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What Causes A Drug Charge To Be A Federal Offense?

Are you wondering what causes a drug charge to be a federal offense? This post will offer helpful info on drug charges and drug crimes and what you need to know. Read on to learn the answer to this common question.

When Drug Charges Become Federal Crimes

When someone is faced with federal charges, it means that you’ve committed a severe offense. It also means that you broke federal law. There are many reasons you can or would be charged with this high level of crime. Here is what you should know about federal-level drug crime and what you should do when facing one.

It Can Get Complicated Super Quick!

Drug crime cases can be more complicated because they fall under state and federal crimes. However, typically what occurs is that a federal agent can arrest if it involves numerous areas. If law enforcement is working with other agencies, that can make it national also. You should also be aware that every state has its own ‘schedule’ that it will adhere to, which can also influence whether or not the crime can be federal.

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The Schedule And How It Works

The schedule works fairly easily, and we will break it down for you to better understand what you’re looking at. The first tier is for the high-risk drugs that are easy to abuse, such as heroin and ecstasy. From here, up to five, you’ll notice that the severity goes down. For instance, level five is considered low risk and things people can get over the counter, like cold medicines. You’ll find that cocaine and other drugs are high at the top, which is vital to how the schedule serves the people.

Crossing State Lines

As stated above, crossing state lines can also get you charged with a federal crime. If the police find you have a controlled substance and have moved beyond state lines, you’ll likely face trafficking charges. Potential punishments for this type of crime largely depend on various factors. Still, the most severe offenses could suffer forty years in prison and a two hundred thousand dollar fine.

Looking At National Land

National Land is another thing you must consider when considering what makes these crimes more serious. When you enter a national park, wildlife refuge, military reservation, or public domain land, you’ll find that drugs are not allowed here, and you will get into serious trouble as a result. For instance, you may think marijuana is alright here because it’s legal in many states. However, whether the state has made it legal is never permitted in these areas. It’s also considered the rule that people are most guilty of regarding military operations and national parks. Because of this, these areas are always vigilant, and more people get caught daily.

When The DEA Gets Involved

When the DEA begins investigating the offense, it’s now being labeled as a federal crime. That agency is devoted entirely to enforcing the laws that we have when it comes to drugs. You can be investigated if you grow, distribute, or do anything of that type with these drugs. That is also true if you bring substances from another country back into this one. You should also know that sentencing can be far more strict when dealing with these areas. For instance, if you’re in the military and are caught doing one of these things, the consequences can be considered more extreme than if you were a civilian.

The Minimum Sentences And Judging For Drug Charges

Regarding a federal drug offense, some minimums must be met. That means that when you are convicted, the judge will sentence you with, at the very least, the minimum amount of time in prison. The only time that this does not occur is if prosecutors specifically request that they don’t. Your particular minimum will also depend on various factors, including whether or not this is a repeat issue for you.

First Time Offenders

For instance, if you are a first-time offender, you’ll be sentenced to five to ten years. However, if you’ve had issues in your past and this isn’t your first offense, you can be subject to a minimum of twenty years. That can also happen if your crime has injured or killed someone. Another fact to be aware of is that you are extremely unlikely to get probation because the stakes are high. In these types of cases, the judge is not going to go lightly on you.

Getting Help When You Need It

When it comes to federal drug charges, you’ll need to understand the severity of the situation and immediately find a lawyer who can do their job well. You should never wait, as the consequences may be more than you can bear. Finding the right attorney for your case can make a huge impact in regards to your future and the result of your crime.

What Causes A Drug Charge To Be A Federal Offense?

The bottom line is this. When examining what causes a drug charge to be a federal offense, you should take note of the fact that drug charges are very serious. So whether or not you think it’s a big deal it is. So get in touch with a drug charges attorney today to get help with drug charges – whether they are federal charges or not.

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We hope you have a better understanding of what causes a drug charge to be a federal offense and we wish you the best of luck with your case.


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