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7 Qualities to Look for in a Lawyer Before Hiring

Did you know the lawyer population is 15% higher than it was 10 years ago? There are now over 1,338,678 lawyers in the country. If you’re looking for a single person to defend your case, the search can feel a little overwhelming.

Focusing on the right skill set can help you find the lawyer who is right for the job.

Here are the seven lawyer skills you need to search for in an attorney. By finding a lawyer with this skill set, you’ll have the peace of mind that they can handle your case.

Otherwise, the lawyer you choose might do more harm than good.

Start your search by focusing on these qualities of a good lawyer!

1. Excellent Communication Skills

First, you want to make sure to find a lawyer with good communication skills. This is possibly one of the most important lawyer skills to look for. If your Louisiana lawyer can’t communicate properly, how will they argue your case?

It’s your lawyer’s job to convince a courtroom of juries and judges to vote in your favor. A lawyer who lacks communication skills will fail to make their case. If they’re not articulate, they might confuse the jury instead of successfully appealing to them. 

Those excellent communication skills should appear on paper, too.

Lawyers need to write clearly and concisely. They’re expected to produce a variety of legal documents for the sake of your case. If they can’t communicate persuasion on the page, they might fail to help you. 

Projection isn’t the key here. Rather, a good lawyer should have good listening skills and the ability to analyze the situation. They’ll also need those listening skills to follow a complex testimony or expert witness’ statement.

Then, they can use those listening and communication skills to make your case. 

2. Research and Analytical Skills

The study and practice of law require absorbing large amounts of information quickly. As a result, good lawyer skills require the ability to research, analyze, and understand this information. Your lawyer should successfully distill that information into a manageable, logical statement for the sake of your case. 

Some cases move faster than others. If your lawyer is on a tight time limit, they’ll need to use their research skills to maximize their time. The ability to research quickly and effectively will help your lawyer develop a stronger case.

Then, they can use their research to prepare a stronger legal strategy.

In some cases, there’s more than one reasonable conclusion your attorney can choose from. They’ll need to know how to use the facts at hand to make a strong conclusion that supports your case. 

A lawyer should also use their analytical skills to consider different solutions to a situation.

With strong evaluative skills, your lawyer can provide you with different options with your best interests in mind. 

3. Ethics and Good Judgement

Between 2018 and 2028, the job outlook for lawyers is expected to grow by 6%. That’s faster than average for other jobs in the country. However, not every lawyer is made equal.

For example, not every lawyer will prioritize ethics.

Some legal proceedings can make people question their moral values. Try to look for a lawyer who has the same moral beliefs you do. You’ll feel more comfortable working with a lawyer who demonstrates integrity if you believe ethics is important. 

Otherwise, you might end up working with someone who uses dishonest means to win your case. 

Prioritize lawyer skills like good judgment, too. A Louisiana lawyer with good judgment will have the ability to draw reasonable conclusions despite limited information. They’ll recognize weak points in the opposition’s defense that they can use to your case’s advantage. 

4. Empathy

Does the lawyer you’re interested in care about you or their winning streak? When looking into different lawyers, make sure to find someone who remains empathetic about your situation. 

Your lawyer should demonstrate high emotional intelligence. They’ll know how to find the balance between remaining responsible for the outcome of your case and displaying empathy toward the people involved. 

If they don’t understand the mental and emotional needs of their clients, they’ll fail to step up when help is needed. 

5. Perseverance

When choosing a lawyer, make sure to work with someone who is committed to your case. They shouldn’t feel motivated by a paycheck. Instead, their perseverance and commitment should relate back to your best interests. 

Make sure they have the drive to commit themselves to defend your best interests.

6. People Skills

Law isn’t abstract. It requires a lot of communicating and connecting with other human beings. If your lawyer lacks people skills, they might fail to appeal to a jury.

At the end of the day, it’s a lawyer’s job to work with people, not paper. They also need to have the attorney skills to work on your behalf. If they don’t understand your needs, how will they successfully represent your best interests?

The decisions your lawyer makes could affect your life and the lives of others.

When researching different lawyer qualities, look for someone with strong people skills. The right Baton Rouge lawyer for you will know how to read other people. They’ll also appear personable and persuasive.

These lawyer skills will make it easier for your lawyer to gauge juror reactions. Their ability to read people will also make it easier for them to recognize a dishonest witness. 

Then, they can determine the best approach for your case

7. Creativity

The top lawyers in the industry are also creative individuals. It’s not enough to think analytically, logically, or ethically. Sometimes, a lawyer has to think outside the box to discover the best problem-solving solution. 

The best solution isn’t always the obvious one. A creative lawyer will keep looking until they find an ideal solution to your situation. Otherwise, the lawyer you work with might use cookie-cutter arguments, which won’t necessarily win your case.

Make a Case: 7 Top Lawyer Skills to Look for in a Winner

Ready to make and win your case? Focus on these seven top lawyer skills. By finding a Louisiana lawyer with these qualities, you’ll have peace of mind you’re choosing the right person for your case.

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