Common Mistakes Do People Make During The Arrest In A Drug Case

Common Mistakes People Make During the Arrest Phase in A Drug Case in Louisiana

The greatest mistake you would ever make during the arrest phase of your drug case, is to wait till you get to court before getting an attorney. You actually need an attorney immediately you are arrested, so he or she will know how to help you from the very beginning. Delay can be very dangerous in this regard, as attorneys can make a very big difference in a case at the beginning. They also plan their strategies early enough to ensure that you get reduced charges.

Crime happens everywhere in the world, Louisiana inclusive. The only difference is that the crime rate differs from place to place; it may be high in some places, and low in some other places. One of such crimes could be a drug case. A drug case is almost inevitable, as it happens often.

Now, if someone should be arrested for a drug case, there are common mistakes made during the arrest phase, which should totally be avoided, as such mistakes can implicate you further. What are these common mistakes?

Before we go into the mistakes, you have to know that they are called “common” because most people make them. Well, here they are:

Talking to the police

This one is the first on the list. Most people try to talk to the police to get them to reason with them. They try to tell or convince the police that they have been wrongly accused or didn’t commit the crime. They may go to the extent of admitting they did a few things and leaving out the bad things. They tell their story in a confused state, and this is not good at all. Remember that you cannot take back what you say to the police. This is why you need to be very careful when talking to the police. It is best not to talk to them at all.

Admitting to the possession of drugs

The police can be very tactful, tricky, and cunny. They have a way of making people say what they did not intend to say, or what that never actually planned to say. You just find yourself spilling it out. It is not bad though, as it is part of their trainings. No matter how they pressurize you, never admit to the possession of drugs. They may tell you that once you admit, your charges will be lighter. Do not listen to them. If you do, you will be incriminating yourself and getting yourself into further trouble. In this regard, in anything you do, do not admit to the possession of drugs. Even if actually, you are in possession of drugs, DO NOT admit.

Convincing the complaining witness

This is a very wrong thing to do. At the arrest stage, the convicted may try to talk to the complaining victim or witness, to convince them to drop the charges against them. They may even offer money. Bear in mind that it is a very bad idea, and it can get you to even greater trouble. There are different crime rules in different states; in some states, charges cannot be dropped, not even by the person that called the attention of the police to the crime in question. If you are unlucky, the person may tell the police that you tried to convince them to drop their charges. Then, you will be convicted again, alongside your present crime, for “Tampering with a Witness.”

Waiting for a miracle to happen

You don’t just sit around, waiting for a miracle to happen. You push it and help yourself. Do not assume that charges will not be picked up against you, whether or not you’re guilty. This is another costly mistake to make, as you will end up regretting it in the long run. You should get an attorney to help you provide information that will help. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Baton Rouge can help in this regard.

Consenting to a search

Again, this is a mistake you need to avoid. Well, most people allow the police or investigator to search them without a search warrant. Legally, it is right that investigators should ask for your permission before searching you or anything belonging to you, such as your house, vehicle, documents, and other properties. Bear in mind that it is not compulsory that you consent to a search. You do not have to let them cajole or coax you into a search.

If you allow them to carry out a search on you, remember that any evidence found will be used against you, and in this regard, you cannot challenge or dispute it in court. A drug attorney in Baton Rouge will help you avoid unfair treatment from the police or investigator. Also, the help includes the fact that you will not be searched by the police without a legal search warrant.

Talking to Friends

While this one seems right, it may be a very bad idea. If the friend you want to talk to is not an experienced lawyer or attorney, then there may be no need, as your friends may offer advice which may turn out to be very bad. The only person you need to speak to is a professional attorney. At least, you will be sure that everything will be handled properly. A criminal lawyer in Baton Rouge may be a good option for you at this stage.

Having Your Loved Ones Talk to The Police Without an Attorney Nearby

This should be on top of your list immediately you are caught by the police. When your family or friends talk to the officers, they may end up saying incriminating things. They may end up saying words that show that you are guilty. As much as you can, you want it seem like you didn’t know that the drugs existed. You want them to act like you were framed. Try not to act like they act think you are guilty. If they can, let them act like they are shocked. This will work in your advantage. If they must talk without the attorney around, let them deny that you knew of the existence of the drugs.

Don’t say anything else about the drugs. The police officer may want you to say other things, in a bid to incriminate you. The officer may try to provoke you to say words that you will regret saying. No matter the psychological tricks they try to play on you, keep mute. It helps your chances.

We acknowledge the fact the arrest stage in a drug case or any other crime at all, can be very challenging. The convicted becomes very confused and has a lot of things running through his mind. So many ideas may pop in, and you begin to look for what to do or say. However, in anything you are doing or saying, never make these common mistakes people make during the arrest phase in a drug case. Just be calm and calculated.

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Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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