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Battery Charge Defense in Louisiana

Battery Charge Defense in Louisiana

Battery Charges in Louisiana

Battery laws and penalties in Louisiana.

Are you dealing with battery charges in Louisiana? If you are facing charges of battery, you will need a criminal defense lawyer. You will also need to know that there are several types of battery charges in Louisiana. Some are felony charges while others are misdemeanors. We will look at the several types of battery charges in Louisiana. 

What is Battery?

Simply put, battery is the use of force or violence intentionally against another person. This can also be the intentional use of poisons against another person. 

battery charges Louisiana
battery charges Louisiana

Different Types of Battery 

As stated, there are several types of battery and each of them are different charges and penalties. We will talk about these now. 

  1. Simple Battery
  2. Aggravated Battery
    • This is a felony crime because this is committed with a deadly weapon. Those who use a dangerous weapon during battery may face up to a five thousand dollar fine and up to ten years of prison. This can be with or without hard labor. This is a crime of violence and will be unable to be removed from your record. 
  3. Second Degree Battery
    • This is when someone intentionally hurts another person. These injuries that are inflicted are serious injuries. Keep in mind that serious bodily injuries mean that there is unconsciousness, serious pain, and bad physical damage. 
    • Whoever commits a crime of this degree will face up to a two thousand dollar fine and face up to eight years in prison. This is a violent crime and therefore, cannot be expunged from a record. 
  4. Aggravated Second Degree Battery
    • This is where someone intentionally uses a weapon to cause serious bodily harm to another person. Anyone who uses a weapon to purposely inflict serious bodily harm to someone else may face up to fifteen years in prison. They may also face a fine of up to ten thousand dollars. This sentence may or may not include hard labor. 
  5. Simple Infirm Battery
    • This is where simple battery is used against someone who is disabled or unable to consent to it due to the following reasons: Age, developmental disabilities, and other health conditions. Age does not matter in this instance. 
    • A person who commits this crime may face up to five hundred dollars in fines and up to six months behind bars. However, they may have to be behind bars for a minimum of thirty days. 
  6. Battery of a Police Officer
    • Anyone who inflicts violence upon a police officer may face a fine of up to five hundred dollars and up to six months behind bars. This includes throwing urine, saliva, feces, or any other type of bodily fluids at an officer. 
  7. Battery of a School Teacher
    • If a student is the person to commit the crime, they can face a fine of up to five thousand dollars. They will spend at least thirty days behind bars and up to one year behind bars. 
    • If the felony was committed by someone who was not a student, there is a five thousand dollar fine and up to five years in prison. However, this person will have to stay behind bars for a minimum of one year. 
  8. Battery of Correctional Facility Employees
    • If a correctional facility employee is the victim of battery, it is considered a felony crime. This would be when anyone uses force or violence against the employee. This does include using bodily fluids against the employee while they are doing their job. 
    • Anyone who is convicted of this crime will face up to five hundred dollars in fines and up to six months in jail without having a reduced sentence benefit. 

Battery Defense Lawyers in Louisiana

As you know, battery is a crime that has many sub-parts. It is important to note that many battery crimes are not able to be expunged. That is why you must contact the best defense lawyers in Louisiana. Taking the time out of your day to ensure that you are taken care of is important. Contact any of our locations at the Barkemeyer Law Firm for the best defense lawyers in Louisiana and to learn about our practice areas. With kind words and knowledgeable people, there is hope that you do not have to face that ten-year sentence. 

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Louisiana battery charges lawyer

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