Tips For Traveling With Firearms 

When it comes to traveling with firearms, there are some tips for traveling with firearms you will need to keep in mind to ensure you can travel safely with your firearms. Traveling with firearms through Louisiana can be scary sometimes, but as long as you take the time to travel safely with them and follow these tips, you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to traveling with your firearms. 

If you are ready to learn these tips for traveling with firearms, grab your computer and let’s get started on learning these tips for traveling with firearms! 

how serious are gun laws in Louisiana
How serious are gun laws in Louisiana?

When Traveling With Firearms Have Them In Gun Cases

It is important to keep in mind when you are traveling with firearms, whether in your vehicle, on public transportation (where it is allowed), or flying. All firearms must be within gun cases while you are traveling. This is federal law, so you will not be able to get away with not having a firearm in a gun case in different states, so you will want to keep this in mind. 

Even if you have a concealed carry permit, you will need to remember that it also has to be in a gun case when traveling, especially if you are flying with a firearm. This is to help keep everyone safe, both from you using the firearm or someone else on the plane or public transportation, from taking your gun and potentially causing harm to others. 

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Keep Your Gun Unloaded Whenever Traveling With It

When you are traveling with a firearm, it is important you keep it unloaded at all times while traveling with it. If you do not keep it unloaded and caught with a loaded firearm while traveling, there could be possible severe consequences for not doing this. Therefore, it is essential you are keeping your firearms unloaded while traveling with them. 

Unless you are a law enforcement officer, you will not be allowed to check in your loaded firearm as baggage. There is no getting around this, so you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by just having your firearm unloaded at the very beginning, as well as having it locked safely away within a gun case, as is the law according to the Federal government. 

If you get in trouble with the law for carrying a firearm, it is best you hire a criminal defense attorney that specializes in gun charges. You don’t want to get locked up for any length of time, that’s for sure!

Traveling With A Firearm And Ammunition At The Same Time

When you are traveling with a firearm, there are bound to be times you will be traveling with the firearm alongside ammunition, and for this, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, traveling with ammunition is quite different from traveling without, and while it may seem like this shouldn’t be a big deal, it is in terms of traveling. 

Firstly, when traveling with a firearm and ammunition, the ammunition needs to be locked in a case as securely as you are locking away the firearm itself. If you do not do this, then you will be treated as showing up with a loaded gun, even if the firearm itself is unloaded. This is because having accessible ammunition can sometimes be as dangerous as having a loaded gun when traveling. 

Secondly, when traveling with a firearm and ammunition, you need to keep in mind you are not allowed to carry your ammunition in carry-on bags. This is prohibited, and you will have to place all ammunition you are bringing along with you into a case with your firearm or its separate secure case as well. 

Thirdly, all small-caliber ammunition must be carried in fiber, wood, plastic, or metal boxes specially designed to carry ammunition. If you do not have your ammunition in an ammunition-specific container, you will not be allowed to bring along your ammunition with you as you travel, or you will have to get another case for it. 

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gun in car
Gun Possession in Vehicle

Make It Clear When Traveling With A Firearm And/Or Ammunition

When you are traveling with a firearm and/or ammunition in Louisiana, you must make it clear to the airport you are traveling with one or the other or both. This ensures they are fully aware you are traveling with a firearm, and everyone who needs to be alerted can be alerted about the presence of the firearm on the plane.

Since you have to check your gun in anyways, it is quite hard not to mention you have a firearm when traveling, but it is common sense and the proper way to travel with a firearm to make sure it is fully known with the staff. 

Traveling with a firearm can be a troublesome and lengthy task sometimes, but as long as you keep these tips in mind for traveling with firearms, you will not have to worry about being caught off guard when traveling with a firearm. You now know some great tips for traveling with firearms.


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