Access Device Fraud Charges Louisiana

Access Device Fraud Charges Louisiana

Louisiana Access Device Fraud Lawyer

Access Device Fraud Attorneys In Louisiana

Hire access device fraud attorneys in Louisiana if you are facing access device fraud charges.  When it comes to criminal defense, our attorneys offer strong representation in all areas of criminal law, including access device fraud.

What Is Access Device Fraud?

Most of you may be wondering what access device fraud is. This is where you will learn what it is and how it is tried. You will also want to take note that access device fraud is a widespread problem throughout the United States today. In fact, there were over nine million people who had their identities stolen last year alone. Just because you live in Louisiana, does not mean that you are not going to face this problem. Therefore, you must educate yourself before it happens to you. 

How Is Access Device Fraud Tried? 

You will see that these types of crimes generally will be handled in the state that the fraud occurred. However, if it is a much larger fraud crime, it may become a national means. If you are found guilty of fraud in different states, it may turn into a federal crime. 

If your fraud account has gone to a federal case, then you will have the FBI and even the Secret Service looking into this case. They will be the ones investigating the case. However, it does not happen too often where fraud cases are charged as a federal crime. 

According to Louisiana Law 

Louisiana has listed these rules to help define access device fraud. These are the rules that will help people better understand what it is and how to avoid it. 

1) You cannot transfer an access device to another person without receiving permission. You may also not transfer an access device with intent to use for fraud. 

2) No one can possess an access device without prior and proper authorization. No one may possess them with the intent to steal identities. 

3) You may not obtain or make counterfeit access devices. You may not carry any equipment used to make counterfeit access devices. 

Access Device Fraud Charges In Louisiana

You will notice that Louisiana does not mess around with fraud or fraud cases. They take their fraud cases seriously. This means that penalties are harsh and long. Plus, if you are convicted of fraud, your future may be at stake as well. 

Just remember, the more that is taken, the harsher the penalties will be. This is something that will never be erased from your permanent record either. This could cause difficulties getting a job or even going to college. Let us talk about some of the penalties that go with access device fraud. 

Punishments/Penalties/Charges For Access Device Fraud

The more that is taken, the more you will be charged with. In this section we will discuss the penalties for fraud crimes in the state of Louisiana. 

1) If you take 25,000 dollars or less, you may be facing a maximum sentence of twenty years. You may also find yourself with a fine worth up to 50,000 dollars. In certain cases, both may be charged. A judge may also sentence you to hard labor as well. 

2) If you have taken less than 25,000 dollars but more than 5,000 dollars you will face a ten-year prison sentence. You will likely also find a fine as well that could be up to ten thousand dollars. A judge may or may not sentence hard labor to your sentence as well. 

3) If you have stolen more than one thousand dollars but less than five thousand, you may see five years of prison. You may also find a three thousand dollar fine as well. In this instance, hard labor can still be put to your sentence. 

4) If more than five hundred dollars is stolen but less than one thousand is stolen, you will see about six months in prison with a find that is up to five hundred dollars. You will not see hard labor in this sentence. 

If there has been a previous sentence of fraud, you can expect an additional two years to your sentence and an additional amount in fines. 

Hiring An Attorney Is Crucial

You must have a good defense attorney if you have been charged with access device fraud. This is a complicated topic that only the best and most experienced attorneys should deal with. Contacting Barkemeyer Law Firm might help you save your permanent record and your wallet. You will have the best by your side, and they will be looking to help you out of your sticky situation. 

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