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Will I Need to Go to Rehab After a DUI in Louisiana?

Are you wondering – will I need to go to rehab after a DUI in Louisiana? This post will explain everything you need to know on the topic. Read on to learn more.

Imagine This Common Scenario

One evening, you were out with friends celebrating passing the Bar after three grueling years in law school. After this huge celebration, you had one too many drinks because your study group dared you keep drinking even when you knew it was a bad idea.

You drove home a long time later thinking you were fine only to have a cop pull you over and accuse you of weaving.  After the cop informed you you had to take a Breathalyzer and do other field sobriety tests, he said your BAC was over the limit. In addition to this, the police officer informed you that you failed a few other balance tests. He arrests you and charges you with DUI, and your car is impounded while you get to spend the night in jail. 

After The Initial Shock Wears Off You Seek Out Help

After the initial shock has worn off and you’re home, you think you cannot afford legal representation. You conveniently call a friend who is newly a criminal attorney and hope she can represent you. Now, the friend has never represented a single client in a DUI case, so she doesn’t know the ever-changing laws. With drastic penalties that could include jail time, you don’t want to try to learn the law at the same time things need to be filed or scheduled or arranged. That’s why it’s prudent to call a DUI lawyer in Louisiana who is experienced enough to know what the laws are and what changes have occurred, so you have someone in the know working hard for you.

Here are some common questions you may be wondering about DUI’s:

Why are DUI charges so serious?

When you are charged with a DWI or DUI (driving under the influence) and another person dies because one driver was drunk, they will usually be charged with vehicular manslaughter on top of the DUI charge. To try to prevent future deaths, the court goes hard on these cases.

What happens after a first offense DUI?

Not all states treat first offense DUIs the same. You’d be surprised. Many will require the driver to pay fines or lose their license for a few months, both hardships if you’re not expecting it. Some states will require jail time for first-time offenders, and the lengths they’re required to stay vary.

what should I do if pulled over for DUI DWI?
What should I do if pulled over for DUI DWI?

Is rehab mandatory with a DUI charge?

Some states may allow you to regain your license and right to drive but you have to first complete a rehab program. It would either be the choice of a rehab program or jail, so you have to decide. For most, they prefer a rehab program.

You may think it’s a waste of time, but you may gain something valuable if you go to rehab, and it’s much more pleasant than jail. Even if the court does not mandate it, consider going to get some help. If you do, the court will take that into consideration when determining your sentence length. If you do need help, you can get it, and perhaps you won’t drink and drive in the future to avoid such a scary legal hassle. 

Here are some benefits of attending rehab after a DUI:

If one has been drinking for a long time, they may show physical addiction signs of tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance goes up as they need to drink more to achieve the same effect. Withdrawal may happen hours or even days when a person just stops drinking, which could be harmful. 

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms Include Many Things

Alcohol addiction symptoms can include nausea, anxiety, agitation, and hallucinations. Rehab not only treats the physical effects of the withdrawal, but the addiction treatment tries to help the patient understand why they abuse alcohol. It helps those achieve and maintain sobriety. People in rehab programs are shown tools so they can manage their addiction during and after treatment with a greater chance of long-term success.

Outpatient Options for Treatment After a DUI

The treatment options available for outpatients provides a structured setting to get help for alcohol addiction without being admitted the regular way in a facility. An outpatient program requires patients to come during the daytime treatment hours. Afterward, the person can return to their normal routines so that their entire life isn’t disrupted by their treatment.

Rehab Programs Can Be Intensive

DUI rehab programs that are outpatient can be quite intensive and provide the structure and support needed to address addiction. Patients learn proper coping skills so they can manage it. One can expect several therapeutic approaches, such as group therapy, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, family therapy, and a holistic treatment approach. 

Contact A Seasoned DUI Lawyer Like Carl Barkemeyer Criminal Defense Attorney

As you can see, attending a DUI program if you’re having trouble controlling your drinking can certainly help you to curb this dangerous behavior before you not only hurt someone, but face jail time and even a felony conviction and job loss. It’s worth it to contact a seasoned DUI lawyer in Louisiana such as Carl Barkemeyer. Keep that in mind as well as that they can take a lot of stress off of you in the long run.

You can set up a consultation with Carl Barkemeyer here or view his e-book on DWI in Louisiana.


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