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Arrested For Shoplifting- What Should I Do? 

“Arrested for shoplifting what should I do?” This is a common statement made by those in situations where they’ve been apprehended for leaving a store with an un-purchased item. Sometimes this happens by accident. Other times it is intentional.

Whatever your situation may be, we will look at this topic thoroughly and offer suggestions on what you should do if you are ever arrested for shoplifting.

arrested for shoplifting at walmart what do I do
Arrested for shoplifting at Walmart?

Arrested For Shoplifting – What You Need To Do

If someone is arrested for shoplifting, there are a few things that should be done. We are going to talk about the process and what should be done during each process. This will help you better understand what to do if you end up in this situation. Let us talk about the first part, the arrest. 

Being Arrested For Shoplifting

Those who are arrested are often found with sizable items in a major retail store. These stores, such as Walmart and Target, are equipped with the latest technologies and CCTV security systems. It happens frequently that people are arrested for shoplifting. Plus, the staff is always monitoring on security cameras. This makes it hard to steal anything. In fact, many companies hire people to act as shoppers to see if someone is shoplifting. 

After You Get Caught

If you are caught stealing, the security in the store or police will usually wait until you leave the store to intervene. This is when it is a civil situation, and the manager or security will politely ask the person to come back to their office with them. 

Before The Police Arrive

It is at this point that you will be talked to. It is likely that the police are on their way. You will be asked to give your statement. You will do this in many different forms. There is an oral statement and a written statement. They are trying to get you to commit to doing the crime. 

If you are in this position, they will likely threaten you. They will threaten to call the police if a statement is not given. They will threaten to even press charges. Just remember that they are going to call the police no matter what is said and done. You should not fill out a statement. Just wait for the police to arrive. 

When the police arrive at the scene, they are going to give you what is known as a citation. This looks much like a ticket. They will let you leave and no more questions. However, there are instances where people are arrested and taken to the station. In those instances, there are generally substantial amounts stolen or there was something else involved. 

After Being Arrested 

There is usually a decent amount of time between the day you were arrested and the day you have to appear in court. In fact, it is usually about a month. It is at this time that you want to ensure you have the best defense lawyer around. Laws are strict and you need to ensure that you are not penalized. This is especially true if you are innocent. 


If there is a court case for shoplifting, you will be in a criminal court case. There are three things that you could be charged with. 

  1. The first thing that you could be charged with is petty theft. This is where less than 950 dollars’ worth of items were taken. 
  2. The second thing that you can be charged with is grand left. This is where the items or money is taken was over 950 dollars. At this point, it could be considered a felony charge. This will have much worse consequences than that of petty theft.
  3. The last thing that you may be charged with is burglary. This is when the person intended to commit theft ahead of time. For example, someone had it planned that they were going to go in and steal this number of items from this store and how. 
walmart self checkout
Shoplifting at Walmart Self-Checkout.

Punishment When Arrested For Shoplifting

Those who are caught for the first time may spend up to six months in jail. They may also be forced to pay a fine of up to one thousand dollars. The biggest problem with shoplifting is that it does not have the harshest punishments, but it does have consequences. 

PRO TIP: Learn all about Walmart shoplifting laws and Target shoplifting laws to better understand what may happen in your situation!

  • It can make it difficult to find an employer willing to hire someone with a shoplifting charge. 
  • May cause getting a place to live difficult. 
  • Put restrictions on scholarships. 

Wrapping Up: Arrested For Shoplifting – What Should I Do?

Having a shoplifting charge on your record is not good and there are some important steps you should take in this situation. That is why you should hire the best shoplifting defense attorney in the area. Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney is ready to handle your case and help save your future. Take a look at all of his practice areas and contact him when you can.

Just because you did this now does not mean that your future must suffer! Give us a call so that we can help you, help yourself. You should now have a better understanding of your question arrested for shoplifting what should I do?!


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