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Which DWI Lawyer in Shreveport Should I Hire?

Are you wondering – which DWI Lawyer in Shreveport should I hire in 2024? This is a common question people wonder if they are faced with getting DWI charges in Shreveport or any of the surrounding locations. We are going to try to answer your question while keeping in mind that you will want to find the best DWI lawyer near you in order to have your charges drastically reduced. So read along and let’s start on the topic.

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Our DWI defense law firm defends DUI cases in Shreveport every day.

Are You Being Charged With DWI In Louisiana?

If you are here, you likely are in Shreveport and have been charged with a DUI or you are here looking for advice for someone who is close to you. That is why we are going to help ensure that you know which DUI lawyer you should hire when you or a loved one are facing a DUI charge. Let us get started! 

DWI law firm Louisiana
DWI law firm in Louisiana

Keep In Mind About DUI’s 

When you are talking about a DUI or DWI, you are talking about driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. Most people will assume that alcohol is the only thing that you can be charged with a DUI for. However, you can be charged with a DUI while you are under any substance. This could include narcotics, alcohol, methamphetamines, and more. If you are on any substance and get behind the wheel, you can be charged with a DUI if you are caught.  Let’s continue on which DWI lawyer should I hire 2024.

More Info On Getting A Shreveport DWI And Choosing A Law Firm

When you are at a party with friends and having fun, make sure that you are not having too much fun if you need to drive home. If you find yourself questioning if you should drive after a party, then odds are, you should not drive. 

Before you go to a party or anywhere where you may be consuming alcohol or other substances, ensure that you have a ride home or a plan. Having someone come pick you up instead of driving could save your life or another person’s. If you must, stay the night at a friend’s house so that you can become sober before you drive. This will ensure that you do not need to hire a DUI lawyer. 

If you do happen to get a DUI charge, you should ensure that you know what to look for in a lawyer. You will need to hire a lawyer to help ensure that you are not facing the harshest punishment possible. Look below to find out some of the most helpful tips when finding a DWI lawyer or criminal defense attorney.

Looking For a DUI Lawyer in Shreveport 

Driving under the influence charges are serious. This is especially true if you are facing a second or third offense. In fact, if you are a repeat offender, the charges are going to become more serious each time. In this section we will talk about how you can find the right lawyer in your area. This will help ease your mind when you are likely already over the place with the pending charges. 

best criminal defense attorney in Louisiana
Carl Barkemeyer has been rated the best DWI lawyer in the Shreveport Louisiana area year after year!

How To Find The Best DWI Attorney In Shreveport

  1. Reviews 
    1. You want to look on the website of the DWI lawyer you are thinking about hiring. If you are going through a law firm, look at the individual reviews and the business reviews. This will help ensure that you are getting the best lawyer possible. 
    2. You do not want to have a lawyer that does not have experience with DUI cases. If they do not have experience, how are they going to help you win your case? Exactly, that is why you need to look at reviews from people who have utilized this law firm or lawyer. 
    3. Keep in mind that not everyone can have the perfect case. Just because the lawyer does not get you off with zero charges, they are going to try their best. Each case is different and that is why you need to keep an open mind while reading reviews. 
  2. Recommendations
    1. If you know people, you likely can get recommendations. First-hand recommendations will be better than online reviews. Online reviews can be biased. However, when you talk to someone in person, they are going to tell you, their experience. They can help you determine if the lawyer is worth looking into or not. 
    2. After all, no one will recommend someone who has not helped them. If they have not been satisfied with their experience, they are not going to tell you that they liked them. 
  3. Better Business Bureau 
    1. If you are concerned about a law firm, look up their ratings on the BBB or Better Business Bureau. This rating will allow you to confirm your suspicions or put them down. This is where a company is rated based on their success. This is something that is accurate based on the statistics of the company.
  4. First-Hand Testimonials 
    1. You can likely find first-hand testimonials. These are likely found on the lawyer’s website. However, you can find them on other websites as well. Take the time to look at these. These testimonials are from people who have used this law firm or lawyer. The testimonials that are on the website should be double-checked with other websites to ensure they are not paid actors. If a company is confident and successful, their testimonials will not be paid for. 
  5. Ask Questions 
    1. When you are thinking about hiring a lawyer for a DUI charge, you need to ask questions during the consultation. The consultation will be your chance for answers. Ask about what they can do to help you. Ask about what process they use and how they plan to help your specific case. 
    2. A good lawyer will be able to tell you how they want to approach this and some of the steps that will be taken to aid your case. If you do not like what their process looks like, ask if they have another plan. If they do not, maybe they are not the right lawyer for you. 
  6. Talk About Costs 
    1. This is something that should be talked about during the consultation. Keep in mind that you can find lawyers that have free or low-cost consultations. This will help ensure that you are not wasting money that could be put down on a lawyer. 
    2. A good lawyer will talk you through the costs and process during a consultation. This is where you will need to ask about pricing and other items you may need to know. Ask about their rates and how long this process will take. 

Why You Need An Attorney For Driving While Intoxicated Charges

If you are facing charges of a DUI, then you must hire a DUI or DWI lawyer. This is going to help ensure that you are facing the lightest punishment possible. It is especially important to hire a DUI lawyer if you are a repeat offender as these charges are harsher than a first-time offender. 

A DUI lawyer can help ensure that you are listened to. They are going to look at all the evidence and try to make the best out of an unpleasant situation. Keep in mind that your lawyer should keep you informed every step of the way. 

A good DUI lawyer will have excellent communication skills so that you are not left in the dark. The whole purpose is to help you, that is why a good DUI lawyer needs to have excellent communication. Without communication, a plan put into place by your lawyer may fall through if you are not informed. 

Things That May Happen When Charged With a DUI In Shreveport LA

If you are charged with a driving under the influence, there are a few things that may happen. You will likely be arrested or detained if your blood alcohol content or BAC is higher than the legal limit. Do not panic. You should remain calm and use your rights. You do not have to speak. In fact, you should remain silent until you have a lawyer in your presence. This will ensure that you are not saying anything that could come off as incriminating. Keep in mind that what you say can be used against you. 

You will likely get a bail that will not be too high. However, you will still be facing a DUI charge. That is where you need to have a lawyer present. They are going to be your best bet at beating this charge. If you cannot beat the charge, you will have a less harsh punishment. 

Keep in mind that your lawyer may want you to start attending classes for rehabilitation from whatever substance was in your system at the time of the arrest. This will help you look better in court, and it may even help you out in the long run. Attending these classes if it is suggested by your lawyer is critical because a judge may order you to take those classes as a part of your sentence. 

Wrapping Up: Which DWI Lawyer In Shreveport Should I Hire 2024

In Shreveport, you need to ensure that you have the best DWI lawyer on your side. That is why you should listen to all the advice given above. Once you have done that, you will find that Barkemeyer Law Firm has the best DWI lawyers around.

Barkemeyer Law Firm is experienced and we know what to do to ensure that you are receiving the best possible outcome from a sticky situation. With our years of experience, you have nothing to be worried about when you contact Barkemeyer Law Firm. Let us help you in your time of need. We always keep you up to date about your case and what is happening. Take the time to contact us today for a consultation! 

You should now have a better understanding of finding the best DWI attorney in Shreveport LA. This now concludes our article on which DWI lawyer in Shreveport should I hire 2024 and we wish you luck!


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