What Happens After A DUI In Louisiana

What Happens After A DUI In Louisiana?

You have been arrested for DUI in Louisiana, and naturally, you’re freaking out. You don’t know what to expect. You were just at a friend’s house and had two unexpected beers. No biggie. But then you didn’t slow down in time and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk, and now you’ve been charged with DUI. Your car has been impounded, and you had to spend a night in jail. 

You Get One Call

You get one call, and you think you should hire a lawyer, but instead, you get your brother on the line and tell him to start researching what you’ll have to do to represent yourself. You don’t have money to hire anyone. 

If you do, you’ll probably make a mistake with the ever-changing laws that could cost you dearly, getting you sentenced with a harsher punishment. This is not something you want to mess around with. You should consider calling a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana who specializes in DUI and is constantly up on the changes, as well as has established a rapport with court personnel which could help your case. Why not hire someone when it really counts? Many have flexible payment terms to help you afford it, and in the long run, you’ll see it’s worth it.

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A DUI, sometimes referred to as an OUI or DWI, is a misdemeanor in Louisiana that carries at most six months in jail and up to $1,000.00 in fines. Your driver’s license may also get suspended, which means you cannot drive. 

Things To Expect If Arrested For DUI And Louisiana DUI FAQs

You Won’t Talk Your Way Out Of Your Arrest

People think they can chat their way out of a DUI. You have the right to remain silent, so you should do so. You can give your name and identifying information, but you are not required to answer their questions. You do not have to tell the cop how much you’ve had to drink or let them know where you are traveling to and from. Once you’re arrested, a bond will be set, and then you’ll be able to pay it to get out of jail. You’ll be allowed to call someone to bond you out of jail.

You May Make Major Headlines

DUI arrests are crimes where you get your name in the paper. And there is nothing you can do to prevent it. The media gets information about bookings from the prison and posts it. So, your insurance company can now find it in a search, and so can your employer. You may lose your job over this arrest.

Be Careful Refusing A Breathalyzer

You can refuse to take a breath test when you’re pulled over for a DUI but be careful since you may get a longer suspension of your driver’s license if you do. If you refuse, it might overall help your criminal case, but it may affect your license being kept longer.

DUI Arrests Can Affect Your License

If a police officer has a reasonable believe you’re on a public roadway driving while impaired, they have the right by law to request a breath test. The impairment observed may be from alcohol or drugs, and if you fail, your license is automatically suspended. The legal limit for a breath test is .08. If you refuse it, you’ll have a longer suspension from your license. You have thirty days after your arrest to request an administrative hearing to challenge the suspension.

License Hearings Are Difficult To Win

The license hearings don’t allow you to subpoena police officers under current Louisiana law. They are difficult to win, and even if you do, a conviction in the criminal proceedings to a DUI will result in your driver’s license being suspended.

Police May Draw Blood

Police will only draw blood if they have a warrant or if there’s a fatality or serious bodily injury connected to your DUI arrest. If you allow them, they can also draw your blood.

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Pretrial Diversion May Or May Not Be Available

Most jurisdictions require first offenders to go through a pretrial diversion program. This voluntary program has some conditions and fees, and you must remain free from arrest and conviction. You cannot drink alcohol during this time either. If you finish the program, Louisiana law allows the charges to be dismissed. After five years, the arrest can be expunged from your record.

Conclusion: What Happens After A DUI In Louisiana

As you can see, there’s a lot involved when you get a DUI in Louisiana. And the laws are always changing and are complicated. It’s not the time to hire a lawyer who is just learning the DUI laws or yourself who may not know them at all when each second is precious and everything needs proper scheduling and filling out correctly. It’s time to call a professional and see how they can help you to afford their services, because now you need it.

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