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Will A Lawyer Turn You In?

You may be weary telling a criminal lawyer everything because you may feel like they are going to turn you in. However, in most cases, they are not going to turn you in. A lawyer must have all the information possible to better serve you and your case. The more you tell, the more information the lawyer has to go off of. 

Can A Lawyer Really Turn You In Or Are You Worrying About Nothing?

In short terms, no but yes. There are legal protections that are put in place for this instance. It is to ensure that the communication between the criminal defendant and lawyers are confidential. You should feel comfortable talking to your lawyer or representative. Keep in mind that this does have limitations. Keep reading to learn about the rights and when a lawyer may have to breach these rights. 


A rule of thumb that is followed is that a client can refuse to tell any confidential information. They are also allowed to prevent other people from disclosing any confidential information. This is a privilege that a client has.

A lawyer or attorney cannot breach this in many instances because he or she encourages the client to tell the entire story during a consultation. This means that the client is more obligated to tell their lawyer all the events that happened to end them up in this situation. 

As long as the conversations and any communication that is done is to secure an opinion from a legal representative, legal service, or any assistance in the legal proceedings that are to follow; the lawyer is not allowed to turn in their client. 

The Exception

There is an exception to this rule stated above. This is when the conversation is used to commit a crime or commit fraud. Another instance is if the conversation is used to further an existing crime or fraud. These are not covered under the rule stated above. It is no longer a client-attorney confidential privilege. For example, if the client is trying to use the service of the lawyer or attorney and is trying to commit a crime, the legal representative is required to disclose this information. This is done to ensure that another crime or fraud is not happening. 

Keep in mind that these vary from state to state. Some states will disclose information that prevents someone from becoming injured or prevent death. Some states will require that a lawyer discloses information to prevent or fix a financial or fraud crime. 

Other Instances 

You may believe that a lawyer can turn you in where there are warrants issued. Again, a lawyer cannot turn you in if you go to speak to them about the case. This is another client privilege that you have. Keep in mind, a lawyer may recommend that you turn yourself in with their representation. However, the lawyer cannot turn you in without your consent. 

You Are Entitle To Legal Representation

Everyone is entitled to legal representation. Most people will look for lawyers. However, many people will defend themselves or have a public defender. Public defenders have the same client privileges as well. However, it is best to have a defense lawyer at your side. A defense lawyer is going to do the following to help you.


A lawyer is going to investigate the case and obtain information. They are going to obtain information from the defense and prosecution. The lawyer will determine what type of case it is and how to handle it. 

Make a Case

You must have a case presented against you in order to be in this situation. A lawyer is going to create a case that disproves the prosecution’s case. This will be where you can see plea deals and other arrangements being made. 

Help You Make Decisions

A lawyer is going to help you remain calm and less stressed than if you were to represent yourself. This means that they are going to help you make informed decisions as well. With information given to you and everything explained, you are going to be given options and your lawyer will discuss all these options with you. 


When you are working on a case or your case is active, it is a stressful time. This means that you are not going to be level-headed. In many cases where people represent themselves, they are not able to keep their composure. That is why a lawyer is there to help look at this information with you and explain it. Plus, the lawyers are going to be the ones that are going to be speaking to the prosecution. 

Wrapping Up: Will A Lawyer Turn You In?

If you are facing any charges, it is best to have an educated and experienced lawyer by your side. That is why you should give the Barkemeyer Law Firm a call today. We can set up a consultation and determine how to best serve you.  You can also view our criminal attorney’s practice areas to see if you should give him a call.

We hope you now understand the answer to your question can a lawyer turn you in and wish you luck with your case.


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