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Bank Fraud Lawyer In Louisiana

Bank Fraud Lawyer In Louisiana

Bank Fraud Lawyer Louisiana

bank fraud lawyer Louisiana
bank fraud lawyer Louisiana

Bank Fraud Lawyer Louisiana 

Do you need a bank fraud lawyer in Louisiana? As you know, Louisiana has harsh penalties for bank fraud. A lot of items can be considered bank fraud. This includes identity theft as well.

There are a few diverse types of bank fraud charges that we will talk about. Let us wait no further! 

What Is Bank Fraud Exactly – Bank Fraud Is Defined As This!-

Will knowingly execute or even attempt a scheme to do any of the following. Those who do any of the following may face up to ten years of prison. This sentence will include hard labor if the judge deems fit. A fine will also follow that could be as much as one hundred thousand dollars. Sometimes, people will have both a fine and prison sentence. 

  1. Anyone who knowingly or intentionally defrauds any type of financial institution
  2. Practicing items such as fraudulent practices to obtain financial gain. 

Bank Fraud Charges in Louisiana 

Someone who was arrested for bank fraud or has been charged with bank fraud is accused of intentionally being part of a scheme or other deception to defraud a bank or obtain money from a financial institution. In this article we will talk about the laws around bank fraud in Louisiana and how you can help yourself if you ever need a lawyer for bank fraud in Louisiana. 

bank fraud lawyer Louisiana
bank fraud lawyer Louisiana

Laws in Louisiana 

If someone knowingly attempts or executes a scheme or any other means to do anything listed below, they could face jail or prison for up to 10 years. This can include hard labor as well. They may also see a fine that is up to one hundred thousand dollars. Sometimes, people who are facing this charge will face both a fine and a sentence behind bars. 

  1. If someone tries to obtain money from a financial institution via fraud, they may face the charges above. 
  2. If anyone tries to obtain any money, credits, securities, or other items owned by a financial institution by means of false practices or fraudulent ways they may face some of the above punishments. 

Two Types of Bank Fraud 

You will notice that bank fraud is seen as black and white. There are two categories. The first is known as external. This is where the person engaging in the fraudulent activities is not connected to any financial building. Some items in this category that may cause someone to end up in an external bank fraud would be counterfeit checks, using stolen credit cards, and using stolen checks. 

The second type of bank fraud is known as internal bank fraud. This is where an employee of a financial institution will use their accounts and access to defraud the system against bank policies. 

It is important to know the difference between theft and fraud. They are closely related. Louisiana defines theft as taking something worth value from someplace or someone without the consent of the person or business. This could be done through fraudulent means as well. It will also include intentionally keeping the value or fraudulent items from their respected owner. 

Most Common Types of Bank Fraud 

You will notice that there are many types of bank fraud out there. Not everyone thinks that some of the items on this list are considered bank fraud. However, many items are considered bank fraud. 

  1. Impersonation
    1. This is where someone may pretend to be a bank. They may create fake accounts and even websites to make themselves look convincing. If the website and person sound convincing, people may use this site and give personal information that can be stolen. 
  2. Checks 
    1. Check fraud comes in a few different forms. One way that a check may become fraudulent is if someone steals the checks. If someone were to alter checks to make the check seem bigger, this would also be fraud. Lastly, a person may use another person’s signature fraudulently to deposit or cash a check. 
  3. Cards 
    1. You may also notice that bank cards can be committed using credit or debit cards. This area includes stealing the card or information for financial gain. 
  4. Internet Fraud 
    1. This will happen when someone hacks into a specific account using the internet to gain access to personal information. 
  5. Loans 
    1. You may not know that providing false documents to a bank to obtain a loan is considered bank fraud as well. 
  6. Identity Theft
    1. This is the most talked about bank fraud out there. Someone can be charged with identity theft for having documents that are not theirs. Someone may forge signatures to obtain loans. Someone who uses false identity to open an account or loan.

Must Do when Dealing With Bank Fraud In Louisiana

Anyone who is in this predicament will be required to make payments to the victim. If there was money or financial damage done, the person who did the damage will be responsible for making restitutions. The restitution must be paid at the time that the person is convicted. The court will determine a payment plan that the inmate can handle when they are behind bars. 

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Keep in Mind 

It is essential that you know that people who commit access device fraud, also can commit bank fraud. In some cases, they are the same thing. If someone knowingly accesses people’s access device documents, they can commit bank fraud using false identity. This false identity could be used to take out loans and use for other financial gain. This is again committing fraud to a bank to gain financially. 


As mentioned before the charges for bank fraud will vary. However, you can expect a maximum sentence of ten years. These ten years can be with or without hard labor. The judge and jury will determine what is the right decision based on the severity of the crime. These are serious criminal charges that require a top criminal defense attorney to handle. Barkemeyer Law Firm is a team of skilled and aggressive defense attorneys with locations throughout Louisiana.

You will also face a fine. This fine can be up to one hundred thousand dollars. However, most cases, the fine will not be that bad. 

Lastly, you can expect to see both a fine and prison sentence if you commit bank fraud. Bank fraud is taken very seriously in Louisiana. 


It is important to remember, the more you take and the more you do, the more your sentence will be. The sentencing is based on how much was taken and the means to take the money. If someone uses fraudulent identity, they may face other charges as well. 

What Constitutes as Fraud? 

There are many distinct types of fraud. You have identity, access device, and bank fraud. However, these are all connected. They may have different charges. However, each stem from the term financial gain. Each one of the above mentioned will allow someone to gain financially. For someone to gain financially, they may need to obtain other information. This could include social security numbers, birth dates, and even signatures. 

The Process 

Those who are caught with bank fraud will be arrested. They will have to go sit in a jail until their sentencing. Sometimes bail can be offered depending on the severity of the crime. This will help ensure that the person cannot commit future fraud. It is also important to remember that if a person does get released on bail, does not mean they are free to do whatever they want. Bail will have stipulations. If the person does not follow these stipulations, their charges could be tougher. It is essential that if someone gets out on bond or bail that they follow the rules of release and show up to their next hearing. 

If a person has a criminal record with not showing up to court, they will be denied bail as they are a flight risk. If you do not show up to the next hearing, you will be sentenced with more penalties. You will get a warrant out for your arrest as well.

Hire The Best Bank Fraud Charges Lawyer In Louisiana

Taking the time to educate yourself on bank fraud is essential. Taking the time to know what fraud is and how not to commit it is essential as well. If you find yourself facing bank fraud charges, you will need the best defense lawyers around. That is why you should contact Barkemeyer Law Firm. Their team consists of the best defense attorneys. 

Bank Fraud Defense Law Firm In LA

Bank fraud is not taken lightly in Louisiana. That is why if you have been arrested for Bank Fraud in Louisiana, contact the Barkemeyer Law Firm. Taking the time to find a good lawyer is essential if you are being charged with bank fraud. This is something that will remain on your record for the rest of your life if not handled correctly. That is why contacting our defense lawyers is an excellent option. We will listen to all your concerns and determine the best route of action. We are extremely experienced at helping those who have been charged with bank fraud. You can expect a friendly service and the best service in Louisiana. Contact us here if you need a bank fraud lawyer Louisiana.


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