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Obscenity Lawyer in Ascension Parish

Obscenity Lawyer in Ascension Parish

The crime of obscenity is a felony in Ascension Parish. When a person is arrested for the crime of obscenity in Gonzales Ascension, the person is actually being arrested for any one of a wide number of acts that can be deemed obscene based on the officer’s sense of morals. For instance, if a lady flashes her breasts during a high spirited street carnival it may not be considered an obscenity but, should a man decide to flash his genitals during the same street carnival, he would most like get arrested for obscenity. Also, if the same lady decides to flash her breast at a street procession rather than a carnival, she would also most likely get arrested for obscenity.

Obscenity Arrest and Prosecution

However, in Ascension, it is not the place of the arresting officer to decide if the suspect should be charged formally with obscenity or not. It is the place of the prosecutor to determine this, and this is done after the prosecutor has gone through the report submitted by the police. This is why in the case of an arrest for obscenity, a person does not have to wait for the formal charges to be filed before they solicit the help of a good criminal defense attorney. A lawyer that is experienced in the art of handling obscenity charges is a requirement from the instance of the arrest as discussions would need to be made with the prosecutor, and this is where the lawyer would come in. The prosecutor would need to review the report brought in by the arresting officer, and after doing this, he may decide that the charges do not stick and may decide to simply dismiss them with the help of communication from the suspects’ defense attorney.

As a result of the fact that obscenity has been declared a felony in Gonzales, Louisiana, and is taken rather seriously, its details involve a wide array of facts and technicalities, it could be a rather touchy case to deal with. This is another reason why a lawyer that has experience in dealing with obscenity charges is not just required but is very essential in the defense of this case.

Obscenity involved a lot of clauses and technicalities that make it difficult to actually pinpoint what acts exactly qualify as obscene, because of this reason, for the most part, the charge of obscenity is most times judged based on individual judgment and morals. If this charge goes to a trial, this judgment would be left up to the jury. They would make their judgments based on the evidence, the argument by the prosecutor, and the life history of the defendant. In Ascension, an obscenity charge is not considered a sex offense, and so suspects would not be regarded as sex offenders.

Criminal Defense Attorney for Obscenity

The complexity that comes with a charge of obscenity and the moral implications is the reason for a knowledgeable obscenity lawyer to be hired to defend the suspect. In Ascension, criminal defense attorney Carl Barkemeyer is a well-respected obscenity lawyer. Having dealt with a lot of obscenity cases in and outside of Gonzales Ascension, he has a wealth of experience that would prove to not only be beneficial but would work to the advantage of his client. He is also knowledgeable in different cases of obscenity charges, and this makes him an asset in the defense of anyone who has been charged with obscenity.

Throughout his career, Carl Barkemeyer has continually defended several clients who have been charged with obscenity; he has come to now that because of how vast the charge of obscenity is, not every obscenity case is the same, and as such, they should not be handled in the same way. Carl Barkemeyer also has a lot of experience working in the legal system in Ascension, and as a result of this, he has knowledge of the system enough to know what the law says about obscenity charges.

Carl Barkemeyer would accept to take up your case and from the onset, would begin to communicate with the prosecution on your behalf even before the formal charges are made. If the prosecution decides to go ahead and make the official charge, then he would immediately begin to prepare his defense strategy for his client based on the case file that the prosecution is building up. Due to his experience with the Ascension legal system, he has the knowledge of how the prosecution would think and the strategy that they would use. He would also be able to just the strength of the case that the prosecution is building and he would build his own defense strategy based on these facts.

Whether or not the case was handed down to him by a public defendant, he would put in his dedication and commitment to the necessary research needed to collect defense facts on the case. He would also take and eagles-eye view to the case, studying and collecting every single bit of detail and fact, looking for discrepancies, irregularities and other things that do not tally with the rules and guidelines that the laws behind the obscenity charge follow. He would look into every clause and technicality available in the Ascension law concerning obscenity, compare them with his client’s case, and see how it can fit in. He would also take a close look at the past records of the defendant to see what can be used to boost his defense strategy.

If you are facing an obscenity charge in Ascension Parish, contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm for legal defense.


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