what happens if you run from a warrant

What Happens if You Run From a Warrant 

If you want to know what happens if you run from a warrant, we are going to tell you. In this article, you will learn what people do to hide and what will happen if you hide or run from a warrant. 

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What is a Warrant 

For those who do not know what a warrant is, it is a document that has been issued by the government. In most cases, your warrant will be issued through the county where the crime was committed. 

A warrant will authorize legal authority, police, to make an arrest on the person with a warrant. They may also search areas and do other actions relating to the crime that the warrant was issued. 

Warrants Are Issued For Different Reasons

Most people will have warrants for small things. If you do not pay fines or tickets, a warrant can be issued for your arrest. Failing to show up in court is another common reason warrants are issued.

 Keep in mind that warrants are going to be issued for cases that are more serious than the ones mentioned above. These types of warrant cases are going to be treated more carefully to ensure that no one gets hurt. 

Types of Warrant 

There are a few warrants that can be issued, we are going to discuss those here. 

Cost Warrant

These are going to be money warrants. This includes any money that you owe the court system. This could be a ticket that you forgot to pay. There could be other costs within the courthouse that have not been paid. 

Bench Warrant

These are going to be issued when someone fails to appear in court. These can also be used if there is a cause that a crime has been committed. 

You will see a bond amount on these warrants in most cases. To clear a warrant like this a walk-through may be all that is needed. In some cases, a judge is needed. 

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Search Warrant

These are going to be given by a judge who has been given evidence that needs more support. This warrant will give officers the right to search an individual area. This could include a property owned by an individual. 

Probable Cause

This is something that will not require a warrant for an arrest. If there is enough evidence and probable cause, you can be arrested on the spot. 

What Not To Do 

You should never ignore a warrant if you know that you have it. They are not going to go away on their own. In most cases, all you will need to do is pay the fine that has not been paid. If you are facing criminal charges, hiring a lawyer will benefit you. 

You will not want to run. This is going to make things worse for you. This includes flying out of state or the country. 

It is advised that you do not turn yourself in until after you have talked to an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can help you determine what route is best for you and how to properly handle the situation. 

Hiding From a Warrant 

It is important to know that hiding from your warrant is also considered evading police. This is going to add an additional charge to your case. Keep in mind that all the things that were mentioned in the last section are only going to work for so long. The police will eventually catch up to you and arrest you.

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Hiring a Lawyer To Handle Any Warrants You’ve Been Issued

The best option you have is hiring an attorney for any type of criminal matter you may be facing. If you are arrested and you have had a warrant issued, you will want to contact an experienced attorney to get a more positive outcome. Hiring an attorney will ensure that you are not receiving maximum charges. You will likely enter a plea deal that is discussed between your lawyer and the prosecution.

You may still face the following:

Jail Time

The time that you serve in jail will be determined by the warrant that is issued. If you are facing severe criminal charges and have been evading police, you are going to see severe punishments. 

If you are being served a warrant based on your late fines, you are not going to see harsh punishments. 

Community Service 


The severity of the fine will be determined by the severity of the crime. 

What Happens if You Run From a Warrant

You now know what happens if you run from a warrant. You are going to face punishment based on your warrant. If you have a warrant for unpaid fines, you are not going to obtain a charge as someone who is running from an active warrant for murder. 

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