What Can You Not Do On Probation?

Wondering what can you not do on probation? Read this post for information on the subject!

What You Cannot Do On Probation

Conviction of a crime in cities such as Baton Rouge or anywhere else in Louisiana, means you will receive some type of punishment. For first-time offenders and sometimes others have their sentence suspended and probation offered. It’s an easy choice for most, take probation and live your life outside of prison and under the state’s supervision.

Although probation is almost always a better choice than serving time in prison, it’s not precisely freedom either. Much of the free life you had before probation will disappear. Probation places severe restrictions on your life. Let’s look at some of these restrictions to understand what you can not do on probation. 

1. Fail a Drug Test

While on probation, you are subject to random and scheduled drug tests. The design of random testing makes it impossible to know when they will occur. The test may occur at any time and at any location the probation officer chooses. This means those on supervision should not partake in illegal drug use or any drug crimes if they want to stay out of jail.

2. Skip Probation Meetings

How often you report to your probation officer depends on how your supervision is set up. Some cases are more stringent with reporting, while others are more relaxed. Either way, the idea is never to miss reporting to your probation officer. Even if an emergency arises, you will need to make contact and get permission to miss the meeting. Failure to appear can result in serious consequences.

3. Hang Out With Your Old Friends

If your old friends happen to attend church on Sunday and have never been incarcerated, there is no issue hanging out with them. The problem comes with any acquaintances who have a criminal history or are still participating in illegal activity. 

One of the stipulations of probation requires you to avoid people of a criminal nature. This broad statement means if found hanging out with others with a criminal background, it may result in a violation of your probation, even if you’ve done nothing wrong. 

4. Get Behind on Fines & Fees

Part of a probation agreement will include restitution, fines, and fees. For the entire time you are on probation, you must make these payments. Courts are funded through these fees, and judges will hold you accountable if a victim’s restitution stops. In the world of probation, not paying these required monies, will quickly see you back in front of a judge for a probation hearing. 

5. Leaving Without Permission

As a probationer, wherever you travel to is subject to the state’s permission. This means if you take a family holiday across the border in Texas, you must have permission. People who work out of state may have a prearranged agreement to leave the area while they work. However, if you leave the state without permission, you’ll find yourself in violation of your probation.

6. Missing Community Service Requirements

Community service requirements are standard for probationers. The courts like to see first-time offenders give back to the community as part of their restitution. Each of the designated non-profits must keep a strict log of hours worked and reported to the probation office. If you find yourself behind on community service work, you will find a judge waiting to hear why. 

7. Do Not Get Arrested

Getting arrested is a sure-fire way of violating your probation. Those nights out drinking with friends and partying until dawn will need to be a thing of the past, at least until you come off of probation. No one ever expects to get arrested, but public intoxications and disorderly conduct are never planned. Do yourself a favor and avoid any criminal behavior, no matter how small. 

Once an arrest occurs, you will have your probation revoked and find yourself incarcerated until the new case is resolved. Any felony charges or misdemeanor charges will lead to big problems. Any new charges can take weeks or months spent in jail just because you decided to have a few drinks one night and things got out of control.

The Consequences of a Probation Violation

A probation violation ends with a warrant issued for your arrest. Once incarcerated on the probation violation, you’ll need to spend however much time in jail as it takes until a hearing in front of a judge is scheduled. This can take days or weeks, depending on the schedule of the courts. 

Once your hearing is scheduled and you face the judge, you’ll have to explain why you have violated your probation. Depending on your answer and how much the judge accepts it, you can find yourself under the following circumstances. 

  • Issued a warning
  • Have your fines increased
  • Extra community service added
  • Have your probation revoked and serve out the rest of your sentence. 

As you can see, the options are limited in this circumstance. Follow the list of what you cannot do on probation or face the consequences that may change your life. 


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