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Steroids Possession and Distribution

Anabolic steroids (often simply called steroids) are substances that increase strength and muscle mass.

These steroids mimic the effects of the male hormone testosterone, which stimulates muscle tissue growth. While they’re most commonly used by non-athlete weightlifters in their 20s and 30s, steroids may also be used by competitive bodybuilders (though they’re not allowed to use performance-enhancing substances).

Were you recently arrested for illegal steroids possession and distribution, or with the intent to distribute and sell steroids?  If so, you’ll need an attorney. The right lawyer will ensure you don’t receive a harsh punishment for your actions. Continue reading to know when to contact a lawyer, the consequences you may face, and what to look for in a lawyer.

About the Steroids Possession and Distribution Crime

The possession and sale of anabolic steroids without a prescription is illegal. Steroids come with side effects to heart health, blood pressure, liver disease, and more.

If you’re convicted of selling anabolic steroids, you face serious penalties. This can include fines, jail time, and even driver’s license suspension.

This is where a lawyer can help. Even before you’re convicted, the right attorney can prevent invasive investigative tactics. They will also guide you through the entire legal process so you know your rights.

Let’s look more into the possession versus sale of anabolic steroids and how the courts approach both charges differently.


Possession involves unlawfully yet knowing you’re possessing a controlled substance. If you’re not suspected of distributing or selling steroids in Louisiana, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a lesser charge. You may face jail time between one and five years plus a fine of $5,000.

However, the charges may increase to a felony if you’re carrying a large amount. At that point, you’re suspected of distributing and/or selling the steroids.

Sale and Distribution

Steroid selling and distribution come with harsher charges. The intent to distribute steroids has an average prison sentence of one to 10 years plus a $15,000 fine. These penalties can increase, depending on the severity of your case. For example, a former officer in Shreveport faced up to 10 years in prison plus a $500,000 fine for conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids.

Other Possible Charges

Possession, sale, and distribution aren’t the only possible drug charges you could face. Some of the possible charges include:

  • Possession or sale of multiple substances (aside from steroids)
  • Using drug paraphernalia
  • Using a child to commit a controlled substance offense, such as selling steroids
  • Manufacturing steroids
  • Criminal injection of steroids
  • Possessing instruments to administer steroids

If you’re facing any of these extra charges, it’s integral that you contact a criminal defense lawyer. That’s because your sentencing can increase with these additional charges. You can look into our law office if you’re facing criminal charges in Baton Rouge.

Types of Illegal Anabolic Steroids

There are many types of anabolic steroids that are all illegal for consumption without a prescription. These include:

  • Nandrolone
  • Testosterone
  • Stanozolol
  • Boldenone
  • Androstenedione

Anabolic steroids are categorized as Schedule IIIN Controlled Substances.

What to Do If You Suspect You’re Under Investigation

Before an arrest can be made, you’ll be under investigation for possession, selling, and distributing steroids. There are a few steps you should do during this process:

  • Immediately find a lawyer
  • Never speak to the police without your attorney present
  • Talk to your lawyer about a potential legal strategy

All of these steps will bring you closer to achieving the best outcome for your case, no matter the severity of your charges.

The Penalties for Steroids Possession and Distribution

The penalties you face are very similar to the ones other narcotics sellers face. That’s because steroids also fall under the controlled substance sale category.

Steroid possession with the intense to distribute is a felony. It can result in a fine of $500,000 and around 10 years in prison. In Louisiana, jail time for selling controlled substances can range from six months to 20 years.

Your specific situation depends on your sentencing. For example, if you’re carrying a small amount, you likely won’t have harsh penalties. The more you’re carrying, the harsher the penalties become. These penalties may increase even more if you sell to underage consumers and/or you sell the steroids at a school or college.

What if you’re caught selling steroids online?

Again, similar charges apply and the penalties you face may be less harsh or harsher, depending on your circumstance. However, a skilled lawyer can still compile a strategy to reduce your sentence. For example, a woman in Mandeville had a steroid distribution operation online and in stores. She originally faced up to 40 years in prison, though pleaded to a lesser charge.

Keep in mind, if you distribute your products via the U.S. Postal Service, you could face additional charges since USPS is operated by the federal government.

For all of these reasons, it’s important you know how to choose a criminal defense lawyer. We will cover this more in the next section.

What to Look for in a Criminal Lawyer

The best criminal attorney has the experience and knowledge to help you make an informed decision about your legal strategy.  They will explore every possible avenue to prevent criminal punishment or decrease the severity of your sentence. These strategies may include dropped charges, case dismissal, various sentencing options, and reduced charges.

When looking for a lawyer, the best place to start is by finding a local lawyer. These lawyers understand your region’s narcotics laws better than anyone else. That means if you live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, find Baton Rouge lawyers.

Facing these charges is scary and confusing. The best lawyer will also support you personally. They can answer any questions you have and will explain any aspects of the law that may confuse you.

Find the Best Louisiana Lawyers

Anabolic steroids are commonly abused so the user gains muscle mass and strength. However, these substances are classified as Schedule III substances. In the state of Louisiana, possessing and distributing steroids comes with serious consequences.

If you’re facing steroids possession and distribution charges or suspect you’re under investigation, it’s time to contact a criminal lawyer. Fortunately, if you’re located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you don’t have to look far. We have experience handling steroid charges in addition to various other drug crimes.

Contact our office today if you need legal assistance.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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