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Who is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge?

If you have been arrested or received a summons, you might like to know the answer to this question. However, there is no good answer. The best criminal defense attorney for your case is an attorney whom you feel comfortable with because you think he is experienced and knowledgeable. He may be the best for you because he seems to care about your situation and wants to help. Maybe you appreciate an attorney that doesn’t make promises and talks to you straight up.  He may be the best for you because he is easy to talk to and he explains things well so you can understand.  The bottom line is that the best attorney for you may not be the best attorney for someone else, even for the same charge.  Television has over-glamorized criminal defense. There are many portrayals of criminal defense on shows like Law and Order that don’t even occur in real life.  There is hardly any emphasis on the value of the attorney-client communication.  However, that is the most important aspect. To find the best attorney for you, just talk to them and see how you feel.

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Who Is the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge?

Let’s say you’ve been charged for a crime and you need a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to represent you in court. You also want to have the best, and the question you keep asking is “who is the best criminal defense attorney?”. It’s understandable for you to want to ask this question we all want the best after all, but you must know that question has no definite answer for so many reasons.

There are over 2 million active lawyers in the United States of America and you a good number as well in Baton Rouge, and you are wondering just how to get the best. Yes, we know they all can’t be great, and they all can’t be the best as well. It’s harder knowing who the best attorney is.

When it comes to choosing a criminal defense attorney, there were things to put into consideration and things to know to get the attorney best for you. These include:

1. You Need to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for You

That’s right. You have to find one good for you because it here isn’t a general best. We understand you want the best representation possible, but the lawyer best for you would give you that as well and meet up to your case and needs in and out of court.

You will be needing a lawyer who can understand your case and understand your explanations. One who knows what you’re about to say and would judge you as they help in explaining your options in details to you. You need a lawyer would also be a good adviser and enough you feel at ease with, that makes it easier to completely open up to them. You need one who knows a lot about your case and is confident in your representation.

2. You Need an Attorney with Experience

Experience is very important when it comes to hiring an attorney as not all of them are, and lawyer differs from one another in areas and specialization. So, you need a lawyer who is specialized in criminal defense than a lawyer who practices all kinds of law. If you have a case that has to do with drugs, you don’t have to call a family lawyer as you need a lawyer who is well experienced in that part of law such as a drug charge lawyer. There are criminal defense attorneys here in Baton Rouge to fit your case as well as other attorneys for other fields as well.

3. Find Out More About Their Firm

The firm of an attorney says a lot about them and their ability to handle the case as a good representation works when there is a good team behind them. The job can’t be for one person alone.

So, to find the best criminal defense attorney, you need to know that even if he is sick, his team would do a lot to make sure the case runs as smoothly so you wouldn’t be subjected to total unrest.

4. Always Refer Inquires

A good criminal defense attorney would have years of experience in court as well as good references. They also have a good reputation, and you can ask people for recommendations as well. Other people you can ask GM for reference includes their past clients for their experience. You must know that they don’t have to win all their cases as that is very impossible, but they have a reasonable number of wins nonetheless.

A good defense attorney would also have a good reputation amongst other attorneys so you can always ask other attorneys for their take and get a recommendation as well. These attorneys don’t have to be criminal defense attorneys or drug charge attorneys to get the right recommendation.

5. Good Attorneys Don’t Give You Guarantees

If you didn’t know this, now you do. Good attorneys do not give you guarantees. They can be confident, but that’s about it. Confidence is a good trait to look forward to in a lawyer as you don’t want one fidgeting in the court of law. But know that a result is not guaranteed even if they try their very best.

Why? This is easily because the law is uncertain, and even the best criminal defense attorney on earth can have a bad day, and that day might be yours. In a situation you lose your case, there is always the option for appeal attorneys. A good lawyer would know this and wouldn’t promise you anything.

So, this is why it is advisable to take you time when looking for a lawyer but do not waste a lot of time because a charge is not something you can joke about with.

6. A Good Attorney Tells You the Truth

When you have been arrested by the police, it is important that you have a good criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge close to you immediately.  Under no condition should you speak to the authorities without one present. After you have gotten the attorney, he or she tries to see the facts of the case. The attorney listens to what you have to say. It is important that you talk to the attorney truthfully. Under no condition should you hide anything from your attorney because surprises can ruin your case. Say everything that happened, whether you are guilty or not. Don’t be scared.  Your Baton Rouge criminal defense attorney would tell anyone anything. The attorney will also speak to the authorities, and read the evidence that would be brought against you.  It is the job of your attorney to be truthful to you. He tells you if there are witnesses that can testify for you.

Facing a criminal charge is a worrying prospect. It is not something to take lightly. It is absolutely important that you get the best help you can if you hope to get the best outcome you can. It is important to get the best criminal defense lawyer, and you need to know well about your options, so don’t let anyone pressure you.

So, Who Is the Best Defense Attorney in Baton Rouge?

That being said, it is known that what works for you it might not work for someone else and there is no best criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge, but there are several good ones who would do their best for you. A good example is Carl Barkemeyer, criminal defense attorney.

They work hand in hand with you and keep you updated on whatever turn your case has taken. They try their best to get your charges completely dropped or reduced to a minimum as much as possible.

We believe in transparency and are open to any questions you might have. We also ask your questions to help you with your case. We work side by side with investigators to get all the necessary information we can and do our best to help you in and out of court. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a resident or just visiting here in Baton Rouge and you need a good criminal defense attorney, why not contact Carl Barkemeyer today?

If you need help with your criminal case in Baton Rouge or surrounding areas, contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm at (225) 964-6720.


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