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theft lawyerWhen it comes to theft charges, it is important that you bear in mind that it could either be a felony or misdemeanor and this depends on the exact value of the item that has been stolen. While most people may overlook theft as a minor issue, it is important that you do not view it as such. Depending on the value or worth of the item that is stolen, an offender may be sentenced to prison for a couple of months or even years. When charged with a theft case in Louisiana, defendants will have to take preventive measures to ensure that they do not have to spend even a second behind bars. Their best bet is to hire a theft lawyer early on it the process.

To help you handle all your theft cases, there are a couple of things you should take to heart when it comes to handling a theft case.

1. What Is the Definition of Theft

According to the laws of the United States and the state of Louisiana, theft is simply defined as the act of taking something that belongs to someone without their consent or through fraudulent means. In addition, the object or item that is taken must be taken with the intent of keeping it away from the owner permanently. In simpler terms, the laws of the state clearly mandate that individuals who take an object without the consent of the rightful owners will be classified as offenders.

In the state and also in some of the other states of the country, every object is subject to theft and that is why there are separate penalties to be meted out to those who violate this law. For example, under the laws of the state, offenders are faced with special penalties when they steal certain items like livestock, firearms, utilities and oil, alligators, etc.

2. What Is Classified as Theft by Law?

Going by the laws of the state, theft is considered as misappropriation or the taking of an object that does not belong to you either without consent or permission from the owner. It could also be said to mean the taking of an item that does not belong to you through fraudulent means or practices. It is important that you remember that it is classified as theft if it is taken without the consent of the owner and with the intent of not returning it permanently.

As mentioned earlier, depending on the worth or value of the stolen item, an offender may be required by the presiding judge to spend a couple of years behind bars. To ensure that you do not get to spend time in jail, there are certain measures you have to take. First, you need to hire the services of a well-trained Baton Rouge theft lawyer who would represent you in court. While hiring a lawyer is important for your case, it is equally important that you hire one that is experienced and well-trained. An experienced defense attorney will be able to come up with tactics and practices that will ensure that you walk out a free man.

3. What Exactly Is the Theft of Goods?

Basically, theft of goods refers according to the laws of the state is the misappropriation or the taking of goods that are designed to be sold by a merchant. This simply means that theft of goods is taking goods from a merchant without his consent or through a fraudulent means. In other words, if an individual takes something from a store without the consent of the owner, he or she has violated this law and will be punished duly.

Theft of goods can happen when an individual;

1. When an individual intentionally conceals or hides a product either on himself or on another person without the consent of the merchant.

2. When an individual intentionally places a product or good in a separate container, wrapping, or package without the consent of the merchant.

3. When an individual intentionally alters or falsifies the amount written on a product or goods.

4. When an individual intentionally removes the price tag on a product with the intent to deceive the merchant.

5. When an individual intentionally damages or consumes a product with the intent of rendering it unsellable.

4. How Can A Baton Rouge Theft Lawyer Help You

When it comes to theft cases in the state and others, it is important that you protect yourself by hiring the services of a well-trained and experienced defense attorney who’d represent and appeal your case in court. As mentioned earlier, it is important that you remember that a theft case would definitely not take care of itself, you have to handle it if you want to avoid spending time behind bars.

One of the best things to do to ensure that you or your loved ones do not have to spend time in jail, you need to hire the services of an experienced and well-trained theft lawyer to represent your case in court.

While most people may not actually know, spending time in jail will have a negative effect on your life.

For example, when convicted, the information is sent to the local newspaper and is published. This means that employers, banks, and insurance companies will have access to this information. This may affect your chances of getting that loan your credit score qualifies you for. If you’ve always wanted insurance coverage for you and your kids, this could have a devastating effect on your chances of getting that cover. To prevent these negative effects of spending time behind bars, it is only best that you hire the services of a well-trained and experienced defense attorney to represent your case in court.

5. The Best Defense Attorney in Louisiana

While there are a number of criminal defense attorneys in the state, you want one with the theft charge knowledge and experience to represent you in court once you are arrested or receive a summons. Carl Barkemeyer may be the best attorney In Louisiana for your theft charge. He is extremely an experienced defense attorney is currently offering his services to all theft case defendants in the state.


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