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What is drug trafficking

What Are The Causes Of Drug Trafficking?

Do you know what are the causes of drug trafficking? The primary cause of drug trafficking in the United States is the demand to use drugs. The high obtained from taking drugs creates the demand for the drugs. The citizens in the US create the demand for the drug. Whenever there is demand for something, whether it is illegal or not, someone will create the supply to meet that demand. Drug trafficking will never end as long as there is a demand. Demand will never end as long as there are drugs.

Think about all the other people in the United States that legally make money from illegal drug trafficking. For instance, drug rehab counselors and treatment centers who treat the users for drug addiction make a lot of legal money from drug use. Doctors and hospitals make a lot of money from treating users. The list goes on and on.

Drug trafficking is the illegal trade of drugs across states and countries, this is a term that refers to the smuggling of drugs, for example, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or other illegal substances.

Louisiana drug trafficking lawyer
Louisiana drug trafficking lawyer

Drug Trafficking In The US

The United States ranks third in the world for the illegal drug trade. The majority of the drugs that are trafficked in the United States are brought in by Mexican drug cartels.

The Mexican drug cartels are some of the most well-known organizations in the world for drug trafficking. They have been involved in drug trafficking for decades, but have become more powerful since Mexico and the US tried to crack down on them in 2006, launching what is known as the Mexican Drug War. The Mexican drug cartels are organized groups of people who are trying to make as much money as they can from selling drugs.

The Mexican drug cartels are known to transport drugs through all of the major US cities. They use trucks, trains, and even boats to transport drugs into the United States. They have even been known to use tunnels in order to transport drugs.

Causes Of Drug Trafficking

What are the causes of drug trafficking? This is a controversial issue, and there are many factors involved in the global drug trade. Most of the factors are related to the demand for drugs, the supply of drugs, the way the two interact with each other, and money.

1. The Demand For Drugs

According to the US Department of Justice, the number of drug users in the United States is over 18 million. This is a serious problem because it is not just illegal drug use that can lead to drug trafficking. In fact, there is a massive market for prescription drugs in the United States.

Of the 18 million drug users, around 2 million are addicted to prescription drugs such as painkillers, much of this addiction is caused by the overuse of legal drugs prescribed by doctors. These drugs are often addictive, and some are even illegal when used to treat pain. The US Department of Justice estimates that almost 10,000 people are dying from prescription painkiller overdoses every year.

One of the biggest problems with the US drug market is that there are too many users of drugs who are using them for different reasons. In fact, over 1 million people have been diagnosed with opioid addiction in the United States. Most of these people are not abusing or selling drugs, but are suffering from addiction caused by doctors overprescribing drugs. These people then often turn to illegal opioids like heroin when they can no longer get legal opoids.

2. The Supply Of Drugs

The supply of drugs is also a major cause of drug trafficking. Mexico is the number one supplier of drugs in the United States. According to the Mexican government, Mexico is responsible for supplying 63 percent of heroin, 90 percent of meth, and 40 percent of marijuana to the United States.

Another major supplier of drugs is Columbia, responsible for supplying 70 percent of cocaine to the United States. Another source of supply for drugs is Canada. Canada is responsible for supplying 25 percent of marijuana to the United States.

drug trafficking attorney in Louisiana
drug trafficking attorney in Louisiana

3. Corruption

The drug trade is a global business that affects the entire world. in fact, the global drug market is worth over $300 billion annually. The drug trade is an extremely profitable business, and its profits are almost impossible to trace.

Drug traffickers are well funded and well organized because they are able to operate openly in many countries because they have enough money to bribe the police and politicians. They are also able to use violence and threats to make sure that they obtain their drugs at the lowest possible price.

4. Easy Money And Power

Drug trafficking is one of the most profitable and easy businesses in the world, which means that a lot of people are able to take advantage of it.

Drug traffickers make a lot of money from it and they are even able to make more money from drug trafficking than from working a regular job. The money that dealers make from drug trafficking is enough for them to live very comfortable lives.

Sometimes the drug trafficking business gets passed down from generation to generation. Many people with money and power support the drug trade for their own personal gain and have a lot of connections and resources that they use to support the drug trade.

Mule Used to Traffic

One of the most common ways that the cartels move drugs through the US is by using drug mules. They will make an offer to a regular person who is not involved in the cartel to make a run. This individual may be going through tough financial times and needs a little cash just to support himself or his family. Usually, the price is $5000 per run. The owner of the drugs will place the drugs in the vehicle and instruct the driver where to go. The destination is usually many states away. The driver may have no idea what is in the bag, trunk, or hidden elsewhere in the vehicle. Nevertheless, he knows it is illegal.

The driver can make a few successful runs before he is eventually detected. The government uses high-level intel to identify trends in vehicles driving on the interstate and highways. The police make a traffic stop alleging Improper Lane Use. The drug dogs come and alert to the drugs and an arrest is made.

Louisiana Law

In Louisiana, the state criminal charge is Possession With Intent to Distribute drugs. This is a serious felony charge. The sentencing range depends on the type of drug and the amount of that drug. For instance, judges will most likely sentence a defendant to a longer period of prison for 15 pounds of heroin as opposed to 5 pounds of cocaine. If the mule is moving heroin or fentanyl, the judges will deliver a harsh jail sentence.

Conclusion- What are the Causes of Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is a huge problem with no end in sight. It’s the type of drug charge that requires serious intervention and a skilled criminal defense law firm that is equipped to handle such a case.

No matter why someone decides to traffic drugs, it is important to understand the process of what are the causes of drug trafficking.


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