What Is The Best And Worst Case Scenario For A DWI Charge?

If you’re wondering what is the best and worst case scenario for a DWI charge, you are in the right place. Here we will go over what you can expect if you are slapped with DWI charges. In addition, we will discuss the best and worst case scenarios for such charges so you can prepare yourself fully.. Now let’s get started and gain a little insight into this challenging topic!

Getting Charged With DWI Is A Big Deal!

Imagine it’s a nice night and you and some friends are out for dinner and drinks, and then you drive home, not realizing maybe you’ve had a little too much until you’re driving. As you go to pull over, you swerve a little or do something that alerts a nearby police officer, and you are pulled over. After they administer field sobriety tests on you, you are charged and maybe even arrested for a DWI, depending on the results of your tests. 

Each State Has Different Levels Of Consequences For DWI

If you’re charged with a DWI, a Driving While Intoxicated designation, each state has different levels of how severe it is, and possible consequences could be anything form serious fines to loss of driving privileges and even imprisonment. Many factors play into which punishment, if any you receive, and that’s why it’s best to at least consult with an experienced attorney such as Carl Barkemeyer.

louisiana dwi dui laws and penalties
DWI Laws and Penalties in Louisiana

6 Possible Consequences Of DWI Cases

Hefty Fines

If you’re arrested on a DWI, you could have to pay serious fines. The amount depends on previous DWIs, if any, and they can run into thousands of dollars depending on how many offenses you’ve had.

Loss of Freedom

You may have to do jail time. You could face probation or have to serve in jail. You could do 9 months to a year, depending, for a first offense, and then more of course for subsequent offenses. It differs in every state.

Banned to Drive

You may not be allowed to drive for a year, upon a first offense, and if you are convicted for more DWIs, the term will be longer. You could even permanently lose your license. You could also have a device installed by the court on your vehicle which allows or disallows you to drive at various times.

Insurance Problems

Your premiums could increase, or you may lose some types of coverage if you’re convicted of a DWI. You’re considered by most to be a “high risk” driver. 

Substance Abuse Course

You may also be required to do a substance abuse course if you’re addicted ot alcohol or other drugs. 

Loss of Work

Some employers can and will fire you for having a DWI charge, so you could lose you job and have a hard time finding another.

2 Possible Positive Outcomes Of A DWI Charge

Dismissal of Your DWI Case

If there is not sufficient evidence, the case could get dismissed. Having an experienced attorney like Carl Barkemeyer who knows what to look for and if they have missed something or did not do something right in the charges and case against you can pay off. Going it alone can be risky, but it won’t be with someone who has been doing this for a long time. 

You Could Get a “Plea-Bargain”

This process where the prosecution and defense try to reach an agreement about the case could happen quickly or take a very long time, even over a year. If your attorney, or you if you choose to represent yourself, reach a plea-bargain, you may get the DWI off your record, but there could still be other charges against you. It’s good to know exactly what is against you so you can deal with it, of course.

There Are Lots Of Challenges When Charged With DWI

As you can see, there are many things that could happen once you get charged with DWI. It can really mess up your life, making you lose your job, your car and ability to drive, and maybe even your freedom! It’s not something you want to mess with and handle yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. It may be beyond the average person handling it no matter how intelligent or resourceful you are.

It’s better to let experienced attorneys who know what is due when and what to look for and do all to help you get the very best outcome so you can continue to live a stress-free life where you can be more careful in the future and realize happiness in your pursuits. 

Carl Barkemeyer Specializes In DWI Charges

Carl Barkemeyer has a criminal defense law firm in Baton Rouge Louisiana. His firm specializes in DWI cases for clients throughout Louisiana in addition to many other practice areas.

He has handled DWI cases like yours, and he along with his team have over a hundred years of combined experience helping those like you with similar or the same charges deal with an ever-changing system to produce the best outcome for you.

What Is The Best And Worst Case Scenario For DWI Charge?

Even if you feel you cannot afford an attorney or just want to try to go it alone and defend yourself and otherwise handle it, consider calling Carl Barkemeyer or one of his associates to learn your options from experienced lawyers who know the rules and laws inside out. Determine if you’re really up to the task of providing a proper defense for yourself.

We hope you now understand our topic: what is the best and worst case scenario for DWI charge.


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