What happens If i'm caught shoplifting at Walmart

What Happens If I’m Caught Shoplifting at Walmart? 

If you are reading this article – you may be wondering what happens if I’m caught shoplifting at Walmart? While shoplifting occurs at many places, shoplifting at Walmart is one of the worst places for these charges to occur.

Many people steal from Walmart each day. However, they do not remember that there are cameras, and they are going to get caught. Most people will target large stores such as Walmart because of their size. This is actually the wrong idea and a bad one at that. While you may not get caught right away, you will be caught from a loss prevention agent or even the surveillance cameras used. 

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What is Shoplifting? 

Technically speaking, shoplifting will be the act of stealing items or good from a store while you are acting as a paying customer. If you are going to the store to intentionally steal something while pretending to be a customer, that is shoplifting. Keep in mind that shoplifting charges can be a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on how much was stolen. 

What is Shoplifting from Walmart? 

If you steal from Walmart, you likely have done one of the following:

Moved an Item 

When you move an item, you are going to be placing it an area where it is not supposed to be. This is done to alter prices, or you have consumed the item or taken it out of the package and moved it elsewhere in the store. This is considered shoplifting. 

Price Tag Alteration 

You can expect to be thrown a shoplifting charge if you change the price tags on items. If you alter the price tags in any way to reduce the price, you are shoplifting.

Item Transfer

Many people will put items into a larger container to only have to pay for one item instead of the many smaller items in the larger container. This is another form of shoplifting because you are not paying for everything that you have picked up. 


You walk into the store with an intention of stealing or shoplifting from the store. This is something that is hard to prove when it comes to a jury. 

Consequences of Stealing from Walmart

Anyone who is caught stealing from Walmart could face consequences. Law firms such as Barkemeyer Law Firm specialize in Walmart shoplifting charges and can greatly help with your case.

Penalty For Shoplifting

According to Louisiana law, if the misappropriation or taking (value of the goods) involves an amount less than $1000, the defendant may face a maximum imprisonment of 6 months or a fine of up to $1000, or both. In situations where the offender has previously been convicted of theft 2 or more times, any subsequent conviction may result in imprisonment, either with or without hard labor, for a period not exceeding 2 years, a fine of up to $2000, or both.  The defendant may be eligible for probation under certain circumstances if the defense attorney is able to persuade the judge.

Add Up All Transactions

Walmart is now using cameras and face recognition at the register to identify and link customers to other alleged thefts. For instance, Ms. Green goes through self-checkout once a week and uses hand-tricks to avoid scanning $20 worth of items. She is not stopped because the amount is so low or loss prevention is busy. Ms. Green comes in again and does the same swipe. This time, loss prevention takes her in the back and gives her a theft charge. They add up all the previous times she came in and stole items. They will add up the total amount from the various transactions. If the total amount is $1000 or more, the charge becomes a felony. This is a new tactic that Walmart has just rolled out in previous months.

Keep in mind that the judge will look at your past criminal record. Those who have a history of theft or shoplifting will have a harsher sentence than those who have never committed a crime before. 


Walmart does not deal with people who are stealing from their stores. They have a zero-tolerance policy. If you are stealing and caught, you have a chance to be banned from the store. In some cases, you will be banned for a day and other cases you can be banned for life. 

While Walmart is a large chain store, you are likely going to be able to enter another Walmart without a problem. With that being said, you are also facing a risk when entering other stores after being banned. If someone were to recognize you, you can face legal troubles for not following the ban. Plus, if you do shop at other stores and shoplift again, you are going to face much more trouble than a first offense. 

Police Presence

While it may seem like you have gotten away with shoplifting, the cameras and police will catch up to you. The people working may not know who you are, but a simple clip sent to the police will quickly determine who you are, and it will catch up to you. 

Learn what happens after getting charged with shoplifting at Walmart

Getting a Lawyer For Walmart Shoplifting Charges

No matter what you are getting in trouble for at Walmart, you should have a lawyer at your side. When Walmart is pressing charges against you, you need the best lawyer around. This will ensure that you are not facing the harshest penalties. This is especially true if it is your first shoplifting case. 

If you are on a subsequent shoplifting charge, you will need a lawyer to avoid maximum sentencing. That is why you should contact Carl at Barkemeyer Law Firm. They have experience with Walmart shoplifting cases and can ensure that you are well cared for. Take the time to find the best defense lawyer so that you are protected. 

We hope you now know the consequences for Walmart shoplifting charges. You should now understand the answer to your question what happens if I’m caught shoplifting at Walmart?


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