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We are drug defense attorneys in St. Tammany Parish. Mr. Barkemeyer wrote the book on How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He has fought drug possession and distribution charges for over 16 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced at getting the best results possible in drug cases in St. Tammany Parish.

If you know anyone or you have been charged with a drug-related crime in St. Tammany, Carl Barkemeyer would represent you using the best methods possible. We would guard you aggressively because we have the experience and help you fight those drug-related charges.


Getting to Understand Drug Charges

You can’t understand drug charges properly without understanding drug possession. Drug possession and drug charge refer to when a police officer charges another person that some drugs are available in possession of the person charged.

There could be cases where you might not be able to talk or discuss possessing drugs without drug charges or possessing drugs intentionally. These are situations where it was stated that the person charged with the drug crime has illegal drugs under their possession at a specific time. It could be that the person had these illegal drugs either with them presently or in a specific place they had control of. Specific places include places like a car with a lot of controlled drug substances, a room filled with marijuana, and a lot of other similar cases. Possessing drugs could mean one might have a weapon or a machine that's used for the consumption of substances with other ingredients that are controlled, which in the end are illegal.


Types of Drug Possession

Possession With Intent to Distribute

This assorted type of drug possession explains the type of drug charge where you have these illegal controlled drug substances with the intention to give to other people or to sell. This explains the fact that the law sees you as a drug dealer. If you get penalized, this type of drug charge has a lot of penalties, especially in St. Tammany Parish.


Simple Possession

If you own drugs for nothing other than usage personally, then you could still be charged with holding controlled drug substances for usage personally. The use of CDS is illegal in every part of the United States. It is not a crime that is joked around within places like St. Tammany.


How does the law prove you have drugs and you have the intention to distribute?

If the law wants to convict you of this specific type of crime, you need to have an unnecessary amount of drugs available in places you control. You should be caught with things like measuring scales for this charge, which shows that you measure your controlled drug substances for you to sell them. The prosecuting officers need to prove and have many testimonies from different witnesses that all state that you've been seen handing drugs and high amounts of money.

For you to be convicted, they need to have very high amounts of proof on you before you could get convicted and charged for this crime.

Would I be charged if I am caught with a prescribed drug?

There are many situations where these controlled drug substances could be given to you by the doctor. Whenever this happens, you should make sure you get a valid legit medical report backed up and signed by the doctor or medical health care professional. The judge and the prosecuting team need to be officially sure that the details submitted by you have been appropriately vetted and approved.


Why are these Illegal Drugs known as Controlled Drug Substances?

This name knows these drugs because they have particular and different side effects. They could be utilized as drugs for different periods. Making use of these drugs for a high amount of time could leave you addicted to them. Just like how we live our lives, if you keep on consuming something at rates you are not supposed to, you could get addicted to it, and you would not want to stop.

You need a doctor to prescribe these controlled drug substances for you, so if you get caught using them, you would have the necessary prescription, and you would not be charged for holding drugs with intent to consume.

If you are caught without having appropriate proof of the source of this controlled drug substance, the police would charge you and take you to jail before you have your case handled in court.


Drug Laws in St. Tammany Parish

St. Tammany is very hard on drug charges. Holding drugs is a high offense, and the penalties you might face are a lot. This is the reason this crime is known as a serious felony.


What is the number of Drugs Schedules Available?

There are a variety of drug schedules. We have Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 3, 4 and 5.  From St. Tammany, several charges are organized based on the specific drug type the police officers get with you. If you were caught with a drug in schedule one, you get convicted, and everything, your penalty would be more challenging than those caught with drugs from schedule II.  These schedules explain the way a specific drug could be dangerous and addictive. With the rate of addiction comes more penalty sentences.


There are other Alternatives to Conviction and Jail Time

Having an attorney like Carl Barkemeyer on your side, you could follow some different programs instead of being convicted or going your jail. These programs include getting treatments for addictions, prosecutions deferred, community service, and several others. Attorney Carl who is a fantastic Criminal Defense Attorney has had a lot of experience handling drug crimes in St. Tammany.


Common Drug Crimes in St. Tammany Parish

Being an attorney who has handled a variety of drug charges in St. Tammany, these drug charges include distribution in state courts, possession, manufacturing, trafficking of drugs, or controlled drug substances. The drug practice is focused on these listed drug crimes that are pretty common in St. Tammany.

Operating a meth lab, prescription of wrong drugs, trafficking drugs, cultivating and manufacturing drugs, distributing drugs, owning drugs to give to others, gaining and making use of controlled drug substances, and using fraudulent means to get it are all illegal activities. I defend clients from the crimes above if they are related to any one of the following sorts of CDS:

Cocaine, heroin, marijuana, meth, Opiates, Crack Cocaine, Ecstasy, steroids, Fentanyl, and Adderall.


Who can get charged for a Drug Case?

It does not matter who you are. Anyone could get convicted for a drug misdemeanor or a felony drug crime. If you end up getting convicted, it would be in your criminal record forever. If you are being charged for the first time in a drug crime where no one was physically injured, you could enroll in a drug program focused on helping you get better. More severe charges could add to the penalties you would face if you end up getting convicted. These extra penalties could be spending more time in prison, paying extra fines too.

It doesn't matter the sort of drug you were caught and arrested for. It could be from schedule I or schedule II, or Schedule III. Carl Barkemeyer is an exceptional Criminal Defense Attorney, and having someone like him defending you in court or after you get this drug charge is one of the best decisions you can make.

I have handled these types of cases before, and the ending results were always favorable. It always ended way better than it would have in my absence. For the best St. Tammany Drug Defense Criminal Attorney, contact Carl Barkemeyer.


How can you seal your criminal drug record?

You could file an expungement, depending on the result of your case. This is the process of erasing, destroying or stealing someone’s criminal record. But the only way you can do this properly is if the crime committed was not a harsh or violent one. Or in this case, the type of drug you were caught with was for personal use and not for distribution.


Do you know anyone that is being charged with any case related to drugs?

If you are arrested for possessing drugs, you should know that you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands. Contact Carl Barkemeyer and know that this charge is as good as gone. It would help if you did not converse with the investigators till your criminal defense attorney is around.

You could ready yourself by writing notes down. This would help you completely understand all of the charges that are placed on your criminal record. It would help if you made sure various questions that were asked are jotted down. This is important for you to know that your criminal defense attorney has got your back. It would be best to ask me whenever you get on the phone with me about how long I have been a practicing lawyer and how best I can protect you. I was hoping you could make sure you tell me all about the case. Tell Carl Barkemeyer things like what happened? How were the drugs caught on you? Where were you? If you have other controlled drug substances, and you know, pretty much everything and anything you can think of as we converse. This would be better for you to properly help you and defend your case in a court of law.


Top-notch Defense Attorney in St. Tammany for Drug Charges

It would be best if you had lawyers highly experienced to take care of your drug cases. It would be best if you had an attorney that has experience. This experience is significant. Some lawyers have lovely track records. These lawyers have been practicing for years, and handling cases like yours in a place like St. Tammany wouldn’t be a problem. An attorney like this is Carl Barkemeyer.  When the drug charge hits you, you should try your best not to panic and give me a call. Talk to me. Treat me as your best friend, and know I would do all it takes to make sure you go home free.

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