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Best Lawyer for Drug Cases In Louisiana

Best Drug Lawyer in Louisiana

What Specifically Sets Us Apart in Handling Drug Cases in Louisiana?

You might be wanting to hire a criminal defense attorney for any case in particular, and that’s quite understandable. Carl Barkemeyer is here to ensure you get the very best treatment possible as we look for ways to defend you in court and get the best results we can. As you well know, criminal cases are never the same, and criminal defense lawyers like us are expected to be unique, and for a client without thinking about our interests alone. You might be wondering what exactly distinguishes our services from a whole lot of other criminal defense attorney, and one of it is that we are spot on in arguments and are good and negotiating crimes. It has already been established that it is very necessary to have a criminal defense attorney to defend you as it wouldn’t go just as well if you choose to go solo.

Carl Barkemeyer, Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

As a criminal defense attorney, we have lots of jobs lined up for us, and we ensure to meet up to all of them without much ado. Some of the things we do include the fact that we work together with your prosecutor to find and negotiate a plea bargain for your case.

A plea bargain would be a good way to reduce any sentence you might be charged with and also some of the charges that have been filed against you. It is a good way to get those negotiations as if you stand alone, prosecutors would most likely find it difficult and would be unwilling to negotiate with you.

Carl Barkemeyer wrote the published book titled How to Defend Drug Charges in Louisiana. He regularly gives lectures and advice to other attorneys regarding how to successfully defend clients for drug possession and distribution.

We Help in Figuring the Best Sentencing Program Needed for Your Case

In a situation where you are found guilty of a crime, we help you work your sentence in a way that would be a lot better than leaving it on attended to as well as working on your criminal record as well. Let’s say you are being sentenced to a year in prison for possibly a drug conviction, we can help in getting you to spend some time in a drug treatment facility as much as we can to maybe 10 months or 8 depending. It is a great way to fight an addiction if you have any and also get you the help you need.

We also help in clearing any questions and confusion you might have regarding your case by providing with a reality check. As defense attorneys, we know your case better than you and would most likely happen sooner than later. We let you know how your case is proceeding as we believe in transparency and give you all the advice and best options to pick from. We give you a good assessment as well as reality checks, keeping no secret from you. This way, you know if your plea bargain has been accepted or rejected and the next best step to take.

We Educate You on Legal Rules, Regulations, And All Information Necessary

Now, these are things you most likely wouldn’t be able to find on your own. This information helps you know if your home has been unlawfully raided by the police and if they have broken any code with you. There are so many laws which cover a lot of things and this is one of them.

We also give you an insight into what would happen if uptown pleads guilty. Some people think it solves everything but most times it doesn’t. Quite a lot of people read a book and thinking representing themselves is something they are capable of, all they have to do is plead guilty and they stand an ultimate chance of getting a reduced sentence. But what they do not know is that pleading guilty can affect you after serving your time such as making it hard to get a scholarship or get a job. So, as you can see, that doesn’t exactly cut it.

You would require a lot of evidence as well as witnesses if you find yourself in such situations and since you have pleaded guilty once, anyone can say anything from hate or fear and that ultimately affects you. Hiring an attorney like us would be a good chance to get witnesses to speak.

We Know the Ins and Outs of The State and Federal Laws

This is the basic truth and we pride ourselves on that. Winning a case or representing a client well occurs because of different things. One of them is knowing everything about the state and federal laws concerning drug usage and sales in Louisiana. We know everything concerning it, including the loopholes. We try to find out if the officers abided by the law while pursuing the case or whether they were overzealous, and broke some rules. When we find these out, we use them to our advantage. We look at if there are loopholes concerning a drug law, and how it could be used to our advantage. You need an attorney that can get this and more done for you.  When you use an attorney that knows his onion, the chances of you walking free or with reduced sentence increase.

We Go Extra Lengths of Finding and Hiring Investigators and Expert Witnesses

One of our best-distinguishing factors includes the fact we hire an investigator for your case to get to the bottom of your alleged crime. This includes finding evidence that might lead to the discarding of a witness testimony against you and this can be a great deal on your case.

The need for expert witness helps in showing you in a better light and discarding all evidence the prosecutor tries to throw at you. And this, in turn, leaves the prosecutor with a less credible proposition.

Looking for the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisiana?

If you have been charged with any case that requires a criminal defense attorney in Louisiana, either as a resident or a visitor, you have nothing to worry about as we have you covered.

Just as we stated above, a great criminal defense attorney might not be able to get you free or your charges dropped completely but they can help in reducing it to a significant minimum and all the effort we put in gives you more chance of winning your case or getting a good plea bargain from the prosecutor.

Here at the Barkemeyer Law Firm, we understand how scary it can be to be charged for a crime, especially one of drug-related cases, this is why we do our best for you in and out of court and get you the help you need. We are also completely transparent and give you all the necessary information needed for your case. So, if you need a criminal defense attorney or a drug charge lawyer in Louisiana as a whole, contact us.


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