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Things You Should Know About Louisiana Arrest

When it comes to these Louisiana arrests, there are a couple of things offenders should take to heart. For example, depending on the severity of the offense and the number of times the offender has been caught and arrested, an offender could spend years behind bars. In addition to doing prison time, an offender may also be asked to pay a huge sum as fine.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the things that you should know about the Louisiana arrest.

  1. You cannot talk your way out of it

When it comes to arrests, most offenders have this firm belief that they can talk their way out of the case. This is not true as some have gone further to complicate issues for themselves by unknowingly revealing information that should only be shared with a criminal defense attorney.

When arrested for either a DWI, DUI, possession of marijuana for recreational use, theft, etc., it is important that you bear in mind that you cannot talk your way out of this. When arrested, you are expected to provide your personal information to the officers. You have the legal right to remain silent throughout the interrogation process. It is best that you do not speak or tell the officer how much alcohol you’ve consumed, or how much you’ve stolen, or the amount of marijuana in your possession. If you are being charged to court from a Louisiana arrest, it is important that you request for a criminal defense attorney who’d represent and appeal your case in court. While you are advised to remain silent, you have to explain everything to your defense attorney as this would help work on your case. In essence, instead of spending time trying to talk your way out of the arrest, you could use that time to make a call through to your defense attorney.

  1. Will My Information Be Published?

When arrested for cases like DUI, DWI, theft, marijuana possession, your information will be published in the newspaper. Generally, it is the duty of the prison system to book and report all information on ground to the media. This definitely means that everyone can get access to your information even if you get to spend a day behind bars.

If you’re currently applying for insurance coverage or that loan that your credit score qualifies you for, it may be denied because of your conviction. This could have a devastating effect on your personal life. To prevent this from happening, it is best that you take the right measure to ensure that you do not get to spend even an hour behind bars.

  1. What If It’s My First Conviction?

Even if you’re a first-time offender, you would be made to face the penalties for the crime committed. However, the penalties will not be as severe as it would be if you happen to be a second or third-time offender. Irrespective of whether it’s your first or second conviction, it is important that you remember that your name is published in newspapers and can be seen by everyone if you are sent to jail. As a job seeker, a Louisiana arrest and jail time will definitely affect your chances of landing a decent job. This will definitely affect your loved ones and it could be worse if you’re the bread winner of the family. To prevent this from happening, there are certain steps you have to take.

Unknown to most people, a criminal record may affect their travel. While they can travel domestically, a criminal record will definitely affect their international travel. To prevent this from happening to you, it is important you take the right measures.

  1. Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

We have mentioned some of the negative effects of spending time behind bars when arrested for a couple of minor violations in Louisiana. Most people have learned the hard way when it comes to hiring a defense attorney for your Louisiana arrest. Some have had their lives ruined because of one simple mistake. To ensure that this does not happen to you, it is advised that you hire the services of a well-trained, experienced, and professional criminal defense attorney to represent your case in court.

These criminal defense attorneys have spent a couple of years in the industry, thus, making them the best fit for handling all your criminal cases. These defense attorneys have been well-trained and are familiar with the criminal laws in the state. This knowledge of the various criminal laws will put them in a better position to handle your cases. As clearly stated earlier on, when it comes to hiring a well-trained, experienced, and professional defense attorney, it should be done as early as possible because it increases the chance of having your case presented in court for your Louisiana arrest.

  1. Getting the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana

While there are a number of these criminal defense attorneys who claim to offer their clients professional service, only a few of them have lived up to that claim. One of these very few attorneys is Carl Barkemeyer. Currently one of the best defense attorneys in Louisiana, Carl Barkemeyer has extended his defense practice and expertise to individuals throughout Louisiana. He has gathered a team of well-meaning, experienced well mannered, professional and defense attorneys that will represent you in court.

These defense attorneys are familiar with the various criminal laws in the state and are capable of exploiting tiny loopholes that may make the difference in your case. While we do not guarantee our clients 100% wins when it comes to handling their criminal cases, our team of experienced attorneys will ensure that they do all in their power to overturn your situation for the better.


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