privilege.



If you are caught and convicted after committing forgery, you would get fined five thousand dollars. You could be sent to jail for ten years at most. Both punishments could be sentenced to you by the St. Tammany Parish.


Bank Fraud

If you intentionally execute or attempt to scheme a bank, you would get sent to jail probably with hard labor for about ten years at most. You could be fined a hundred thousand dollars at most. The St. Tammany Parish could sentence you to suffer both punishments.


Penalties for Bank Fraud

If you try to defraud any institution to gain their finances. Or if you get credits, securities, monies, or any other property which is less than the control or custody of the institution financially. Making use of false or fraudulent representations, promises, pretenses, or practices.

Leaving the penalties provided above, if you are convicted of such a crime, you could be sentenced to pay complete fees for restitution. This is essential to pay all the people you've stressed as the crime was committed. It would be best if you also settled all those that suffered financial loss because of your crime. If you do not have all the funds you need to pay, St. Tammany will organize a plan you'll use to pay over periods.

This payment doesn’t end till you’re done footing your bills.



This occurs when you try to commit any or every type of battery. These are the placements of someone into fear or apprehension of getting a battery.

Aggravated assault refers to a type of assault that a weapon is used, which could cause horrible injury to the person one attacked. This is a horrible form of attack and leaving someone injury intentionally has a lot of penalties. Because that is not fair. But regardless, if you are faced with these type of charge, you could contact our St. Tammany criminal defense attorneys.


Penalties for Assault

Anyone that commits any form of aggravated assault would get fined for at most a thousand dollars. You could be sent to prison for about six months. You might be sentenced to suffer both of these punishments.

If you commit this offense on an employee of a store, the offender must stay in prison for four months. There would be no suspension of parole for about six months. You could be fined for at most a thousand dollars.


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