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How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney To Discuss My Louisiana Drug Case?

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney?

You and your attorney should meet at least once over the phone, in person, or via Zoom, to get the ball rolling with representation. The attorney should give you advice on how to proceed regarding any drug tests and/or treatment needed, as well as preparing any defenses. Your attorney will inform you of the elements of the charge and sentencing ranges.  In as much as you need to communicate with the attorney handling your drug case often, you should meet with him or her at least once, for formalities sake. The attorney is well trained on how to give you legal advice concerning any drug test you may need to take. Also, he or she will keep you updated on any new development regarding your case.

Getting an attorney is one of the right decisions you can make in your drug case. Why do you need an attorney?

You need an attorney because you cannot plead for justice on your own. The court will itself advice you to get a lawyer. Also, an attorney has a vast knowledge of criminal dealings and will know how to defend you. In getting an attorney, it is very important and will be very helpful if you get an experienced one. This is because he or she has been in the system for long, and knows how these things work. You should know that it is very difficult to beat drug charges, as they are seen as a serious offense. Bearing this in mind, you need to have a very good attorney who has good negotiation skills. This is a skill that not every lawyer has; negotiations can bring about lower charges, which will help to favor you. Your attorney should have this skill, to be able to guide you all through the stages of your drug case. An experienced drug attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, can help you in this regard, help you know your rights and guide you all through the processes involved in your drug case. Remember that a defendant is not guilty until proven by the court.

You need to give your drug attorney relevant facts, information, and details concerning your case. It is advised you are truthful and completely honest with him or her, so he or she will know how best to help and defend you in court.


The attorney-client communication rule is that it should be highly confidential. As regards to this, you do not need to worry about divulged information, as your attorney will never leak any information about you to anyone, not even your immediate family or close friends, talk more of the police officers and investigators without your consent. In the same regard, you should be careful of the things you say to your cellmates, police officers, family, and friends. The aim of the attorney is to defend you, and try to get you lower charges; you should not tamper with his or her efforts by talking to just anyone.

You should help your attorney by giving him or her all the necessary details and information to help your drug case.

An attorney will give you legal advice, and this is why you need one. Your attorney will keep you informed at all times, tell you of any new information concerning your drug case, and guide you all through the process.

You should be able to relate and communicate with your attorney occasionally and timely. If you have any questions, or you are confused about anything at any stage of your drug case, you need to ask your attorney for clarifications.

Meeting with Your Attorney

Your family or friends may have finally gotten you an attorney. Meeting with an attorney for the very first time may make you very nervous, as you do not know what exactly to expect. Well, there’s no course for alarm as your secret is completely safe with them. Criminal defense lawyer, Carl Barkemeyer is well experienced, and will explain everything you need to know about your case, and will also keep you informed of your case. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Baton Rouge, he is the right person to call.

Now, a defendant must be very careful of the kind of information he or she is divulging while on phone, especially when in police custody. Of course, if there’s anything you need to do to get you out of jail, you will like to do it. So also, your fellow inmates, in a bid to find favor from police officers or prosecutors, they may give them the information you divulged and may be asked to testify in court. In this case, your drug case becomes worse. Therefore, you should be careful when talking on phone. Do not give out incriminating or implicating information.

Investigating Your Case

A defendant must be completely and totally honest with his attorney and the defense team. Why? You need to tell them every information and details, even the smallest of them, to enable them to help you. If you do not do this, they may be taken off guard in court. They may also not be able to represent and defend you effectively as supposed to.

Keep them updated on any development concerning your case. Tell them EVERYTHING concerning your drug case. It will go a long way, and will really help you in court.

So, you meet with your attorney if:

  • He or she requests your presence: There may be an update on your drug case, which you would like to hear. Your attorney may invite you to his or her office if you’ve been granted bail, or visit you in police custody.
  • You have a piece of information: If you have any information you may have missed out while giving your attorney your statement, it will be best to meet and discuss it. Every necessary detail should not be hidden, no matter how incriminating it may seem. He or she is YOUR attorney; therefore, you have no need to worrying.

Don’t Talk to The Investigators Without Your Attorney Present

Under no condition should you speak to the officers if you don’t have an attorney nearby. It could be used to your disadvantage. You don’t want to have your words misconstrued, and used against you. Attorneys understand what questions have to be answered and what should be ignored. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent and being framed, you could end up being behind bars, if you speak to the authorities without your attorney around. They may provoke you into saying words that you would regret. Keep mute and allow your attorney do the talking for you. You will benefit a lot from this.

If you don’t like the attorney you are using, you have the right to look for another.

In any case, you are looking for an experienced drug attorney in Baton Rouge, for yourself, a family member, or a friend, Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney may be the best lawyer in Baton Rouge for you. You will be helped in every way possible.  If you have a drug charge and need a drug crime defense attorney in Louisiana, contact us.  We handle drug charges anywhere in Louisiana.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

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